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Soul Ascetic Build

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Headgear : Upper Vesper Headgear [1] , Temporal Circlet Soul Reaper (Acute, LUK3, Any) [1]
Middle : Gambler's Seal
Lower : Tree Sprout Any Young Leaf (C.Rate, Matk, Any)
Armor : Nebula Robe of Spell (SPL3, Sharp, Any) [1]
Weapon : Dim Glacier Wand (Talisman of Blue Dragon, Talisman of Blue Dragon, Magical Grade Lv5) [1]
Shield : Mad Bunny-LT (Magic 3)
Garment : Death Rune Manteau (Any, SPL3, Any) [1]
Shoes : Death Rune Boots (Any, SPL3, Any) [1] , Awakened Hollow Shoes (Release of Truth, Any, Goddess of Abundance) [1]
Accessories : Skull Ring [1] Temple Magic Ring (Any3, Any, Any) [1] Temple Rune Ring (Any3, Any, Any) [1]
Shadow Gear (
they come in pairs except for the weapon and shield for the enchants, it would depend on what you need) : Spellcaster , True Gemstone , Clever , Mega blitz
Costume Enchants (for the enchants, it would depend on what you need)
Top : HP, HP, Res/MRes
Mid : Critical Attack%, SMatk
Low : FCT
, CRate
Costume Stones
AB Stone Upper
SR Stone Mid
AB Stone Lower
AB Stone Garment
Dual Critical Stone 
Headgear : 
Ultra Limacina , Fenrir (Best) , Greater Sanare 
Armor : (Racial MVP depending on content )Simulation Juncea , Angry Ninetails Nightmare , Amon Ra , Greater Red Pepper , Shulan , Distorted God , Awaken Ktullanux
Weapon : Deadsera , Mutated White Knight  
Shield : Mutated Khalitzburg Knight , Gold Thief Bug , Ancient Wootan Defender , Bijou , Silent Maya

Garment : One Eye Dollocaris , Himmelmez Phantom , Gioia , Contaminated Spider Queen , Deep Sea Witch
Shoes : (Racial MVP depending on content) The One , Nightmare Verit , Fallen Bishop , Death Witch , R001-Bestia , Shiny Teddy Bear , Renire ,
Accessories : Beerzebub
(paired with Goddess of Abundance enchant from Awakened Hollow Shoes) Ash Hopper , Dwigh , Elvira , Headless Mule , Calmaring , Wasted Primitive Rgan , Wasted Intermediate Rgan





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Hi, Thank you so much for this guide, i was looking for one coz im new to SA and im really enjoying it, i was wondering how to dps properly in terms of skills, so our main DPS skill is Blue Dragon and use everytime i have enough AP to use it right ?

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