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Shining Moon doesn't penalties you for being tiny and cute!

Our server makes baby classes playable just like the normal classes without any penalties.
This means you will have the same stats as normal classes do. As a baby class you will be able to equip transcended items and you will get all respective trans skills.

Grasp all the cuteness of being a baby and play as a baby just like you would with a normal class.


How To

When you create your character, the beginner instance will allow you to choose whether or not you wish to be a baby.
If you have changed your mind later to become a baby you can type @babyme in your chat box and become a 1/1 Baby Novice or Baby Summoner.
Or you go to the Main Office and talk to Job Changer Elaine and chose the option "Baby Novice"/"Baby Summoner", or you can get adopted by two loving people. <3

However, you can only do this as a novice, no other class works.


To balance that baby classes are equal to any transcended class we have added a baby rebirth.
You will have the same stat benefits as a transcended class as well as transcended skills.

Baby Novice -> Baby Acolyte -> Baby Priest [ 99 / 70 ] -> Baby Novice -> Baby Acolyte -> Baby Priest [ 99 / 70 ] -> Baby Arch Bishop

Baby classes have to reach job level 70 twice, to balance the part of them having transcended skills already as non-rebirth Baby Priest.
Be aware: Baby second classes have the same exp requirement as transcended classes.

Baby Changes

  • As a baby character, normally you would have certain limitations and penalties, these have been reworked and you can now equip gears that you normally couldn't. For example, a baby Arch Bishop couldn't wear Diabolus Robe because of the "Transcended Status". As-long as it matches your gender, class and level you can equip it.
  • There is no longer a penalty to HP/SP. Every Baby Class have the 25% transcended HP/SP automatically.
  • You can equip any transcended equipment.
  • You will have the the same status points as the "adult" version. e.g. 130 max in a stat.
  • You will have the same skill points as the "adult" version.
  • You will have the transcended skills for your class, e.g. Assumptio for baby Priest/Arch Bishop.
  • Baby characters can purchase a secondary class, just like others. You can also make that a normal character, and if you are adopted, didn't go through @babyme or the job changer, the secondary class, even the "adult", will be adopted.
  • Baby characters has no penalties to stats e.g. ATK, FLEE, HIT.
  • Baby characters can purchase alternative outfits, just like normal chars.
  • Babies have no penalty towards crafting.
  • Baby classes are considered size small in pvp.

Babies can marry as long as they have not been adopted by anyone, but they cannot adopt anyone.

Expanded Baby