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BRUTAL's Basic Warlock "Guide" (maybe?)

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Hello kids, this guide contain "not so nice" words. May cause butthurt or triggered someone.

Short introduction, my name is Petra. One of BRUTAL guild member, I play main Warlock (and AB, basically support role at my guild in every game). If you dont know the guild, then you must be new.

This is just a "guide" about how to Warlock. made this for ppl who wanna play warlock and dunno what to do.  


  1. Why Warlock(?)
  2. What is Warlock
  3. How to Warlock



So you've been wondering what magic class you should play? well play performer or sr NO. You play Warlock because MAGIC THAT'S WHY.


According to Google-sama Warlock is "a man who practices witchcraft". Warlocks are advanced version of Wizard class bla..bla..blaa.. (iRO wiki). Well for me Warlock is a "fun" magic class that can heal, can proteck, can attak, can do some stupid shit. and YES. Warlock (WL) is considered as DPS classes. for some ppl who said "oh in this patch WL is succ" "WL is shit now" "i dont recommend play WL" or some shit talk like that even makin a video documentary about how shitty WL now, lemme tell ya kids, YOU JUST SUCK AT PLAYIN WARLOCK THATS IT.

here my word of advice "just play what you wanna play, unless you sucks so bad play meta RK or GX". If you wanna play WL and dont have fancy af gear or cards that's okay, still gonna work. Warlock is a magic class, it's a must to have INT stat as your main stat. (INT on your chara and your brain). yea so prepare to use your brain capacity TO THE MAX to play warlock. (it's hard for me too tho)


Basic concept of magic class, is using magic... skill... something like that. If you play WL then use all of your skill to extend, use and abuse WL skill to its max potential. here is the basic knowledge of playin Warlock, from STAT, MAGIC DMG, SKILL, and RECOMMENDED GEAR. I only tell you my recommendation here so dont hopin too high. USE YOUR INT TO ITS FULLY POTENTIAL TO FIGURE OUT THE BEST GEAR FOR YOUR PLAYSTYLE, SINCE EVERY PLAYER HAVE DIFFERENT PLAYSTYLE.

  • STAT


STR: ..skip. unless you wanna put some weight. tbh i put 80 points on STR, for weight only lol.

AGI: you can put some, or go bold 120 on AGI. why? flee and ASPD. flee help you walking freely. and who doesnt love ASPD? some said that AGI help you with animation delay, I DONT BELIEVE THAT SHIT. in my case, ping givin me more headache than animation delay or some shit like that.

VIT: always have total VIT around 100. or go bold 120 on VIT. why? your VIT provide you survivability, 100 VIT gives you anti stun (not anti stun lock). Warlock have low max HP its true, even you have 120 VIT. But sometimes havin more than low is good, maybe you can survive 1/2 hit from bosses. Remember dead man don't do shit.

INT: here is your main stat. go either 120 or go bold 130 on INT. why? you kiddin me? 120 INT provide you matk, your main source dmg. 130 INT do a lil higher on dmg but takes a lot of stat points. but still good if you wanna go 130 INT. having 130 INT also helps you reduce casting. if you gonna put 130 INT you might sacrifice your AGI or VIT stats.

DEX: this either be your secondary stat or your useless stat. The concept of your DEX stat is you reach instant variable cast with stats. to calculate = ((530 - your total INT)/2) - additional DEX that's how much DEX you need. So it's vary, depend on gear you usin. Sometimes useless, if you using variable cast gear.

LUK: don't you ever trust your LUK. I don't really use this stats. yea its give you more matk for certain point, gives you some immunity to blablabla... but aint worth it imo. I'd rather dump my remaining stat points to STR. oh yeah you can put LUK for perfect dodge that you dont even know will save you or just wasting your points.

Your basic stats would be like:

STR 1, AGI 120, VIT 120, INT 120, DEX ?, LUK 1.

or STR 1, AGI 90, VIT 120, INT 120, DEX ?, LUK 1.

or STR 1, AGI 90, VIT 90, INT 130, DEX ?, LUK 1. it's really your own choice tbh.





