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  1. Hello, Im Noir and I play most, if not all of the supportive classes in Helheim. Despite these classes needing a low amount of investment gearing them, I tend to gear my characters competitively enough, to either DPS or OFF-Tank for custom party content (i.e. Purgatory, GA, Fortessa Dungeons). Overview: Nightwatch is the 4th job class upgrade for Rebellion. A range DPS class that offers different type of playstyle depending on the weapon of your choice. This class can be played as DPS, a support-slave and even as a tank. This guide is made with custom end-game party content in mind and will focus on 4th job skills, and some utility skills that are available to the class, pre-4th job. Pros: Versatility in Playstyle because of multiple types of weapon that are available for Nightwatch and their skill set. Can be an effective DPS if geared properly. Easier to join parties because of your 'Anti-Material Blast'. A good farmer outside custom content. No Weapon-Size Penalty Viability as a tank / off-tank. Cons: Low base Health. Ability usage restriction base on equipped weapon. Expensive to gear if you want to be an effective DPS in parties, as meta classes deals twice(or more) damage than you with the same gears/equipments. Weapon Arsenal ───✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──── Nightwatch Skill Tree Basic Skill Overview: Note: Grenade Skills - Can be used by any weapon, requires 'NW Grenade' an etc item as a skill catalyst. Weapon Exclusive Skills - Nightwatch skills that can be used by at least two weapon types. Effects varues depending on the weapon type used. Grenade Mastery - Passively Increases CON. Also boost the damage of your 'Grenade skills'. Grenade Fragment - Changes the element of all your 'Grenade skills'. Basic Grenade - Throws grenade on the target Hasty Fire in the Hole - A stronger version of Basic Grenade. Grenades Dropping - Throws grenade at random intervals on the target. Auto Firing Launcher - Causes your normal attacks to launch grenades on the target (Basic Grenade, Hasty Fire in the Hole, Grenades Dropping) Mission Bombard - An ultimate skill that uses 150 AP. A stronger version of Grenades Dropping. P.F.I - Passively increases P.Atk Intensive Aim - Boost your Nightwatch 'Weapon Exclusive Skills' base on the counter/charges you currently have. Uses all the charges upon skill usage. Magazine for One - Pistol and Gatling Gun exclusive skill skill. Deals damage to a single target. Only One Bullet - Rifle and Pistol exclusive skill. Deals damage to a single target. Spiral Shooting - Rifle and Grenade Launcher exclusive skill. Deals damage around the target. The Vigilante at Night - Gatling Gun and Shotgun exclusive skill. Deals damage around the user. Wild Fire - Shotgun and Grenade Launcher exclusive skill. Deals damage around the target. Hidden Card Hidden Card - An ultimate skill that uses 150 AP. Increases P.Atk and Range damage for the skill duration. ───✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──── [A.] The 'AMB Slave' As the name suggest, you are only required to use AMB when necessary, especially against Bosses and and isolated mobs. AMB (Anti-Material Blast) have a 70% chance to increase the damage the target receives from demi-human sources(all players except Doram Classes). This build is the cheapest to make as you are only required to have 100% VCT Reduction(can be obtained thru status points or equipments) and 1.0s FCT Reduction to cast 'Anti-Material Blast' without interruption. From this basic build, you can opt to transition to a Tank or DPS. Another option is increasing the 'utility' you offer to the party by compounding a Kraken Card(gives Hide+Raid skill) on your garment, and resurrecting dead party members during custom party content. Anti-Material Blast Equipment: Full VCT Reduction from Stats Full VCT Reduction from Equipment Other Notable Skills: ───✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──── [B.] Tank I consider this build as an extension of my AMB-Slave Nightwatch. Depending on the custom content you are doing, Nightwatch can also be an effective tank because of their 'Platinum Alter Skill'. Platinum Alter creates a health shield based on the user's maximum HP. This ability have 0s CD and 0 ACD and is spammable as it only requires at least 1 coin to gain the 25% HP shield (Rich coin is not necessary to spam this ability, using Flip Coin for that 1 coin cast requirement is enough). The only downside of this class as a tank is that you don't have a natural healing skill, which makes it expensive to sustain during runs. Your goal with this build is to stack damage resistance(size, racial, property), elemental resistance(Deviling, Khades), RES and MRES, DEF AND MDEF. After that regeneration and healing would be a nice addition to make this build more effective. As a tank in custom content, you should be aware of how much you are able to tank, being overconfident can sometimes result to multiple party wipes. More Tanking Equipment: Other Notable Skills/Equipments: ───✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──── [C.] Vigilante DPS An extension-upgrade for the 'Round Trip Rebellion' and like its predecessor, the skill doesn't need targeting and the damage is centered around the user when used. Its cooldown is half of the Rebellion's Round Trip making it more spammable while dealing higher amount of damage. Can be used with Gatling Gun(Weaker damage, Larger AoE, built-in Defense penetration) or Shotgun(Stronger Damage, Smaller AoE). The Vigilante At Night Equipment ───✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──── [D.] Crit-Rifle NW This build focuses on the crit modifier for both Only One Bullet and Spiral Shooting, as both skills has a chance to deal critical damage when a Rifle weapon is equipped. For this build, you should be able to cast 3 Only One Bullet (with 0.30s Cooldown) and 2 Spiral Shooting (with 0.50s Cooldown), provided you have the the necessary ACD reduction and low ping / latency. Quickcharge Only One Bullet + Spiral Shooting Only One Bullet Spiral Shooting Equipment: ───✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──── [E.] Crit-Pistol NW Magazine for One Equipment: ───✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──── [F.] Grenade DPS ( + Auto Grenade DPS ) Basic Grenade Hasty Fire in the Hole Grenade Dropping Auto-Firing Launcher Wild Fire and Spiral Shooting with Grenade Launcher (Weapon) Although both skills can be used with a Grenade Launcher (Weapon), be wary of the amount of skill points you have if you want to invest on this skills. Mission Bombard Equipment ───✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──── [G.] Auto-attack Magic Nightwatch ───✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──── ───✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧──────────────✧❁✧────
  2. Sky Emperor Miracle Procs

    Before i made the comment, i tested few leveling maps and instances at hell mode to see if the buff really disappears upon character death. It never happened in my case, so I can't say for sure why it does so in others.
  3. Sky Emperor Miracle Procs

    This argument is invalid because it is kept upon death. Except Fortessa/GA/Purgatory are the only content where it disappears upon character death. Keep the changes, but retain the buff upon character death. Or increase the chances, but lower the duration entirely.
  4. Soul Ascetic's Circle of Directions and Elementals leaves a buff on the user upon use called 'Blessing of the Four Directions and the Five Elementals'. This ability also uses 150 AP. Imperial Guard's Grand Judgement also applies a self buff that increase certain skills damage, it also uses 150 AP. Incoming... Spirit Handler's Temporary Communion also uses 150 AP and a self buff. Night Watch's Hidden Card. Hyper Novice's Breaking Limit and Rule Break.