Advanced Looting

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Advanced Looting is a newly implemented system that gives you a permanent buff to increase your dropchance depending on what rates you use while leveling.
This system gets put in place upon reaching max level transcendent class.

You will also get a specific aura once you reach max level by using baserate 1.

These rates stack together with a bubble gum but are not boosted by a bubble gum. This rate is a constant and is automatically applied to commands such as @mobinfo, @whodrops.

  • This will only work if the class has been rebirthed and / or is the last possible class for a class tree.

Example: This will not work on a Knight but a rebirthed Baby Knight or Lord Knight. However it'll work on a max-level Star Gladiator and such.

  • This will only apply upon reaching the maximum level on your main class, not dual class. When reaching max level on the dual class this system completly ignores it.

Note: This means you cannot purchase a Dual Class to reach the maximum level faster.

EXP rates used Drop bonus
1x 50%
2x 40%
3x 39%
4x 38%
5x 35%
6-10x 30%
11-15x 25%
16-20x 20%
21-30x 10%
31-40x 5%
41-50x 3%
51-60x 2%
61-90x 1%
91+x 0%

Note: If you started out on example 1x rates, and switch in the middle to 100x it will give you 0% bonus, since it reads the highest number used.
So if you want the maximum benefits from this system, you will have to level constantly on 1x.