I will explain what battle stats you need as Warlock in easiest way

MATK: your main source of dmg. you can get it with INT. (1 point INT = 1.5 MATK, 5 points DEX = 1 MATK, 3 points LUK = 1 MATK). MATK is the best way you can get high magic dmg because every dmg you do comes from MATK.

MATK %: this is the amp of your basic MATK. it's good for your MATK stats. REMEMBER THIS AMPLIFY YOUR MATK STAT NOT YOUR DMG OUTPUT SIGNIFICANTLY. you can at least aim for 50% bonus MATK. its not that hard duh.. If you have like lowshit MATK to begin with, MATK% will just give a lil sweet on your dmg output (that you barely noticed) even you have 100% bonus MATK. This stats also not equivalent to Melee Damage and Ranged Damage. MATK%=ATK%.

CASTING STATS: there is 2 type of casting stat, Variable Casting and Fixed Casting. for Variable casting you can get it from STAT POINTS (INT + DEX*2 = 530) or just using reduction from equipment and cards (need total 100%). REMEMBER VARIABLE CASTING DOESNT STACK, IT ONLY USE THE HIGHER ONE SO CHOOCE EITHER FROM STATS OR GEAR. for Fixed casting is more complicated but easy to understand, you can either have flat fixed casting reduce or the % one. and yeah they stack, with the flat reduce will be calculated 1st then your % fixed cast. for WL its ideal to have around 0.7~1sec reduce fixed cast.

COOLDOWN: for skills there are 2 type cooldown, Skill Cooldown (Skill CD) and After-cast Delay (ACD, or Delay after cast or Global Skill Delay). Skill CD is the cooldown of the skill this is the moment you cant use your same skill but can use other skill, you can reduce skill CD with some equips. After-cast Delay (ACD) is the global cooldown of all your skill after bein used this is the moment you cant use your same skill and/or other skill for some period, there is some equips and cards that reduce acd also Performer's skill. is ACD important for WL? Yes and no. some build may require high ACD reduce but some build dont really need itBut havin a high ACD always provide you with moar dps and moar utility.

SKILL BOOSTS: as a Warlock player you wanna get skill boosts as high as you can. Skill boosts basically will boost your skill dmg, since you spammin skill not auto attack so this is very important. Aim for 200% (~ 300% if you can) skill boosts on specific skill you use. lower than 200% is good but not enough. higher than 250%~300% is just wasting other potential and not effective. 

ELEMENTAL INCREASE DAMAGE: if physical atk have melee and long ranged dmg, this is the magic version of it. So Elemental DMG is the amplify to magic attack, since all magic have element. You might wanna focused on 1 or 2 Elemental DMG (I recommend just 1). Just get as high as you can with Elemental DMG, this is the way you can boost your dmg output. Aim for 200% Elemental DMG if you can. if you can get ~200% Elemental DMG, you can go back focusing on your MATK%.

MAGICAL RACE DAMAGE: well this is the magic amp for specific race, so works like the physical version. hard to get it. If you can get it without sacrificing Skill boosts or elemental dmg then get as high as you can. how to get? weapon enchant, equips, cards. THIS SHIT REALLY HARD TO GET, FOR REAL YOW. this will significantly boost your dmg output by A LOT.

MAGICAL SIZE DAMAGE: pretty much the same like Magical Race Damage, but it's for specific size. c'mon I know you got it already. how to get? weapon enchant, some headgear, cards (Mutated White Knight and Mutated Khalitzburg is the most worthy choice option). 

MAGICAL DAMAGE TO BOSS: yea you know moar dmg to bosses class mob. The only option to get this is from Celine's Set (Celine's Ribbon + Celine's Brooch). You will hit moar hard to bosses if you can get this. ofc its significantly boost your dmg output but only to bosses class mob.

MAGICAL DEFENSE PIERCE: The last piece for boosting your dmg output. You can either get Ignore Defense by Race or By Class. Aim for at least 60% ignore mdef. 100% ignore is best, but sometimes you can get enough with only 60%~80%. for simple explaining, if some mob got 100 mdef, it'll only takes ~55% magic dmg, so you ignore 60% of its mdef, the mob now has 40 mdef = takes ~75% magic dmg. thats why sometimes you can go with only 60%~80% mdef pierce.

