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For new comers/Beginners at SMRO - Fastest way to level up.

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After creating your character.You will be born in Beginner Instance  MEMORIAL DUNGEON and start playing as a character called NOVICE .  *For newbie please read everything. NPC will teach you How to play Shining Moon Ragnarok.*

First time in-game you will see yourself on a small island then teleported to MEMORIAL DUNGEON . where NPC OLIVER BALMER is there to help you, * For newbie please read everything. NPC will teach you*


step1.png: Oliver Balmer will ask if you will play Renewal or Pre-Renewal.

(After you have chosen your in which you like the most Renewal or Pre-Renewal, Oliver will ask what  BASE RATES  & JOB RATES   would you like to be?., x100  to x1 rates.)

step2.png: Setting your BASE RATES and JOB RATES on what you like most.

(After you have chosen your RATES. Oliver Balmer will ask " do you want to be a baby or Normal character?.)

    step-3.png: Choosing whether baby character or normal character.Image result for baby character ragnarok

*When you have finished choosing on what character you would like to be. Oliver will ask one more time. (I suggest you press "Yes, continue the prologue." for additional Exp and Extra items will be given later when finishing the mission."

Oliver Balmer will change class to Archbishop to help you boost some of his skills & you were given a task/mission to kill 10 Pandarings.
[NOTE: Oliver Balmer will follow you and give you blessings,agi,healing and etc.)

     Image result for step 4 png Killing 10 Pandarings

When you done to killing 10 Pandarings, Oliver Balmer will ask you to kill 10 Foxrings. 

Image result for step 5 png : Killing 10 Foxrings

When your done killing 10 Foxrings, Oliver will start speaking about Instances,Soul System and etcs. then Oliver will teleport you to the main office. which you can teleport by typing "@go office".
                      – Level up rewards. 1 ea 
                      – Bowman scroll 1 : 3 ea
                      –Cutlas box: 1 ea
                      – Grape box 5 ea
                      – Moonlight Dagger Box 1 ea
                      – Wrench box: 1 ea
                      – Solar sword box: 1 ea
                      –Rudra bow box: 1 ea
                      –Poll Axe box: 1 ea
                      –Field Manual: 3 ea
                      –Class Mastery Book: 1 ea

Image result for step 6 png : Use your STAT points and SKILL points.

for opening the skill points use ALT+S. for Stat points ALT+A

When your Finish setting up your Skill points and Status points. go to step 7.

Related image  : Talk to NPC, JOB CHANGER ELAINE.

image.png.d3adde2a38bac059abc241c68ed4cd31.png SELECT a JOB. image.png.d5f669f96442b60ecf07c6fd4e36dad3.png

That's it you have Finished the JOB OF THE NOVICE!!!!... CONRATULATIONS :D Your learning fast!!! your becoming your way to become a great RAGNAROK PLAYER. GOODLUCK TO YOU.






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