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Sura - Tiger Cannon Guide


Reward delivered Feb. 16, 2021.

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Author's Note:
Last updated on 5/27/2022 for "Major visual update"


  • Use Dragon Combo.png Dragon Combo on the target first, then Fallen Empire.png Fallen Empire, and finally, Tiger Cannon.png Tiger Cannon. This will maximize Tiger Cannon.pngTiger Cannon's damage
    • However if the monster dies via Dragon Combo.png Dragon Combo, you won't be able to use Fallen Empire.png Fallen Empire.
    • You should be able to use Tiger Cannon.png Tiger Cannon after Fallen Empire.png Fallen Empire even if they do die
  • Tiger Cannon.png Tiger Cannon ignores Flee, so early on, you won't need to worry about missing. Just pump into Str and Vit as you level up!
  • Combo Delay Formula: [1.3 - (AGI * .004) - (DEX * .002)] seconds
    • What is this?
      • It's the time it takes for you to be able to cast the next combo skill
        • Brought to you by Rubyria


            Str: 120; No explanation needed here
            Agi: 1 ~ ?; Make sure to hit 193 ASPD to be able to combo faster
            Vit: 100 ~ 120; More HP means more damage
            Int: 1 ~ 115; Hit 100 total Int to gain silence immunity, also slightly increases Tiger Cannon.png Tiger Cannon damage
            Dex: 80 ~ 120; Helps with ASPD, cast time, increases hit, etc.
            Luk: 1 ~ ?; Invest any leftover stat points for a bit more attack (3 Luk : 1 ATK)





Weapons and Shields




Shadow Gears
Enchantment List
ATK +3% / ASPD +1






Costume Stones:


Tiger Cannon Video Showcase:




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On 12/20/2020 at 11:00 PM, AOSPONG said:

Ruff officer vs Red Clark what better? (until Temporal Circlet release)

I forgot that the Red Clark Casquette existed, it is better than the Ruff Officer as it provides Melee%, though you won't be able to use the Red Clark Casquette at Level 1, it's required level is 130 (newer mod = more damage)

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