Priority should be like:


why? thats only my own opinion.

raw MATK is your source power.

dmg modifier is your amp dmg deal (esp. element dmg & skill boosts).

Mdef pierce so your dmg deal is not reduced.

MATK% for boosting your raw power.

ACD you need it sometimes, but really in my experience if you use just Crimson Rock or Jack Frost or Comet, you dont need that much. atleast 25% ACD is enough.

ASPD, who doesnt love aspd? should at least reach 185+ its easy for real.




Only explain these skill in simple way, because you probably know it already duh.. (also included recommended lv, maybe you need it)


  • Quote


    • 5f88695326a54_firebolt.png.a0e64df4176b64afc26285e0e6dbc774.png Fire Bolt: shoot fire bolt what did you expect? Skip or LV 4 for Fire Ball
    • 5f88699e54dae_fireball.png.1a6ff23bba73e4fd4f450fe57f7c9b3c.pngFire Ball: shoot fire ball, AoE skill great for early leveling. Skip or LV 5 for Fire Wall
    • 5f8869ae15517_firewall.png.8bcf942010af3a2b59f26a6f4fce5748.png Fire Wall: You can use this to proc Runaway Magic from tempo boots, just cast this shit right under target. Skip or LV 10 
    • 5f8869e32b950_coldbolt.png.d561eb43401477fd0b2dbc27410b03dd.png Cold Bolt: Useless... Take only LV 5 for Frost Diver
    • 5f8869f31db49_frostdriver.png.c8c162c75c9bf5a3e98bd550ceb35242.png Frost Diver: Frozen target. Just need LV 1 for Storm Gust
    • 5f886a03d4300_lightningbolt.png.3a495b4d7ef391e1c77b92cc8a227db0.png Lightning Bolt: LV 4 only for Thunder Storm thats it.
    • 5f886a0cf3615_thunderstorm.png.e21418c152d1eac71bbae7d539f1d869.png Thunder Storm: LV 1 for Lord of Vermilion.
    • 5f886a73a411a_stonecurse.png.9da77674c4ec732c7e04d081ae26d287.png Stone Curse: You dont need this max. only LV 1. You aint playin Pre-Renewal.
    • 5f886a887d9f3_napalmbeat.png.2e29ca3b6bcd0cee65661d02c2abb805.png Napalm Beat: Ghost version bolt. good for early leveling lol. LV 7 for Safety Wall.
    • 5f886a92a9d29_soulstrike.png.16bba1f4b2cc0e72efd87e604475bd23.png Soul Strike: Better Version Ghost bolt. Great for leveling at Undead type specially. LV 7 for Safety Wall.
    • 5f886ac446af6_safetywall.png.90fc21f2662da9a057b1baf216ff5ac6.png Safety Wall: Your only ground protection as Mage, negate melee attack. LV 10.
    • sight.png.c572a326b122eb80b8fbd2e8ca47118c.png Sight: Your detect skill, also requirement of Wizard's Fire Skills take it LV 1.
    • 5f886afbaa243_increasesprecovery.png.c03321b1e4edd8217b68ee15061b9a92.png Increase SP Recovery: Always take this max. LV 10, helps you recover SP.
    • 5f89032258a0a_energycoat.png.c927e0a3c5dba1854bf372813df1d855.png Energy Coat: this is Mana Shield. If you have 100%~80% SP you'll reduce dmg you take by 30%, at cost draining your 3% SP/hit you take. I dont recommend to use this tho.




