Octopus Cave

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Instance Manager
Base Level: 60+
Starting Point: Instance Manager in any town
Experience: -
This quest or instance is repeatable.
The cooldown is 3 hours.


Be careful! Once you leave, you cannot re-enter this instance.

  • Go to the Special Vending Machine. /navi malangdo 218/165 Buy an Octopus Hunting Spear there. You need Silvervine Fruits for them.
  • Open the box and keep that item with you whenever you enter the instance.
Duration Price
23 hours 2 Silvervine Fruits
3 days 5 Silvervine Fruits
7 days 10 Silvervine Fruits

Starfish and Weird Entrance.
  1. Talk to the Instance Manager to generate and enter the instance.
  2. You'll be warped into a cave with 4 warp portals. Enter one of the portal and walk until the end of the tunnel. There is no need to kill everything and the order of the portals don't matter.
  3. Kill the Octopus Leg.
  4. After killing 4 Legs, you'll be teleported back. Prepare for the boss fight.
  5. Crossing the new warp in the north you'll reach the boss room. There will be the Giant Octopus, several Octopus Legs and Octopuses. Kill the MVP.