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[Niflheim] Cannon Spear Royal Guard - (Updated: 10/27/20)



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Cannon Spear

Royal Guard



While Royal Guards may look like they've been left out and forgotten in time, at least damage-wise, I have come to show you that this is still a fun class to play with, even before the recent reworks, and the results were not disappointing at all.

Ok, so first off, the build revolves around STR (the damage modifier is STR * 5), Long Ranged Damage & Critical Damage (Cannon Spear is now a true crit skill).



Here I'll be listing out the end-game possibilities to your build. Keep in mind that this will not be cheap.







- Old Guardian Crown: Bio 5 headgear, with the Expectation enchant between level 5~10,
and preferably with the sum of enchants between 5~10 STR. (Best in Slot)


- Trial Diadem: Combination Scroll hat from Edda Biolab, it combos with Fortridge, a weapon from the same instance.



Middle & Lower


- Imperial Feather & Royal Guard Necklace: This is, without a doubt, the best middle/lower headgear combo, for the boost it gives to Cannon Spear, attack, ASPD & it also combos with another accessory, which will be discussed further, down below. (Best in Slot)







- Str Soutane: with STR Blessing and preferably with the sum of enchants between 6~16 STR. (Best in Slot)


- Automatic Armor A-type: with 1x Automatic Module (Attacker Force) & 2x Automatic Module (Vanishing Cannon).





- Patent Aquatic Spear: with ATK, Ranged Damage or Elemental Damage first enchant & Boss Damage or Formless Damage second enchant. (Best in Slot)


- Fortridge: with Randel's Memory & Fatal, Expert Archer or Fighting Spirit.





- Excelion Shield: this is the best shield to be used outside of Fortessa Dungeon 1 & 2, and the higher the refine, the higher the effectiveness against defense ignoring from Purified Knight's Shield. (Best in Slot - General Use)


- King's Guard: the best shield for damage Royal Guards against Undead/Shadow property enemies or Undead/Demon races. (Best in Slot - Fortessa 1 & 2)


Important Note: King's Guard physical damage boost is NOT WORKING. (I will update this when it is fixed.)





- Temporal AGI Manteau: this is the best garment to for this build, and you can use it with any of the enchants displayed above, depending on how you have distributed your enchants. (Best in Slot)






- Temporal LUK Boots: with Bear's Power & Expert Archer 4 are the best shoes for this build. (Best in Slot)






- Imperial Gloves: the nº 1 best accessory and one of the core items for this build, it will combo with the aforementioned Imperial Feather, making it the best choice, regardless of your budget. (Best in Slot 1)

- Megingjard: this Godly is the nº 2 best accessory, period. At level 200 it will grant you with 80 STR and 10% Boss Damage. (Best in Slot 2)

- King Schmidt's Strong Insignia: with Strong enchant, Fighting Spirit/Sharp/Expert Archer, will be the second best choice, in case you don't have access to a Megingjard.





Headgear (Upper)




- Seyren Windsor Card : equipped on a +20 headgear will give you +14 STR. (Best in Slot - from 0 ~ 250 Def)


- Ancient Tao Gunka Card: for high defense rate enemies this would be the best option, considering you only ignore 60% of monsters defense with this setup. (Best in Slot - High Defense)


- Purple Ferus Card: the second best damage headgear card for this build.






- Reginleif Card: the second best damage headgear card for this build. (Best in Slot - General Use)

- Jewelled Ungoliant Card: the second best damage headgear card for this build. (Best in Slot - Fortessa Ruins)

- Gloom Under Night Card: the second best damage headgear card for this build. (Best in Slot - Pit 1 & 2)

- Angry Nine Tail Card: best non-MVP card for this build.








- Greater Research Assistant Bot Card: undoubtedly the first best weapon card for this build, since it is part of the episode 17.2 card combo. (Best in Slot 1)

- Contaminated Wanderer Card: the second best damage weapon card for this build, depending on the targets
size. (Best in Slot - Medium/Large)

- Chaotic Ghostring Card: the second best damage weapon card for this build, depending on the targets
size. (Best in Slot - Small/Large & Fortessa Pit 1 & 2)

- White Knight Card: one of the best options for Medium/Large size enemies, if combined with the Khalitzburg Knight Card on the shield.

- Infinite Phreeoni Card: it's an option, but use it as a last resort, since you can easily get 200 CRIT rate with the help of Spear Quicken and a few consumables.


Important Note: Any combo only applies for one card, so don't expect to receive twice as much damage, cause you WON'T.





- Golden Thiefbug Card: this card is your best option in end-game content maps, since those rely heavily on magical damage. (Best in Slot - vs Heavy Magic Damage Mobs)

- Alice Card: the best option if you need resistance against boss damage, usually from end-game content maps, in case you lack GTB, or they don't use strong magical spells. (Best in Slot - vs Heavy Boss Damage)

- Khalitzburg Knight Card: a very decent option for those who use the White Knight Card on their weapon and don't need to worry about heavy boss/magical damage.