  • Quote


    • 5f886b61972cd_firepillar.png.a7d27c3944fd32e4c7ae30ca483f3f07.png Fire Pillar: Good shit if you playin Pre-Renewal. and you dont. SKIP IT
    • sightrasher.png.c2e0358656c01335514f4ccd09b2d487.png Slightrasher: Requirement for Meteor Storm. LV 2.
    • 5f886b70d73ef_meteorstorm.png.cff08b7b01bd67c347ad41053b630f3d.png Meteor Storm: Maybe you want this skill, but its useless imo. LV 1 only for Warlock's Skill requirement.
    • 5f886b8367420_icewall.png.6d86a3876784ea1c3b587be39a745ce4.png Ice Wall: Want to be a dick and build wall better than Trump? get this LV 1~10 your own taste.
    • 5f886b8b42284_frostnova.png.976e7e6d61bc8b6b7117b5d9388ada74.pngFrost Nova: Frozen your nearby enemies. Storm Gust effect is overrated. Use this 99IQ skill to frozen your enemies. Skip or LV 10.
    • waterball.png.9c6cac3a7c7157cda868bf3d8ca29429.png Water Ball: Fun skill 10/10 would take this. skip or LV 5
    • 5f886ba0ec6c8_stormgust.png.76ef4cb23c9ad674f40f2180a8864f67.png Storm Gust: Overrated.. just LV 1 for Warlock's skill requirement
    • 5f886bf4eab0e_jupitelthunder.png.c90dd5402aae33171604941ce0184729.png Jupitel Thunder: LV 5. not gonna use this shit.
    • 5f886bface49a_lordofvermilion.png.d23d46439ddd24b45e9fa7241b769e93.png Lord of Vermilion: LV 1 for Warlock's skill requirement
    • 5f886bb38c909_earthspike.png.8069d86be8b491e3363cabde0dcff1a3.png Earth Spike: Requirement for Heaven's Drive. LV 3.
    • 5f886bb9c83d3_heavensdrive.png.9e4279e5a4f7ba9cb36cad38f6a3a211.png Heaven's Drive: LV 1 coz WL's Earth is shit.
    • quagmire.png.9375b9454190b519e7249e0a2ce06c36.png Quagmire: Reduce move spd, debuff spd buff, reduce agi and dex (casting) to enemies on it's AoE. Good shit.. LV 1 or LV 5
    • 5f886be540ce7_gravitationalfield.png.bffc13eb2a5f99ea8cfc37b90752203d.png Gravitational Field: Neutral AoE damage skill. Decent. LV 5. 
    • 5f886c15ac5f6_magiccrasher.png.d4bc7d15e38716d576b37dc5d8477e1e.png Magic Crasher: LV 1. for Gravutational Field lol. shitty skill.
    • 5f886c20edf6a_napalmvulcan.png.5ba75bfd60b6f1a91e4d792168ee7b80.png Napalm Vulcan: What? Skip
    • 5f886c30854d9_mysticalamplification.png.3a8ca668f815641b2150821cf8a199e9.png Mystical Amplification: (now) a buff skill. Make your damage output higher by 50% or something like that, yeah. 10/10 max this shit or play GX.
    • 5f886c37d2b2a_souldrain.png.01dc0292ed29ce6b8f8aa73064dba428.png Soul Drain: Passive skill, recover your SP IF YOU KILL SOMETHING WITH SINGLE TARGETED SKILL. SINGLE TARGETED. 10/10 max this.
    • ganbantein.png.4a863ffa78e47aa302b720f1c50f4810.png Ganbantein: This skill neutralize/negate/remove ground targeted skill. Sometimes useful but the fixed cast is too long. Skip or LV 1.
    • 5f886c4887d43_monsterproperty_sense.png.904de362a24594d1ac7f51a49cbffeca.png Sense: Gives info about your enemies target. Take this if you dont wanna use @mi or @mobinfo every time.
    • 5f886c4e2c11e_sightblaster.png.f1edbad3a9f6162c15ed479bc75cc2a6.png Sight Blaster: MAKE YOUR SIGHT GO BOOM. useless.




