Malangdo Culvert

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Instance Manager
Base Level: 140+
Starting Point: Instance Manager in any town
Experience: -
This quest or instance is repeatable.
The cooldown is 1 hours.


Be careful! Once you leave, you cannot re-enter this instance.

  • Go to the Special Vending Machine. /navi malangdo 218/165 Buy a Seagod's Protection Box. You need Silvervine Fruits for them.
  • Open the box and keep that item with you whenever you enter the instance.
Duration Price
23 hours 4 Silvervine Fruits
7 days 12 Silvervine Fruits
15 days 24 Silvervine Fruits

Creating the Instance

Missing, the Cleaner.
  1. Talk to the Instance Manager and select Instance Quests > Malangdo Culvert.
  2. Talk to Missing, the Cleaner. /navi mal_in01 160/34
  3. Choose the options Are you ok? and I will help...
  4. Talk to Albo /navi mal_in01 172/28 and take the quests. (General for Normal mode, Hard for Hard mode.)
  5. Talk to Missing, the Cleaner again with the Seagod Protection in your inventory. Choose Aragam insulted me.
  6. You'll get warped into a room. Talk to Missing, the Cleaner.
    Choose I'm pretty good at delivering bread. for Normal mode.
    Choose I know how to fight. for Hard mode.
  7. Select the following options to start the instance:
    1. As you wish~
    2. Yes, I see them.
    3. Let's start!

Inside the Instance

The drain.
  1. There will be an announcement whenever a drain appears. The map indicates them with a yellow cross.
  2. At the drain, a group of aggressive monsters appear.
    They are all Water property. Bring a converter for maximum damage.
  3. The drain will shine in a big, blue light. Click on it to deactivate them. (Getting hit will cancel the process.)
    If you can't kill the monsters in time, the drain will close and a Contaminated Stem appears.
    If 6 Stems are present, the party will be kicked out.
  4. Repeat the process until the following message appears: Contaminated Seaweed: X stem. Missing will come and inspect the results of the cleaning soon.
  5. Soon after this announcement, the MVP starts around the center.
    Normal Mode: Gloomy Ceolecanth or Weird Ceolecanth
    Hard Mode: Violent Ceolecanth or Mutant Ceolecanth.
  6. Look out for the following skills:
    • Break Armor: Can break Marc carded armors.
    • Frost Diver: Try to get a Marc card against Freezing.
    • Jupitel Thunder: Tank it next to a wall to avoid knockback.
    • Waterball: Either get water resistance or constant heal.
  7. Upon defeating the boss, random loot appears around the room. Be sure to grab them before leaving the instance!
  8. Leave the instance and talk to Madeca /navi mal_in01 172/26 to receive the reward for your quests.


Monster Name Level HP Size / Race / Element
2186 coelacanth.png Coelacanth 100 1,200,000 Large / Fish / Water 2
2186 coelacanth.png Dark/Gloomy Coelacanth 100 2,200,00 Large / Fish / Water 2
2186 coelacanth.png Weird/Grotesque Coelacanth 100 2,200,000 Large / Fish / Water 2
2189 coelacanth.png Mutant Coelacanth 155 5,200,000 Large / Fish / Water 2
2189 coelacanth.png Violent/Ferocious Coelacanth 155 5,200,000 Large / Fish / Water 2