Daily Missions

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Daily Mission NPC (Egbert) inside Main Office can assign you a daily mission.
Some are easier than others, but the rewards increases with difficulty.
Mission points are shared amongst all your characters on one account, and so is delay time.
You can't take missions on multiple characters at once.
You can start a quest every 24 hours.

Items to exchange for

603.png Old Blue Box - 5 Mission Points
617.png Old Purple Box - 10 Mission Points
667.png Gift Box , 666.png Gift Box , 665.png Gift Box , 664.png Gift Box - 10 Mission Points
616.png Old Card Album - 50 Mission Points
12623.png High Weapon Box - 200 Mission Points
12617.png Agrade Pocket - 250 Mission Points
12246.png Mystical Card Album - 500 Mission Points

There is also a ladder of sorts for top hunters that you can view at Egbert, the top 4 hunters are shown there.