Old Glast Heim

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Instance Manager
Base Level: 130+
Starting Point: Instance Manager in any town
Experience: -
This quest or instance is repeatable.
The cooldown is 23 hours.


Old Glast Heim is one of the available Instances in Shining MoonRO. It is a dungeon where you travel back in time to aid Hugins and the Glast Heim Royal Knights in thwarting the plans of evil valkyrie Himmelmez.

There are 2 modes of difficulty for this instance. In normal mode, monsters will mostly drop Coagulated Spells. In hard mode, monsters mostly drop Contaminated Magic and you will also have a chance of receiving 1-4 extra temporal crystals as compared to normal mode. Monster Information can be found in the final section of this guide.

Old Glast Heim is the only source of Temporal Crystals, Coagulated Spells and Contaminated Magic. All three reagents are used in creating/enchanting Temporal Boots. Temporal Boots combos with Giant Snake Skin to give one of the strongest sets while also providing powerful stats on its own.

The Holy element is most effective in this instance, therefore it is recommended to have an Arch Bishop in your party to cast Aspersio. For new players, it is also recommended to bring Yggdrasil Leaf and Token of Siegfried in case your party runs out of tickets.

New Cards

With enough Coagulated Spells and Contaminated Magics, you can buy two new cards from the Instance Manager.


Level 1

  1. Talk to the Instance Manager to generate and enter the instance.
    Your party is allowed 3 re-enter tickets for players who happen to log out or teleport out of the instance. After the three tickets are used up, you will not be able to re-enter the instance.
  2. After entering the instance, the party leader needs to speak to Varmunt, he will warn you about valkyrie Himelmez.
  1. Head north and speak to Heinrich green square. This will trigger a dialogue between Heinrich and Himelmez.
  2. After their conversation, Corrupted Abysmal Knight and Suffering Khalitzburg will spawn. Heinrich will kill them after some time but it is recommended to kill them for Coagulated Spells and Contaminated Magic.
  3. A warp will activate at the west left yellow square, enter it and start killing monsters until a message "Himelmez drains the souls of the dead" appears. Party leader then has to speak to Butcher left purple square.
    Using the right camera angle, it is possible to speak with the butcher through the wall, saving you the hassle of having to run to him.
  4. Another warp right yellow square will spawn, enter it. Avoid going near the dead body as it will spawn a swarm of Maggot.
  5. Start clearing monsters until the message of "Himelmez drains the souls of the dead" appears. The party leader then has to speak with Blacksmith right purple square in order to proceed.
  6. Enter the warp upper yellow square that spawned and continue to clear mobs. Once enough mobs has been cleared, Himelmez, Varmundt and Hienrich will all spawn at red square.
  7. Once the NPCs finish their conversation, Root of Corruption will spawn.
    Please take note that you will have to be in the same screen as the MVP as it dies or you will not receive credit for the kill.
  8. After killing the MVP, ALL party members MUST speak to Varmundt red square to receive 1X Temporal Crystals. You will be unable to receive the final reward of the instance if you do not speak with him.

Level 2

  1. Head north and enter level 2 where you will find Varmundt and Heinrich. After their conversation, a warp left yellow square will spawn to the north of them. Enter it and start to kill monsters. Once enough monsters have been slain, Agony of the Royal Knight will spawn. You will need to kill him to proceed.
  2. Exit the room and enter the warp on the right right yellow square. Start killing monsters until Grudge of the Royal Knight spawn. Kill him to proceed.
  3. Head north and prepare for the final encounter.
    Do note that you will be unable to exit the room once you entered until either your party has wiped or the final MVP is killed. It is advisable to ensure everyone is alive and ready to enter before going in.
  4. Head further north after entering the warp upper yellow square and speak to Heinrich red square. Himelmez will transform the final survivor into Amdarais.
    Amdaraiscast Hell's Judgement and Dark Grand Cross as his main damaging ability, it is advisable to place Pneuma on the party while the tank wears a Bathory carded armor.
    Please take note that you will have to be in the same screen as the MVP as it dies or you will not receive credit for the kill.
  5. Upon killing Amdarais, Hugin /navi [email protected]_k 158/241 will spawn in the middle of the room. Speak to him to receive Temporal Crystals.
  6. At this point the instance is completed, however there is a secret room where you can get additional loot in level 1. Head back to level one and enter the secret room by talking to the fountain /navi [email protected]_k 268/268. In the secret room, talk to the glass displays /navi [email protected]_k 170/136 to unlock the treasure and profit.

Monsters Info

Image Name HP (Normal) HP (Hard) Race Element
MG AMDARAIS.gif Amdarais 4,290,000 42,900,000 Undead Undead 4
Corrupted Soul.gif Root of Corruption 1,820,000 18,200,000 Demon Earth 3
MG GRUDGE.gif Grudge of the Royal Knight 848,011 1,696,020 Undead Undead 2
MG AGONY.gif Agony of the Royal Knight 950,033 1,900,070 Undead Undead 2
MG RAYDRIC.gif Corrupted Palace Guard 184,080 368,160 Undead Dark 2
MG RAYDRIC ARCHER.gif Wandering Archer 144,370 288,740 Undead Dark 2
MG KNIGHT OF ABYSS.gif Corrupted Abysmal Knight 225,789 451,578 Undead Dark 4
BloodyKnight.gif Bloody Knight 246,751 493,502 Undead Dark 4
Khalitzburg.gif Suffering Khalitzburg 219,275 473,702 Undead Undead 1
Corrupted Monk.gif Corrupted Monk 100,168 200,336 Undead Undead 4
Grand Chamberlain.gif Grand Chamberlain in Pain 208,100 416,200 Undead Undead 2
Corrupted Steward.gif Corrupted Steward 135,600 271,200 Undead Undead 1
Maggot.gif Maggot 80,811 161,622 Insect Earth 2