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Test .png

Description of features

Rates: 1~100

  • Player choses his own rates using @baserate and @jobrate

Disable Headgear view

  • Can disable any and all headgears from being visible on yourself and others using @disable_headgears

World Gate

  • Allows you to switch between Renewal and Pre-Renewal at any point, located in every town.


  • Renewal and Pre-Renewal have shared chats.
  • Using #support, #global you can write between each other.
  • Guild and Whisper work aswell between these two.

Guild Refactor

  • When Player A joins a Guild in Renewal or Pre-Renewal he automatically joins that Guild with both. (This only takes 1 Guildspot))
  • Guild Window will automatically adjust to which character is being played.

Character Creation

  • When a Character is created it automatically creates a clone of this character on the Pre-Renewal side with the exact same name.
  • Depending what you connect to it'll load the appropiate information.

Character Select

  • Character select will actively show if a character was last played on Pre-Renewal or have it's normal view if used last on Renewal.


  • Pre-Renewal is setup to be based on episode 13.2
  • Renewal is setup to be based on episode 16.1

Class Change

  • Allows you to purchase and level a secondary class.
  • This class has it's own statpoints, skillpoints, hotkeys, skills.
  • Each character can have a secondary class on both Pre-Renewal and Renewal.
  • If you have the Items from the prior swap still in your inventory it'll automatically reequip these items.


  • Items from Pre-Renewal and Renewal are stored/loaded without interfering with each other.
  • Mail, Achievements, Quests, Pets, Homunculus, Variables are seperated and stored without interacting with each other.


  • Each server handles it's own NPCs and Maps, Monsters and Items.

New Refine UI
RefineUIs.png RefineUIss.png