Bangungot Hospital

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Instance Manager
Base Level: 100+
Starting Point: Instance Manager in any town
Experience: -
This quest or instance is repeatable.
The cooldown is 23 hours.


Bangungot Hospital is an Instance located in Port Malaya. Its boss is Bangungot.


Be careful! Once you leave, you cannot re-enter this instance.

  1. Talk to the Instance Manager to generate and enter the instance. You have 1 hour to complete this instance.
  2. Kill all Mangkukulams in each room and proceed. They spawn as you clear the rooms.
  3. Fight Bangungot. You have to kill it or you will go to Phase B.
    • Phase B: You'll be teleported to another part of the map. Bangungot will spawn, don't bother about it. Enter the warp and kill all Mangkukulams. Once you are done, you'll be teleported back.
  4. After you defeated Bangungot, a Pillar of Spirit will spawn. It has 250 HP and takes 1 damage. Kill it under 1 minute or Bangungot will return with full HP.