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Chain Lightning (Updated)



Message added by Dusk

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 Re-warlock-jro.png.8de008507b44fcd9804399af8eed4122.png("Kieless") Chain Lightning Warlock


First of all, I need to say, Chain Lightning is an expensive build to get full potential, but here I want to show one relatively "cheap" build compared with the best possible;

The Skill has a high delay and requires you to reduce it at least -96% ACD and requires a very high aspd to get full spammable;

It's Wind locked, but you can still use Comet with Spellbook to kill monsters which wind doesn’t have any effect;


ACD Gear Section:

At first, I’ll show what do you need to get the acd without wasting a lot of money in two Kiel cards.



-Those are the best armors to get which will give you the acd you need, Illusion B-Type armor with 2x Magic Modules and 1x after cast delay(15%) or Automatic Amor B-Type with 2x Jack Lightning or 2x Shadowspell and 1x delay after skill(16%).




-This is the best garment for most of magical classes and can be enchanted with -15% acd.




-BWMR when equipped on the right side gives you -15% acd and 15% max sp, even if it doesn’t give any damage boost, it’s a good option just because of the acd reduction.

-GIMT is the best option for any Warlock when looking for acd, when Recognized Spell is at level max, reduces acd by -30% and boost your Comet damage.


Costume Tab:


It’s used in most of the builds that requires large amount of acd reduction, here it wouldn’t be different.


And here you’ll get the last part of acd you’ll need if using illusion instead of automatic.


Fixed Cast Gear Section:

The skill has 1 second of fixed cast which you’ll need to handle if you want to spam and I’ll show how to remove it now:


image.png.78f568f0d0edad0084b06952c17ea75c.png image.png.3e16f1636265ce5f418becd5743f1702.png  

Any Old headgear from Bio 5 can get the Magic Essence enchant which removes a nice part of the fixed cast.


After removing 0.5 seconds from the Old Headgear (enchant level 5) you can remove the rest using costume shadow stones combo.


Damage Part Gear Section:


This build is based on Survivor’s set, since you get a lot of Chain Lightning, Wind and MATK bonuses from it, and a chance of getting 100% Chain Lightning bonus damage when doing magical attacks.

The orb alternate and the shoes can be crafted via matrix from endless tower.


Rest of the gears:

Kardui’s Ears or Gambler Seal for middle slot;

Excelion Shield is the best option but you can use any shield since it's a very flexible option for this build.

Upper Costume with double flat hp and Middle Costume with double +15% critical damage or double +5% MATK;

Magical Shadow Armor if you don’t need reload shadow armor;

Warlock Shadow Shield for MDef Bypass;

Hasty Shadow Shoes II or All Races Shadow Shoes;

Chain Shadow Weapon/Earring/Pendant for the Chain Lightning combo.




-Make sure to get the minimum amount of acd to get the best results possible;

-Remember how this skill works, if you want to deal the max damage possible, you need to separate the target from other mobs.

-Use cards with MATK% bonus or Wind damage to get the best results, and they are:

      -Tikbalang card;

      -Agav or Angry Ninetails card;

      -Arch Plasma card or Mutated White Knight card;

      -Alice or Mutated Khalitzburg card;

      -Deep sea phen card( or Gioia card if you have it);

      -2x Elvira card.


-My Damages (all tests were done using Blue Herb Activator, +15 Foods, Soul Control, Mystical Amplification and Limited Power Booster on dummy based on Thistle from Fortessa Pit stats):

Base Damage:


Suvirvor's Shoes Proc:


Survivor's Shoes Proc + Comet Debuff:



Example of spam:


My stats and skills:



This isn't the cheapest build you can go for, but still is a very good one and I hope who build it have fun playing, just remember to use comet as your cleaning skill, leave a comment, like and any suggestions you want, thanks for reading ^^


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On 09/02/2021 at 9:20 AM, Badebs said:

Am I doing this right? screenNiflheim092.jpg.680c2d1b1ebaa24392cc1ef668ada986.jpg

Damn!! That damage~

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do you have build for soul expansion skill? i currently under low budget, so i see that soul expansion is the fastest casting and spam skill for now, but the damage quite low

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