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World Drops is a new feature added to Shining Moon. Basically ANY monster you kill have a chance for additional item drops that are not listened by the monster.
There is a chance to get a Moonlight Coin when killing a monster -+ 40 of your own level when using a Weapon under the Evolution Status
(Counts as an additional world drop with slightly better rates than the other Moonlight Coin world drop)

Items to obtain

7619.png Old Enriched Elunium x1
7620.png Old Enriched Oridecon x1
7621.png Token of Siegfried x1
12210.png Bubble Gum x1
51006 2.png Moonlight Coin x1
EnchantOre .png Enchant Ore x1
12211.png Kafra Card x10
Enchant Certificate x1
Moon coin.png Moon Coin x1
Costume Treasure.png Costume Treasure x1
Costume Treasure.png Specific Top Treasure x1
Costume Treasure.png Specific Mid Treasure x1
Costume Treasure.png Specific Lower Treasure x1
Soul Mastery2.png Soul Mastery Scroll x1
51022.png Alternate Outfit Ticket x1

Only monsters within a +40/-40 level range of you has a chance to give you a world drop.

There are limitations to this though.

Basically any slave monster is excluded from world drops chance.