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About / How to

  • Secondary Master Brutus

You can purchase a secondary class upon reaching level 99 and spending 25,000,000 zeny in the Main Office by visiting the NPC Secondary Master Brutus. [ @go office ]

- When you purchase a third class you get 118 skill points (49 first job, 69 second job).
- When you purchase Doram you get 0 skill points.
- When you purchase expanded class you get skill points depending on your class.

Note: You can only have 1 secondary class per character.
Note 2: You can delete your current secondary class for 10,000,000 zeny.
Note 3: 3rd classes are automatically level 100 / 1.

How To Swap

  • Class Mastery Book

In ALT+E you you can find an item called Class Mastery Book and use this.


Upon switching every buff except a list of food, potions and manuals will be removed to not cause any imbalance.


What does it do?

When you switch your class it will automatically save the following information:

  • Base Level / Job Level
  • Stats
  • Skills
  • Base EXP
  • Job EXP
  • Equipment Position
  • Hairstyle
  • Hair color
  • Cloth color
  • Body Outfit
  • Hotkeys
  • Status Point
  • Skill Points

If you keep your equipment from either your first or secondary class in your inventory that you wore before switching class, it will automatically re-equip your items on the correct positions.
And it will load the new information of the other class that you have.