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Talk to Adventurer Balin in Prontera, listen to his story and accept to help him.
Talk to him again to create and enter Dark Society instance.

Once inside go forward towards a warp portal, click on it and you will be trapped.
Alot of dark acolytes and Dark Priest Cathelyn will show up, and Dark Acolyte Matthew will cast White Imprison on you.

They will continue to talk, and Dark Acolyte Brenda will reveal that she is the "helpless daughter" Balin asked you to rescue.
Cathelyn then asks you if you wanted to enter and sends you inside with dark teleportation, and you end up in a cage.


You will have to wait for Dark Priest Jason and Dark Researcher James to do experiments on you, all the while asking you where your brother is, and where you have their spellbook.
Then Cathelyn comes in and tells them the person they think you are, you are not.
They are surprised, but in the end they will alter your body and turn you into a dark acolyte.
Congratulations, you are now a dark acolyte.


When you come to you are in "your own room" inside the Dark Society, and Dark Priest Dr. Ruby will be there and explains a bit about what happened.
She then asks you to search "your room" for gear, and then to look for Seth and talk to him.

Open the closet and chest and pick up your gear, then leave through the warp portal that is in your room and go search for Seth.


Once you find Seth he will explain in more details what happened to you and tells you the fog you breathed in altered your DNA. Your DNA has been corrupted by the magic of fallen angels, and that there is constant magic in the air. Your body absorbs some of that dark magic, and without your altered DNA you would die.
He will then ask you to introduce yourself to Vladimir, Hohenheim, Mayhem, Brodrig and Castielle.

Walk around and search for them, talk to them once you've found them.

Brodrig will tell you she is in charge of the assignments for dark acolytes, and then tells you you have come at the right time. Once you have finished your introductions, she will be ready for you.
Hohenheim is talking about his research never being finished, and how he is a genetic engineer, specializing in grafting and other genetic modifications.
Vladimir tells you he is the leader of the Dark Society, and explains what they do in here, that they conduct item and weaponry experiments, and that they currently are working on a theory of itemizing the powerful magic of fallen angels. He also tells you the leading researcher James specializes in magical bio-weaponry.
He then asks you to meet James when you're done with your introductions.
Castielle tells you she can create and enchant Fallen Angel Wings.
Mayhem tells you that they can have a use for people who didn't become dark acolytes in their research.
Then he tells you you have finished your introductions and that you should report to Brodrig.


Go back to Bodrig and she will tell you she has finished up on her things, and you will get some EXP.
Talk to her again and she will have a quest for you to kill 3 failed experiments in the Medical Unit.
Go look for the Medical Unit and kill those 3 failed experiments.

After you killed them your quest will update and it tells you to report back to Brodrig.
Go there and she will tell you that you might be of use to them.
Talk to her again and she will give you another quest.

You will now have to look for an elevator and through the hidden way and go to the Magic Forest and collect Magic Seeds.

You will be teleported to a pipe, so walk through it to the other side where there is a closet. Use that and you will end up in a room. Leave the room through the warp portal and you will now be in the Magic Forest.


Now you will have to walk around and find the Magic Seeds, which you will find at trees, so look carefully.


And sometimes while digging for the seeds, a Forest Fairy will spawn to protect it, kill the fairy and continue on.

Once you have collected all 10 your quest will update again and tells you once again to return to Brodrig.
Go back to the house you came from and enter it, go to the closet in the back of the room and teleport back into the pipe. Go through it and use the elevator.


Now go back to Brodrig and talk to her.
She will tell you you did a great job.
Talk to her again and she will give you a new quest.

She tells you she forgot they require Magical Water for the Seeds and asks you to go back to the Magic Forest and collect 5 buckets full of Magical Water.
Go back through the elevator which will offer "James Laboratory" this time. Chose the option "Pipe" and go through it once more to the closet and the room. Exit through the warp portal to the Magic Forest.

This time go all the way up and you will see a bucket and a well.


Click on the bucket then on the well. Now it will ask you to either tie a knot or drop the bucket. Chose tie a knot.

Then it will ask you to either untie the knot or drop the bucket. Chose drop the bucket.

