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Instance Points are a currency granted by completing the following instances.
Note: It does not matter whether you're the healer or the killer. Everyone in the party gets the Instance Points for completing the instance completely.

Instance Points
15 Points 10 Points 5 Points 4 Points 3 Points 2 Points 1 Point
Endless Cellar Old Glast Heim (Hard) Central Laboratory Last Room Bakonawa Lake Airship Assault Bios Island
Endless Tower Sky Fortress Charleston Crisis Old Glast Heim
Devil's Tower
Temple of the
Demon God
Morse's Cave Buwaya's Cave Ghost Palace
Werner Laboratory
Sarah and Fenrir Geffen Magic
Nightmarish Jitterbug
Werner Laboratory
Horror Toy Factory
Infinity Space
Room of

Shining Moon exclusive Instance Difficulty choice has instance points gained multiplier as well. To see how much Instance Points you would get for doing the instance in different difficulties simply use (Instance Points * Difficulty Multiplier).
Example: You did Endless Cellar on Normal Mode: You would get 15 Points. If you do Endless Cellar on Hell Mode: You would get 60 Instance Points (15 * 4 = 60).

Difficulty Multiplier
Easy Mode No Multiplier is applied.
Normal Mode No Multiplier is applied.
Hard Mode Instance Points * 2
Nightmare Mode Instance Points * 3
Hell Mode Instance Points * 4