Soul Control

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Soul Control.png Soul Control
Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 1
Cooldown: 10 minutes
Duration: 10 minutes
Target: Self
Status Icon: I SoulControl.png
Sealed Monster Soul

We have a feature here in Shining Moon called Soul Control.

Once a character is created you will have a skill in your skilltree also called Soul Control. Every monster has a 1% chance to give a sealed soul, and they are stackable up to 50.

Soul Control1.png

Once you have obtained a soul, use the skill and you merge your own soul with the monster soul.
You will get a visible buff showing you the duration of the buff that is remaining.

Increase All Stats based on the amount of Sealed Souls in your inventory. (Max 10).
Example: 4 Sealed Souls = +4 to All Stats.

Note: You can reuse the skill as often as you like, aslong as you have a monster soul in your inventory, and the cooldown is gone.
Note2: Any monster in +30/-30 level range has the same chance to get their soul, this excludes MvP's which can have any level and will give you a soul by a 1% chance..