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All you need to know before 4th Jobs to newbies, by a noob.

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So, 4th jobs are near to hit the server and looking at the discord there are a lot of new players in SM that struggle with the content that’s still viable. This guide is made for them since I struggled with this, as a new player in SM.

The guide is divided between all the different content by piece of equipment that you should be aiming to do. I’ll start with weapons.


Nowadays endgame weapons come from 3 different content: EDDA Biolabs, Einbech 3 and Ancient Hero Weapons.

1. EDDA Biolabs is a pretty hard instance, but with very good weapons, although the cost to perfect enchant these weapons is very high, you can and should use them since for many of the different builds they are the best weapon in slot. For example, the Volar for Rk.

2. Einbech 3 is a map from the new 200 level maps, where you need to farm different ores and make dynite, which then can be traded for a random weapon. Some of these weapons are really good, especially for their 20% reduction in after cast delay. For example, the Bolt Crusher for Gx.

3. Ancient Hero Weapons although these weapons in official servers come from the cash shop, they are available in SM via the customs dungeons. Some of them are pretty good, becoming best in slot for some builds, for example reverberation builds. They get even stronger considering the patent variants, however this can get really expensive.

*These weapons are the main ones you should be aiming to get, however some of them are pretty expensive, some options you should consider for leveling and farming are: 17.1 and 17.2 weapons, Thanatos weapons and union weapons for early levels. 


In the Headgear slot, there are a few per slot that are real endgame equipment, I’m going to divide them by slot.

1. TOP: Nightmare Biolabs headgears are still best in slot for some builds, especially with their unique enchants, for example Gx hat is best in slot for CI builds, however they can become very expensive and the enchanting process can be a pain. Celine’s Ribbon is still the best in slot for MATK, especially when combining it with Celine’s Brooch, the ribbon comes from HTF instance, and the brooch can be bought via instance points which you will eventually get when completing instances. Last but not the least, the Headgears that combine with the EDDA Biolabs weapons are pretty good, becoming best in slot for many builds, for example ranger builds comes to mind when using this combo, you will need the corresponding scroll which drop from the same instance after killing the boss and you will need an EDDA Biolabs +9 weapon, a nightmare Biolab hat and 100 greater Fortessa emblem.

2. MID: Although mid headgears don’t have the greatest impact, there are 3 that you should be aiming, New Wave Sunglasses are pretty easy 10% after cast delay reduction, however lacking a card slot these come from the cash shop and are very cheap. Victorious Wing Ears come with a card slot, and also with pretty good enchants, reaching an amazing 10% in ACD or some offensive enchants, this comes from custom dungeons. Finally, but not the least Battle Processor also comes with a card slot with better offensive enchants than the Wing Ears, making it the best in slot for damage purpose, this comes from the Last Room instance and also needs to be pierced for the card slot.

3. LOWER: Lower headgears have the least impact on builds, there are a few which can help with some stats or effects, for example: Gangster Scarf (5 ATK), Rainbow Scarf (30 MATK), Spiked Scarf (30 ATK), Foxtail (10 MATK and 0,1 FCT reduction), Delicious Lollipop (5 ATK, 5 MATK and 1 ASPD) and finally the Vicious Mind Aura to combo with the Fallen Warrior Manteau.


In the armor slot, there are 4 which are still viable, they come from 17.1 and 17.2, Odin’s Past and Abyss Lakes 4.

1. Illusion armors A and B come from the 17.1 maps, they are pretty good and cheap options for the armor slot, especially when considering their enchants, where you can get an easy 15% after cast delay reduction and an extra 50 ATK or MATK. Although 17.2 are quite better, they are also way more expensive than this one, making them a great starting option.

2. Automatic armors A and B come from the 17.2 daily quests, they work really similar to their illusion counterpart getting even stronger enchants and also new enchants for specific skills, for example Ignition Break increasing the damage and also reducing its cool down. For making them you need 900 Vermeal Tickets and a +9 illusion armor. However, this can get pretty expensive, especially those skills specific modules.

