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Note: The animated Headgears look better ingame. They're a series of pictures taken and formed into a .gif. Therefor their animation is not 100% the same.

Costume Equipments Gallery

Animated Costume Equipments

Animated Top Headgears

Animated Middle Headgears

Animated Lower Headgears

Non-animated Costume Equipments

Top Headgears

Middle Headgears

Lower Headgears


These are original kRO costume garments.
They've been added to the list of the cash shop and WoE Reward Chest.
Costume garments are also available from the Battleground NPC's at a higher cost but they are tradeable.
[They're enchantable by our custom costume garment enchants as well as by kRO's costume enchants same with Top + Mid + Lower Headgears].

Special Costume Equipments

Battleground Costumes

Battlegrounds Top Costumes

Battlegrounds Lower Costumes

World Boss Costumes

World Boss Top Costumes

World Boss Middle Costumes

World Boss Lower Costumes

Halloween World Boss Costumes

Winter Event Costumes

Costume Drops

423 different costumes can be dropped by 423 different monsters each at the rate of 0.03% For a full list of which monster drops what, go to Costume Drops

Costume Enchants

All of these costume equipments may undergo 2 different forms of enchant system for extra beneficial bonuses. Follow the link below to learn more:

Main article: Costume Enchants