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Patch 2019-01-29

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  • Renewal
    • Skill fixes
      • Sonic Blow
        • No longer has a fixed attacking animation
      • Vulcan Arrow
        • No longer has a fixed attacking animation
      • Platinum Alter
        • Now correctly applies the shield again
      • Throw Spirit Sphere
        • Now correctly applies 5 hits
    • Other fixes
      • Vicious weapons now have their correct enchant tables
      • Fixed slotted Hood unable to be equipped
      • Fixed Ancient Wootan Shooter Card
      • Fixed Marsh Aclouse spawn
      • Fixed Dark Resetter not giving any skill points back
      • Added support for all Illusion Cards on the Card Exchanger
      • Fixed a bug on YSF01 Seyren that caused him to have abnormal slow damage motion
      • Refactored the server-part of the item restoration function
      • Hugel Monster Race
        • Correctly applied the 350,000 zeny cost now
        • Adjusted the enchanting option from class restricted to headgear ID restricted
        • Fixed a bug in the enchanting cost
      • Illusion Manager
        • Added accept all option to every illusion dungeon page
        • Adjusted hand in to hand in every quest
        • Adjusted the rewards from doing quests based on the difficulty of the dungeon
          Moonlight & Vampire = 1
          Abyss & Frozen = 2
          Luanda & Teddy Bear = 3
          Labyrinth = 4
        • Added a 100% safe option to reset your enchants on your illusion items
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