- Royal Guard Randel Card: as seen before, Cannon Spear is very reliant on STR and LUK, what makes this he best damage garment card, along with any other Bio 5 MVP cards, since they boost 20 of all stats. (Best in Slot)

- Ancient Stone Shooter Card: this card does not run up far behind the Bio 5 MVP cards, at 130 LUK, you will have 18% critical damage, making it a very decent option.





- Verporta Card: while the card itself is not impressive at all, it is part of the aforementioned episode 17.2 card set, which gives a major boost to Cannon Spear & Banishing Point. (Best in Slot)





- Broken Guard Beta Card: the 3rd and final piece to the episode 17.2 card combo, and if you don't use Megingjard, a second card would be the best accessory option, since it also directly boosts Cannon Spear & Banishing Point damage. (Best in Slot - 1 and 2)

Important Note: The combo only applies for one card, so don't expect to receive twice as much damage, cause you WON'T.


Shadow Set


Vanishing Cannon Shadow Set

The complete skill set, at +10 will:

- Increase Cannon Spear Damage by 20%

- Increase Banishing Point Damage by 20%

- Increase Physical Damage against all sizes by 10%

- Reduces the cooldown of Cannon Spear by 0.5s



Royal Guard Shadow Weapon

For the shadow weapon, the Royal Guard class one (preferably one with STR 5~10) is a must, since you need it to combo
with the Vanishing Cannon Shadow Shield, which both at +20 will:

- Ignore the defense of all races (except players) by 60%.




Almighty Shadow Earring & Pendant

The +20 stat boost from this set is essential for this build, since it is STR based and LUK increases your critical rate as well.





As for the enchants you should find a balance between 5% Critical Damage, 5% Ranged Damage & ATK 3% based on those modifiers distributions in your equipment.







As for the costumes, there is no secret, just use the Royal Guard + Paladin Stones, as much base HP as possible on the top, critical attack on the middle and CRIT rate on lower.




For the garment, you should aim for 3~5 STR and Holy Element, if possible.




Skill Tree



This is my skill tree variation, based on the Imperial Feather + Imperial Gloves combo.


Must have:

- Cannon Spear at level 5: the core skill of the build, no surprise here.

- Banishing Point at level 10: the secondary/support damage skill of this build.

- Over Brand at level 5: for the aforementioned combo.

- Spear Quicken at level 10: for the CRIT rate boost, and for Paladin Stone (Middle).

- Inspiration at level 5: the most important buff in this build.

- Shield Spell at level 3: the second most important buff for this build.


- Cavalry Mastery at level 5: bonus weight capacity and move speed.

- Defender at level 5: always good, specially for Fortessa Pit & Dungeons (Sharp Shooting HURTS).

- Vanguard Force at level 5: extra HP is always welcome.

- Prestige at level 5: the defense boost + chance to avoid magic spells is always helpful.


Anything else that is not a prerequisite, feel free to play around with.






This is my damage on dummies WITHOUT racial/elemental modifiers:


Item Buffs used:

Red Herb Activator, Infinity Gin, Limited Power Booster, Red Booster, Sticks (STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX & LUK), Almighty & Abrasive.

Skill Buffs used:

Blessing, AGI Up, Spear Quicken, Shield Spell, Inspiration, Magnum Break, Maximize Power & Soul Control.




Damage WITH modifiers: Boss, Small/Large & Shadow 4 (based on Grief - Fortessa Pit):



Item Buffs used:

Red Herb Activator, Ininity Gin, Limited Power Booster, Red Booster, Sticks (STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX & LUK), Almighty & Abrasive.

Skill Buffs used:

Aspersio, Blessing, AGI Up, Spear Quicken, Shield Spell, Inspiration, Magnum Break, Maximize Power & Soul Control.



This is how my set looks like at the moment:




- Do your best to distribute and balance out STR, ATK %, Ranged and Critical Damage, and remember to make good use of the LUK Sticks and Abrasives as well, since you need CRIT rate 100, and Infinite Phreeoni will hardly benefit you (you'll loose too much damage, which cannot be replaced by lower costumes).

- As of this moment, since we cannot remove 100% of Cannon Spear's cooldown (maximum being 1,5s), I recommend opting for Bio 5 Headgear + Patent Aquatic Spear over Trial Diadem + Fortridge, since if you have them well refined and enchanted, the damage, and consequently the DPS, will be higher than having this extra 0,5s cooldown reduction from it, not to mention the nice CRIT rate bonus from Expectation.


Enjoy, and if you have any questions or suggestions, whatsoever, ask away.


You can also contact me:

In game: Sir Richard or Selena Fluorspar

Discord: Shining Moon RO's official discord, and '§¤ RicharÐ ¤§-#4215


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