Ghost Palace

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Instance Manager
Base Level: 120+
Starting Point: Instance Manager in any town
Experience: -
This quest or instance is repeatable.
The cooldown is 23 hours.


Ghost Palace is one of the Instances that was introduced with the Heroes' Trails patch. It follows the tragic story of Sakray, from the original Ragnarok graphic novel, as he descends from being a faithful royal guard to becoming a cursed swordsman.

Talk to the Instance Manager in any town to generate and enter the instance. You have 1 hour to complete this instance. If you happen to log out, teleport out, or die in the instance, you will not be able to re-enter.


Preparation: Bring a Token of Siegfried in case you die in the middle of running the instance. Also be prepared to fight a Ghost 3 element monster (Flaming Skull in Floor 2)

  1. You arrive at the throne room of a palace. Talk to the King to witness Sakray's appointment as the bodyguard of Princess Tiara for her marriage with a Prince.
  2. When the dialogue finishes, several Bloody Murderers and Ragged Zombies will appear. Exterminate them and collect the gray shards. (Use @autoloot for convenience.) A portal will appear, leading towards the 2nd floor.
  3. You see Sakray meeting with Princess Tiara in her room to the east. Talk to Princess Tiara to listen to their conversation.
  4. When the scene ends, several Wind Ghosts, Flame Skulls, and Dark Frames spawn. The portal to the 3rd floor opens when all of the mobs are killed.
  5. You enter a prison area where Sakray is restrained and interrogated. Talk to the King to watch the scene play out. When the dialogue ends, you will see Sakray talking to an invisible Cursed Spirit of Thanatos.
  6. As the conversation ends, several Ghouls, Skeleton Prisoners, and Zombie Prisoners appear. After killing a few of them, the 4th floor portal will spawn, followed by a larger swarm of mobs. It is advisable to kill every mob in this floor before entering the portal, to get more Gray Shards
  7. You return to the Throne room with several Khalitzburgs and Bloody Murderers. Kill all of them to advance.
  8. Several dead bodies will appear all over the floor, including the dead King. Sakray is seen confronting the Prince. Talk to the Prince to witness his reveal.
  9. When the scene ends, the Prince transforms into a Torturous Redeemer. Defeat him and the portal to the last floor will appear.
  10. You return to the jail scene where Sakray goes to see the dying Princess. Talk to Princess Tiara to see what happens.
  11. A wave of Skoguls, Dullahans, and Skeleton Prisoners will appear. Kill all of them.
  12. The Torturous Redeemer reappears, but is quickly vanquished by the now-corrupted Sakray. Speak with him to listen to what he has to say.
  13. The exit portal spawns to the south east. The King is standing next to it. Talk to him to exchange your Gray Shards for Thanatos Weapons or Gray Equipment.
  14. When you leave through the portal, a short message appears, and you will be rewarded with 2 Gray Shards and some EXP.

Thanatos Weapons

The Thanatos Weapons are magical weapons sculpted out of Gray Shard to counteract the power of the Devil Sword Thanatos. You can craft these weapons out of 200 Gray Shards at the King NPC before you exit the instance.

All of these weapons give INT +6, VIT +6, and LUK -6. They also give a low chance of regaining HP and SP from 5% of your damage dealt while you are Physically attacking (Magically for Thanatos Staff and Two-Handed Staff); consume 100 HP per 10 seconds; and consume 1000 HP when unequipped.

Image Name Type Description
ThanatosDagger.png Thanatos Dagger [1] Dagger ATK +100
MATK +130
ThanatosSword.png Thanatos Sword [1] One-Handed Sword ATK +150
MATK +100
ThanatosGreatsword.png Thanatos Great Sword [1] Two-Handed Sword ATK +280
MATK +120
ThanatosAxe.png Thanatos Axe [1] Two-Handed Axe ATK +300
MATK +80
ThanatosHammer.png Thanatos Hammer [1] Mace ATK +180
MATK +120
ThanatosSpear.png Thanatos Spear[1] One-Handed Spear ATK +150
MATK +100
ThanatosLongspear.png Thanatos Long Spear [1] Two-Handed Spear ATK +250
MATK +50
ThanatosBow.png Thanatos Bow [1] Bow ATK +180
MATK +110
ThanatosKatar.png Thanatos Katar [1] Katar ATK +220
MATK +80
ThanatosKnuckle.png Thanatos Knuckle [1] Knuckle ATK +160
MATK +100
ThanatosStaff.png Thanatos Staff [1] Staff Healing Power +15%
MATK +200
ATK +100
ThanatosTwohandedstaff.png Thanatos Two-Handed Staff [1] Two-Handed Staff Healing Power +18%
MATK +250
ATK +120
ThanatosViolin.png Thanatos Violin [1] Instrument Ranged damage +20%
ATK +200
MATK +130
ThanatosWhip.png Thanatos Whip [1] Whip Ranged damage +20%
ATK +200
MATK +130

Gray Equipment Set

The Gray Equipment Set is a set of armors, boots, cloak, helmet, and shield, sculpted out of Gray Shard and infused with Sakray's Abandoned Memories. They have a special ability of resisting the Holy element. You can craft these equipment out of 100 Gray Shards at the King NPC before you exit the instance.

Image Name Type Description
GrayArmor.png Armor of Gray [1] Armor DEF +90. Holy Resistance +10%.
Additional Holy Resistance +2 % per Upgrade level.

When equipped with Cloak of Gray, Gray Helmet, and Boots Of Gray:
+15% Neutral Resistance. Gives a chance to cast
Drain Life Lv3 when receiving Melee Physical Damage.

GrayRobe.png Gray Robe [1] Armor DEF +55 Holy Resistance +10%.
Additional Holy Resistance +2 % per Upgrade level.

When equipped with Cloak of Gray, Gray Helmet, and Boots Of Gray:
+15% Neutral Resistance. +25% MHP/MSP. +10% MATK.

GrayHelmet.png Gray Helmet [1] Headgear DEF +35. Holy Resistance 3%.
Additional Holy Resistance +1% per 2 Upgrade levels.
GrayCloak.png Cloak of Gray [1] Garment DEF +45. Holy Resistance 5 %.
Additional Holy Resistance +1% per 2 Upgrade levels.
GrayBoots.png Boots of Gray [1] Footgear DEF +25. Holy Resistance 2%.
Additional Holy Resistance +1% per 3 Upgrade levels.
GrayShield.png Gray Shield[1] Shield DEF +75. Holy Resistance +30%. MDEF +10.
Additional Holy Resistance +1% per Upgrade level.
MDEF +1 per 3 Upgrade levels.

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