Homunculus Day Care

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Homunculus Day Care is a newly added feature that is found in Kafra Employee.
This allows you to store, load or swap between 5 different Homunculus storage slots.
This all works one the same genetic, no need to switch between 5 different genetics.
Once you store a homunculus you will automatically lose any buff that homunculus has given you, and you can not summon this specific homunculus by using the skill "Call Homunculus" anymore since the homunculus gets deleted.
If you have any embryos in your inventory it will summon a new if you do. Only retrieving it from the day care works.
Everything gets saved once you store the homunculus.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find this feature?
Any Kafra NPC in any town have the option to open the Homunculus Day Care

What benefits do I have by storing my Homunculus?
Every homunculus has their special benefits.
There are homunculus benefitting PvP, homunculus benefitting PvE and also normal homunculus's.
This way you can switch between a homunculus that fits what you are doing at that moment without having to make a second or third genetic.

My Homunculus just leveled up, will that be saved too?
Everything of the homunculus state uses live data.
Hunger, intimacy and level, everything gets saved once you store the homunculus.

My Homunculus is perfect, will it's stats be randomized upon summon?
Your Homunculus is 1:1 the same as it was previously

What happens if I click Swap while I have a Homunculus currently active?
It will store your current Homunculus in the slot you have selected and summon the other Homunculus, swapping the 2 between.

How To - Picture Guide

Go to Kafra Employee and chose the option "Homunculus Day Care".
Homunculus Day Care.gif

Once chose you will see 5 <Empty> slots.
Homunculus Day Care1.gif

Chose one of the empty slots and you get several options, one being "Can you take care of...".
Homunculus Day Care2.gif

Chose that one and it will ask you to type in the name of the homunculus you have summoned. Do that.
Homunculus Day Care7.gif

Once you have done that the homunculus will be in the day care.
Homunculus Day Care4.gif

When you want to retrieve the homunculus you have put into day care chose "I'd like to take back".
Homunculus Day Care5.gif

You will now have the homunculus back and can enjoy it's buffs and it helping you kill!