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The War of Emperium is a Guild vs Guild PvP mode and one of the main attractions of the Ragnarok PvP scene. The War revolves around fighting other guild for ownership of a castle to be their personal headquarters, gaining benefits and special advantages.


Times in Server Time (UTC-06:00)
Saturday 17:00 - 18:00 Servtime ( 5 PM - 6 PM )
Sunday 11:00 - 12:00 Servertime ( 11 AM - 12 PM )

- Saturday - Kriemhild - Prontera - Sunday - Mardol - Rachel [ WoE:SE ]


To create a more fun and engaging WoE environment, several rules are set in place. These can be changed by the administration as the situation demands for it.

  • There is a maximum cap of 24 players per guild within a castle.
  • Hard alliances between guilds are not allowed.
    • Guilds allied through the in-game system will be able to damage each other within the castles.
    • You cannot help the castle owners to defend the castle from another guild.
  • Win-Trading and rigging the outcome of the War of Emperium is not allowed.
  • Guilds must not make use of alternate/secondary guilds.
    • These will be counted as alliances.
    • The only exception to this rule is a guild with a single member inside the castle specifically designed to use Mindbreaker on the main guild. The combined number of players must not exceed the current guild cap. (24)
    • Using a secondary guild to break the emperium and rig the outcome may lead to a permanent closure on all accounts.


The character to deal the last hit against the castle's Emperium claims the castle for their guild. All characters of a different guild will be warped out at that point. Only normal attacks can damage the Emperium, for 1 damage each, as all skills miss.

After a castle is claimed, other guilds can immediately re-enter and attempt to break the Emperium. The current holder, at the time of the War's end, will retain the castle and reap its benefits until the next War in the following week. The owning guild of a castle has several advantages to help them weather the storm of multiple attacking guilds, such as Guardian Stones and Barricades.

The rules of battle are very different from regular PvP environments. The following are the changes found in War of Emperium, also known as GvG mechanics, standing for Group vs Group

GvG Mechanics

  • Endure won't give flinch resistance
  • The following skills are disabled from use inside the GvG area: Assumptio, Basilica, Plant Cultivation, Ice Wall, Moonlit Water Mill, Intimidate, Teleport, Warp Portal, Dimension Door, High Jump
  • Flee is reduced by 20%.
  • All physical and magical skill-based damage except Gloria Domini and Gravitational Field is reduced by 80%.
  • Melee basic attack damage is reduced by 50%.
  • Ranged basic attack damage is reduced by 60%.
  • Traps last 4 times as long.
  • All knock back effects are disabled. Skills like Cicada Skin Shed, Shadow Leap and Phantom Thrust lose some functionality due to this.
  • Equipment preventing skills to be canceled during casting (Phen card and similar items) do not function.
  • /noctrl does not work; players must hold down the mouse button for normal attacks.
  • Damage numbers do not appear.
  • Death does not cause experience loss.
  • Emperium in renewal cannot be healed in any possible way. The skill sanctuary may show the healing effect, but the case of mob id check with Emperium causes a break; meaning it does not heal it and ignores it.

War of Emperium exclusive changes

  • Guild Leadership cannot be transferred while a War is ongoing.
  • /mineffect is automatically activated.
  • A character's guild emblem is shown above their head.


While the strategic importance of holding the Stones cannot be overstated, the Guardian Stones also provide an additional role of summoning Guardian soldiers. The number of Guardians that will be summoned depends on the defense rating of the castle, and killed Guardians will automatically be re-summoned after a period of time. If the Guardian Gtone is destroyed, the soldiers under its control will also fall.

Guild Flags

Placed throughout the castle there are several Link Flags. The Link Flags provide fast movement throughout the castle for the defending guild. Each of these flags have a pair located usually in the back of the Emperium room. Each pair of flags has a matching name, and by using these flags, you can travel directly to and from the Emperium room and each of the flag throughout the fort.

In addition to those in the castle, the flags directly outside the castle are also Link Flags, though these are one-way only to the Emperium room.


Castle Management

As a guild leader you can manage the castle(s) you own. You can invest daily up to 2 times.
The cost per investment is 30 moonlight coins. MAX investment is 100 in total.


Note: All War of Emperium rewards are automatically bound to account.
Note 2: Every participant will receive 10 Moonlight Coins everyday until the next WoE. This is a 100% chance.

Unlike the normal reward way of treasure box's in Shining Moon rewards are differently given.

Any guild member that participates in War of Emperium has a chance to get rewards.
Members that do not participate are completely ignored by the rewarding system.

Guilds that own a castle and have participated in War of Emperium the formula works the following way:
3 + ( Castle Economy score / 5 ) = amount of players that are eligible for rewards.

Non castle owning reward
3 + ( Total amount of unique participants / 10 ) = amount of players that do not own a guild castle.

Item Amount
51022.png Alternate Outfit Ticket x 1
6417.png Silvervine Fruit x 1 ~ 5
6240.png HD Oridecon x 3 ~ 5
6241.png HD Elunium x 3 ~ 5
51001.png Enchantment Certificate x 1 ~ 3
52011.png Soul Mastery Scroll x 1 ~ 2
6225.png HD Carnium x 1 ~ 3
6226.png HD Bradium x 1 ~ 3
7619.png Old Enriched Elunium x 1 ~ 2
7620.png Old Enriched Oridecon x 1 ~ 2
51010.png Costume Treasure x 1
7829.png Valor Badge x 25 ~ 100
12246.png Mystical Card Album x 1 ~ 2
616.png Old Card Album x 3 ~ 5
671.png Roulette Gold Coin x 3 ~ 10
675.png Roulette Silver Coin x 5 ~ 10
12818.png Advanced Weapon Box x 1 ~ 3
0.png Random Garment Treasure x 1
51006.png Moonlight Coin x 10 ~ 25
51007.png Moon Coin x 5 ~ 10
28902.png Mad Bunny [1] x 1
28901.png Cursed Mad Bunny [0] x 1
6396.png Spiritual Auger x 1

The system will mail the random reward to a random player from the eligible list. Rewards are chosen randomly and the the members to their respective list. Member of a castle owning guild or non castle owning.