Sealed Shrine

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Instance Manager
Base Level: 75+
Starting Point: Instance Manager in any town
Experience: -
This quest or instance is repeatable.
The cooldown is 12 hours.



To confirm : Be careful! Once you leave, you cannot re-enter this instance.

  1. Talk to the Instance Manager to generate and enter the instance.
  2. Once you warp inside, walk directly to the right and click on talk to the Gravestone (141, 219). Select Waited for me?.
    Ss 03.png
  3. A member needs to find a Pendant of Spirit by talking to the gravestones around the map. These are the blue dots on the minimap.
    Ss 04.png
  4. Once you have received one, the party leader must talk to the Gravestone (141, 219). If the party leader didn't receive the Pendant of Spirit, you can simply trade it to him.
  5. The Ancient Hero's Soul will appear in the middle of the map, you will need to make your way over there.
  6. The party leader must talk to the NPC and select Activate the torches (this option is not available to other party members). If the option fails, make sure you have at least two party members online and that everyone is above 75.
    Ss 05.png
  7. The party leader must now collect 10 Essence of Fire from the torches (they show up on the minimap in red). They can be traded.
    Ss 06.png Ss 09.png
  8. All party members also need to collect 1 Token of Apostle from the Apostles of Baphomet (these look just like any other mobs, so be careful!).
    Ss 07.png Ss 08.png
  9. The party leader needs to talk to Ancient Hero's Soul (center of the map) and the NPC will take the 10 Essence of Fire. You must then talk with the NPC again to activate the next step.
  10. Everyone needs to head to the south-east part of the map and enter the gate. The gate requires 1 Token of Apostle to enter.
    Ss 10.png
  11. Talk to the Main Alter to summon Great Demon Baphomet. He will be invincible.
    Ss 11.png
  12. You will then get information about which seal you must drag Baphomet into. Once you drag Baphomet into one of them, you must click in the center of the Magic Seal. This will make Baphomet vulnerable to attacks for a short period of time. The player who activated the seal will also get stone cursed.
    Ss 12.png