Soul Mastery

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Soul Mastery2.png Soul Mastery
Passive Info.gif
Type: Passive Skill
Levels: 10

Feature 1: At level 10 you will not consume any Sealed Souls when using Materialize Soul Lvl 1 or 2.
Feature 2: Increases the chance to synthesize a Sealed Soul using Soul Forge by 2% per Mastery lvl.
Feature 3: At level 10 it reduces the cost of Soul Pulse by half.
Feature 4: At level 10 grants a chance to have monsters drop a Soul Mastery Scroll on kill.

At the NPC Master of Souls you can use Soul Mastery scrolls to level Soul Mastery from level 0 to 10.
At Master of Souls you can also check the ID of the monster, and also re-learn Soul Mastery.
Master of Souls.png

Soul Mastery2.png - Soul Mastery Scroll