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  • Skill Window

The Soul system is about monster souls and skills.
All custom Skills can be found in ALT+S -> ETC

How can i get a Soul?

Below level 175, you have a 1.5% chance to seal the soul of a monster when killing the monster.
At level 175 you have a 3% chance to seal the soul of a monster when killing the monster.

Note 1: There are exceptions to this rule. World Bosses cannot be sealed. You might get a soul, but you'll not learn its soul.
Note 2: You have to be the one that kills it, party kills do not count.
Note 3: You can only carry 50 Sealed Souls at most.

Trading Souls

  • Sealed Monster

You can seal a monster soul into a tradeable item using a Sealing Spell with the Master of Souls in the Main Office.
This item can be vended and will show what the current Monster is that it has sealed.
When creating this item it will erase the Soul from your Soul Storage and remove it from your current Soul.

Upon using this item you'll learn the current Monster shown in the item.

Master of Souls

  • Master of Souls

Soul 3.png
Master of Souls found in main office lets you lock and unlock a monster soul, which means that if you do not wish your monster soul to be overwritten you need to lock it.
Unlocking it lets it be overwritten by another monster soul.
- Tradeable Souls [Sealing Spell & Sealed Monster]
You can visit the Master of Souls to use a Sealing Spell (Obtained from Lucky 3 or Decimus of the Society Raid Instance).
You have the option to seal your current monster ID into a tradeable item. This will remove this monster fully from your character, this includes the soul storage as well.
This will create a new item called Sealed Monster. You can check in the bottom of the item which monster it holds.Upon using this item your character will automatically learn the monster ID. However this will delete the item right away.

Soul Skills

The soul system is based aswell on 8 different skills.

Skill Name Skill Effect
Soul Control Active Skill

Release the captured Monsters soul and merge it with your own while taking control of its power.
Increase All Stats based on the amount of Sealed Souls in your inventory. ( Max 10 ).
Example: 4 Sealed Souls = +4 to All Stats.

Soul Contract Active Skill

Once you have sealed a monster soul, (it will tell you in chat "your monster soul has changed"), use the skill Soul Contract located in your ETC tab to form a contract with the monster.
Soul Contract costs sealed souls to use, and it can fail so you will have to use it again until you form a contract.
It has a 20% chance to successfully form a contract and once you have use Materialize Soul to summon the monsters soul.

Materialize Soul Active Skill

Materialize the captured monster soul and have it fight for you.
This will summon an aggressive monster of your saved monster ID and fight with you until it dies.
You can heal and buff your materialized soul.
The Stats of the Materialized Soul are based on the player stats * 2.

Purgatory Active Skill

Summons your Soul Storage IDs as monsters. Summons at most 3 different saved IDs.
These summoned monsters will not be following you nor teleport with you.
They contain no EXP or drops.
These monsters will attack other monsters but their damage does not count as your own damage.
If the monsters have any supportive skills they will cast them on you as they're friendly monsters.
Requirement: 5 Sealed Souls
Note 1: These monsters will disappear after 3 minutes.

Chrono Trigger Active Skill

Deletes three Sealed Souls from your inventory to either summon a MvP or have Chronos summon you to his realm.
Soul Mastery does NOT protect your souls from being deleted after using this skill.
This skill has a 12 hours cooldown.

Soul Pulse Active Skill

Deals 10 * ( ATK + MATK * Skill_LV ) miscellaneous soul element damage to all enemies within 23x23 radius
Requirement: 1 Sealed Soul * Skill Lvl (cost is halved with Soul Mastery)
Note 1: Does not work against players.
Note 2: Monsters cannot dodge this skill.

Soul Shatter Active Skill

Deals 1 * ( ATK + MATK ) miscellaneous soul element damage to a monster. Has a 25% chance to create a Soul Shard
Note 1: Does not work against players.

Soul Forge Supportive Skill

Consumes 5 Soul Shards to create 1x Sealed Soul.
30% chance + 2% * Soul Mastery LV

Soul Mastery Passive Skill

Feature 1: At level 10 you will not consume any Sealed Souls when using Materialize Soul Lvl 1 or 2.
Feature 2: Increases the chance to synthesize a Sealed Soul using Soul Forge by 2% per Mastery lvl.
Feature 3: At level 10 it reduces the cost of Soul Pulse by half.
Feature 4: At level 10 grants a chance to have monsters drop a Soul Mastery Scroll on kill.
Feature 5: Increases the Materialized Soul stats by 0.1 x skill level

Soul Skill Previews

Chrono Trigger

Materialize Soul
Mat soul.gif

Soul Control
Soul control.gif

Soul Contract