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  1. Why do people run Thana9?

    Tried Thana12 before, but the map is deceptively larger than the other floors with less spawns per wave. Thanatos Odium is also kind of infuriating to fight due to ranged attacks and his ability to root you. It's just a bad floor zone strategies would technically work if it weren't for the need to either warp out to heal and/or use storage, which leaves deadtime with kills regardless. Considering it's a smaller map it'd just be better to have highly mobile characters cover as much ground as possible.
  2. I don't remember if this server has it, but Rolling Cutter may be spammable just by holding it. Otherwise you can use /q1 ingame to bind your f9 skill to right click or use /q2 to bind f7 and f8 to scrolling up/down on the mouse wheel. I also tried stuff like having the skill I want to spam on 2 separate keys and switching between them but that just tires my wrist.
  3. Why do people run Thana9?

    You can warp to thana11 using @warp tha_t11, can't you? I've warped all the way to floor 12 w/ it. Baronesses are honestly a lot easier to kill compared to Solaces as well. It's probably a non-issue if you oneshot everything regardless but personally, the less holy 3 mobs on a map the better.