Realm of Chronos

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Realm of Chronos is a custom instance that you will be able to enter by chance when using the skill Chrono Trigger. Chrono Trigger either summons a MvP or sends you to the Realm of Chronos.

When you end up in the Realm of Chronos instance you will be greeted by.. yourself as a novice? Odd.
This mirror image of you will talk to you about how you have sacrificed your beliefs and friends for richdom and fame and gear, and you tell her/him that isn't true.
After a while of talking back and forth you realize this CANNOT be you, and your mirror image then turns into Chronos who will be mighty mad that a human tried to summon him, and only offered three souls.
Your goal is to reach Chronos by disabling his switches and avoiding Clock-curities (hah!).
Clock Guards.png


Once you have disabled 6 switches a message will appear telling you that the Impenetrable Guards has been disabled. Time for you to venture further forward and finally be face to face with Chronos, but what is this.. there is someone or something else with you in here, protecting you maybe..? The voice speaks out telling you Chronos cannot destroy your clock because he just stole it from Chronos. Then he shows himself.. Hades?! What are YOU doing with MY clock?
What you need to do now is avoiding the Time Bombs Chronos places everywhere and try to get them to explode ontop of the Clockinators to kill them off to reach the switch in the middle of them.
Time Bombs.png
Once that is done, turn the switch off and it will tell you all dimensional defense systems has been disabled.

After that is done, you can finally talk to Chronos and get your rewards, you will be sent back to town and your class reverted back to normal.