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Fix-Patch 2018-06-25

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  • Added search by Item ID to the Restoration Manager
  • Fixed Excellion gear were not usable by dorams
  • Fixed Ranger Enchantment Stone set was not granting its bonus correctly
  • Fixed Sorcerer and Genetic Enchantment Stone set was not correctly applying combo bonus due to the nature of the combo_db which will be rewritten in the future.
  • Fixed Gigantes Card was using the wrong accessory slot
  • Fixed Avenger Huuma Shuriken were not equipable
  • Disabled RK outfit on the Stylist for the time being
  • Fixed all the combos of the Ring of Arch Bishop from Fortessa Dungeon
  • Applied a temporary fix to Gate of Hell and Tiger Cannon as these two skills are wrong source-code wise.
  • Gate of Hell currently ignores any resistance and the damage cannot be reduced in any form
  • Tiger Cannon applies the damage wrongly and causes it to do more damage then it's supposed to
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