3. Soutane armors come from Odin’s past, these can become really good when enchanted correctly, however this can be way too hard for new players considering you need Silverline fruits and a +9 Soutane in order to obtain the correct blessing corresponding with the correct Soutane. Although both illusion and automatic armors are better for many builds than the Soutanes, there are some builds where Soutanes are unique, for example steel body sura need the FCT reduction that these provide. 

4. Dragon armors fall short in comparison with the other armors mentioned, however they are good for defensive builds, and as soutanes you can also get FCT reduction, so they can be a good option for specific builds.


Now for garments, there are 4 which still are viable options, they are Temporal Manteau, Fallen Warrior Manteau and Illusion/Automatic wings A and B.

1. Temporal Manteau is the best garment in slot for many of the different builds, they are originally from the cash shop, however they are available via instance points in SM. They are pretty good in their own and even stronger when considering their enchants.

2. Fallen Warrior Manteau this garment can be very good for some builds, for example soul destroyer Gx build comes to mind. They are even better when combined with de Vicious Mind Aura. However Temporal Manteau is better in many of the builds.

3. Illusion/Automatic wings A and B these garments fall way short comparing them with Temporal Manteau. Although Automatic ones are way better than the Illusion ones, they are way expensive too. This garment may be used in some specific builds.


In the footgear slot they are only 3 options, Temporal Boots and Illusion/Automatic Legs A and B.

1. Temporal Boots come from OGH Instance, they have been best in slot for many years now and still are unbeatable by many of the actual shoes. They come with their unique enchants that combo with the unique enchants found on the King’s Schmidt Insignias, making them both best in slot.

2. Illusion/Automatic Legs A and B these shoes fall short offensively when comparing them with Temporal Boots, the unique enchants also fall short. The only use for this shoe is for builds that require a lot of FCT reduction, since Temporal DEX Boots only give 0.5 seconds, meanwhile Automatic legs go up to 0.8 seconds. 


There are a lot of Accesories in the game, however only a few are still viable, they heavenly depend on the other equipment and the build type.

1. Illusion/Automatic Booster/Chip L and R these pair of accessories are way too good. On their own they are not the best, however when enchanted correctly they are one of the best. Automatic variants are stronger, but they are very expensive considering you need 1500 Vermeal Tickets to get one. Considering the next accessory, this is the best in slot for the left one, since on the right you should be using a Insignia. 

2. King Schmidt’s Insignias these accessories are only for the right one, they are the best accessory in the game, it has very good enchants and a unique enchant that combos with the counterpart unique enchant from the Temporal Boots. They come from the EDDA Fall of Glast Heim instance (H), the enchant process is really bad, you will need materials from OGH (H) and is completely an RNG process. Still, every build needs one of this. 

3. Safety Pendant/Epaulet R and B situationally these can be really good accesories when used in combination with a Einbech 3 weapon. They are obtained in a similar way like the Einbech 3 weapons. For example, they are pretty good for tanking builds, like genetic used in combination with a Safety Saber.

4. Celine’s Brooch is a really good accessory used in combination with the Celine’s Ribbon. This is obtained from custom dungeons or with instance points. 


Finally, when deciding what shield you should were, there isn’t much to talk here since Cursed Knight Shield is the best option.

1. Cursed Knight Shield comes from the MVP combination scroll or via custom dungeons on SM. This shield es pretty good on its own, however when transformed on a Purified Knight’s Shield it becomes way better, especially when considering the enchants that comes with this. It’s esencial for magic builds with its 60% Ignores Mdef. It also can be enchanted with up to 10% ACD reduction. One of this can get very expensive, when enchanted correctly they are even mor expensive. To make the Purified one you need to enchant de Cursed one and there is a very low chance that it will turn into a Purified one, if you get a Bloody one you will need to get a complete new one. 

So, there you have it, that’s pretty much all the equipment you should be aiming to get for your endgame builds. There are other pieces that may be useful for specific builds, but this guide is for general purposes. Don’t stress too much at the beginning, starting was never easy on any server, but if you continue playing you will eventually get your endgame builds just like me. Feel free to comment any doubt or correction you want to make and if there is anything I can help you with, feel free to message me on discord or in game, all my characters start with “TB” something.

Finally remember 4th jobs are coming this week, so be prepare for a lot of changes in endgame builds especially considering level 5 weapons and level 2 armors. 

See ya around.

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