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Note: The animated Headgears look better ingame. They're a series of pictures taken and formed into a .gif. Therefor their animation is not 100% the same.

Custom Headgears

Animated Headgears

Top Headgear
Mid Headgears

Lower Headgears

Non-animated Headgears

Top Headgear
Mid Headgears
Low Headgears


Other Costumes

Battleground Costumes

Top Costumes

Mid Costumes

Low Costumes

World Boss Costumes

Top Costumes

Mid Costumes

Low Costumes

Halloween World Boss Costumes

Winter Event

Costume Enchants

In Main Office you can talk to Costume Enchanter Venir and enchant your costume headgear to have stats.

Office 001.png


Slot one costs 1,000,000 zeny per enchant.
Slot two requires 1 Enchant Ore.

It costs 5 Enchantment Certificates per enchant, except in the case of garments where maximum cost is always 10.


Resetting enchants removes ALL enchants. It costs 5 Enchantment Certificates per reset.

If the enchants are not to your liking they can be resetted. If you do like the enchants but not the custom headgear you can transfer them to another, which means you could also buy a headgear from someone else who got enchants you like, and you can transfer them to the headgear you want.

However, if the headgear has two enchants, you cannot transfer only one, you have to transfer both.

WARNING! When you transfer enchants, the source item will be destroyed.

Below is a list of possible enchants.

Costume Top: (Max 2 Enchants)

Possible enchants:

Max HP: 1000~5000,
Max SP: 25~500,
Max HP: % 1~5,
Max SP: % 1~5,
DEF: 1~10,
MDEF: 1~10

Costume Mid: (Max 2 Enchants)

Possible enchants:

Attack: 10~50,
Matk: 10~50,
Damage to Non-Boss: 1~5%,
Damage to Boss: 1~5%,
Magic Damage to Non-Boss: 1~5%,
Magic Damage to Boss: 1~5%,
Crit Damage: 5~15%,
Attack: 1~5%,
MATK: 1~5%

Costume Lower: (Max 2 Enchants)

Possible enchants:

Heal+: 5~15%,
Delay-: 3~10%,
Cast rate-: 5~15%,
ASPD: 1~5,
ASPD%: 5~15%,
Crit+: 5-15,
Hit+: 15~30,
Flee+: 15~30

Garment - Special: (Max 3 Enchants)

Slot 1
- Reduces Damage from Small size: 1~5%,
- Reduces Damage from Medium size: 1~5%,
- Reduces Damage from Large size: 1~5%,
- Reduces Crit Damage: 3~10%,
- Reduces Long Range Damage: 3~10%

Slot 2
- Random Stat+: 1~5

Slot 3 is automatically applied when you enchant the second slot on the garment.
- Random body element: (Includes Ghost Element)