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Here in Shining Moon we have a refine UI.
When you doubleclick on 985.png Elunium or 984.png Oridecon found in your consumable tab (short Con) in your inventory (alt+e) it will bring up the refine UI for you.
From there you can drag the item you want refined and chose which refine material you wish to use.
At the top of the UI you will see what success chance different items will give, and you will also have the option of using 6635.png Blacksmith Blessing which you can recieve from 52024.png Special Lucky 3 by chance.

Below you will see two pictures showing you the UI and how it looks once an item is in it:


Refine UI is also used to enchant costumes.
First enchant uses Zeny, second enchant uses Enchant Ores.
To reset all enchants, use Enchantment Certificates.

CostumeEnchanting.png CostumeEnchanting2.png CostumeEnchantReset.png