It will now ask you to either pull the rope or drop the bucket. Chose pull the rope.

Now you can either be very lucky and get water directly or you will have to pull the rope several times. After pulling the rope alot of times, you will fill it one time if lucky.
If you are unlucky you will break your bucket and a Water Spirit will spawn, in that case kill it and do it all over.
Once you've filled all 5 buckets the quest will update and tell you to report back to Brodrig.

Now go there and she will tell you it was very nicely done, talk to her again and she tells you to go to Hohenheim and deliver the seeds.

Go to Hohenheim and he will tell you he has been waiting for them and give you EXP.
Then he will ask you to put them in to the Cultivation Machine above him.

Click on the machine and chose to enter the seeds.

Talk to Hohenheim again and he will tell you something isn't quite right and asks you to use the elevator and go to James Laboratory so do that.

You will end up in James Laboratory, so walk up to James and click on him.

He will ask you what you are doing here, tell him Hohenheim sent you.
He will then ask you what he wants, chose to explain the situation.


He will then talk about merging dark magic with the magical seeds and using a catalyst.
After he is done talking you will get a new quest that asks you to give him one of the seeds so do that.

He will walk away, so follow him.
The Fusion Machine at which he stand at will have a quest indicator so click on it.

It will do alot of weird stuff so just wait until it's done.
After everything is done James tells you he has to do some experiments and tells you to come back in 3 hours.

When you return after 3 hours James will ask you to go back to Hohenheim and report the good news so make your way back and talk to Hohenheim.
He tells you he can certainly use the new information he gained and that he will adjust the settings on the machine. Then tells you to use the machine again so go above him and use the Cultivation Machine once more.
It will issue a warning of intruders, and uses emergency protocol 6 and force evacuates you to Prontera.

You have finished Dark Society for now, congratulations. (More to come!) :)

About switching

All your informations are saved and stored seperately in a new SQL-table. Everything will be reverted when you leave the Magic Headquarter or relog. At that time all your quest information will be saved and will be loaded again when you enter once more.

Things that are stored: Hotkeys, Equipment positions, hairstyle, haircolor, cloth color, body style, all your skills, statpoints, skillpoints, allocated statpoints, current exp, needed exp for next lvl and so on.

Crafting Fallen Angel Wings

At Castielle inside Dark Society you can craft Fallen Angel Wings. Costs 1x 2573.png Archangel Wing [1] + 5m zeny - chance 25%.
If you fail you will lose both wings and zeny.

Enchanting Fallen Angel Wings

The garment 2589.png Fallen Angel Wing [1] (hereafter FAW) can be enchanted with a variety of enchantments by Castielle in the Dark Society instance. There is no fee for enchanting, however, resetting enchantments costs 1,000,000z. There is no chance to fail or break the wings.

The number of times a FAW can be enchanted depends on it's refine rate.

Refine Rate Enchants possible
+6 or lower 1
+7 or +8 2
+9 or higher 3

The player may choose the category for each enchant they receive. On the third slot, a more powerful enchant is possible, in addition to the enchants possible on the first two slots.

Enchant Options

Enchant Type Enchants 3rd slot (additional possible) enchant
Fighting Fighting Spirit 3~5 Fighting Spirit 6
Magic Spell 4~6 Spell 7
Archer Expert Archer 1~3 Expert Archer 4
Critical Fatal 1~3 Fatal 4
Max HP MaxHP +1~3% MaxHP +4%
Max SP +25,50 or 75 sp +100 sp
ASPD Delayafterattack 1~3 +1 ASPD
Str Str +3~5 Special Str
Agi Agi +2~4 Special Agi
Dex Dex +3~5 Special Dex
Vit Vit +3~5 Special Vit
Int Int +3~5 Special Int
Luk Luk +3~5 Special Luk

Please check the enchant descriptions page for the descriptions on each enchant.

Special Stat Enchant "Special" Stat enchants have the following effect:
+1 to (stat)
+3 to (stat) if refined to +8 (for total of +4)
Bonus if refined to +9

Str Agi Dex Int Vit Luk
+1% atk +1% atk +1% matk +1%matk +1% maxSP +1% max HP

+1 aspd, -7% fixed cast if refined to +12