Spiritual Energy

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Spiritual Energy.png Spiritual Energy
Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 1
Duration: 10 minutes
Target: Self
Full Energy Bar

Spiritual Energy is a one of a kind feature here in Shining Moon that gives you buffs once your Spiritual Energy bar is full.

You have a bar down in the right corner of the client, and everytime you kill a monster it fills by 1%.
Empty Bar Energy 0.png

Once it is at 100% you can use the Spiritual Energy skill found in the ETC tab of your skill window. Once used, the bar will deplete and you get certain useful buffs.
Full Bar Energy 100.png

The buffs you get are the following:
Blessing.png Blessing LV 10
Increase Agility.png Agility UP LV 10
Life Insurance.png Life Insurance
By chance: to gain +1 Moonlight coin.png Moonlight Coin (25% chance)

If you type @release, at any point it will give you a menu where you can choose read information about it, and disable the bar completely so it won't be shown.
Release Bar.png