  • Quote


    • 5f886cae8ceb0_summonfireball.png.702a9dcb5e3d34486b43dad1b8b4cd4e.png5f886cb25d92e_summonwaterball.png.8bf06b9de88524160efd8314cbe4c080.png5f886cafd2ffe_summonlightningball.png.9b71c208aecd963a333170ad43ba6eff.png5f886cb12221d_summonstone.png.2187b813393028540a06d8b24ecebef1.png Summon Ball (Fire, Water, Lightning, Stone): LV 1 you summon Ball, LV 2 you summon BAALLLZ. take LV 2 but only 1 element if you playin Tetra Vortex.
    • 5f886cdaf0f2b_crimsonrock.png.4f1fe2a0b1e26923205c90630cbea901.png Crimson Rock: TARGETED. Main Fire Element AoE DPS. HUGE FIRE DMG. The easiest way to play WL is to use CR as your main skill. LV 5
    • 5f886ce0e5aa8_hellinferno.png.e57eca73ef5b07c9575a06d8510d0ed7.png Hell Inferno: TARGETED. Generate Fire from your homeland. HELL. Deals Fire and Dark Element AoE Magic. Hit hard on Holy type mobs. LV 3 or LV 5. I max this ofc.
    • 5f886cffe3463_frostmisty.png.50755a43721d1491849deb861dc997ba.png Frost Misty: GROUND. AoE Dmg and Debuff skill. Enemies will take additional dmg from Jack Frost if got debuffed. LV 5 or LV 2, take LV2 if you not playin water.
    • 5f886d0ec3407_jackfrost.png.91dd2e613aedad2dd0f99963c554a844.png Jack Frost: TARGETED. Main Water Element AoE DPS. LV 5 ofc.
    • 5f886d1de3ebd_chainlightning.png.506a5d2b9f9d9d91194ea9133f29a75b.png Chain Lightning: TARGETED. Your only normal Wind Element DPS. Take LV 5 regardless the build lol. You need a lot of ACD for this ~97%.
    • 5f886d30cf612_siennaexecrate.png.9463620f5fc04e73d4c433aa8296dc39.png Sienna Execrate: TARGETED. AoE Stone Curse. yeah what's this shit again? SKIP or LV 2 for Earth Strain
    • 5f886d3b2eafc_earthstrain.png.0f74c1309a029852a2039353802e9f1f.png Earth Strain: GROUND. AoE Earth damage. useless. unless for PvP. SKIP or LV 5
    • 5f886da206d5d_soulexpansion.png.10eccad66daa0124daf7dcc1ab00eaac.png Soul Expansion: TARGETED. AoE Ghost Element magic. you also need a lot of ACD for this. LV 5.
    • 5f886da90b3b2_intensetelekinesis.png.64d59eafe0ebb883a24626225e13d8a1.png Telekinesis Intense: Buff skill, makes your Ghost Element magic hit pretty hard. LV 5.
    • 5f886dbd9b130_drainlife.png.be34ee81237089724f8dbbab067586cd.png Soul Drain: TARGETED. This is your HEALING SKILL. Good shit. Use this and your HP back to healthy. LV 5.
    • comet.png.04828c212018eb1c3b5945fbb4b0d28e.png Comet: GROUND. One of your Ultimate Skill. Neutral HUGE AoE magic dmg. also give debuff to the enemies. Magic Poisoning, amp dmg 50%. LV 5. for debuff only cast LV 1. or just use Release.
    • 5f886d4442167_tetravortex.png.881cc217ad0285ec255fcd2b0cd45500.png Tetra Vortex: TARGETED. Another "Ultimate" skill. Shitty skill, for fun only. SKIP or MAX it pick your own poison. You need Hell Inferno LV 5, Jack Frost LV 5, Chain Lightning LV 5, and Earth Strain LV 5 to unlock this fancy shit.
    • 5f886d5ad73ad_readingspellbook.png.c0add3af13161618cd74201a0d623d2e.png Reading Spellbook: Passive. Allow you to read Warlock's book and save it to your memory so you can cast it instantly with Release. LV 1 a must. Looks like magic word is hard to read.
    • release.png.5da687c2e5e869c18772a9bcaf115c6d.png Release: TARGETED. Releasing your saved spell from reading book. REMEMBER! skill you release is the same as original skill (targeted or ground target) even you need target to Release. So if you Release an AoE Ground skill you need target, but the skill still count as ground target Sage's Land Protector still blocked it. LV 1 to release skill. LV 2 to release BAAALLLZZZZ.
    • 5f886d82b2457_freezingspell.png.f38274139368e8e9daa5967f2b135d73.png Freezing Spell: Passive. increase capacity of your memorizing spellbook. MAX IT 10. with 120 INT you can save 7 normal warlock's spells and 3 ultimates
    • 5f886e00984e8_recognizespell.png.fede94eaec02b6452d19eeb26852ad59.png Recognized Spell: Buff skill. Makes your damage output always maximum. LV 1 or LV 2. the CD of this skill is so fucking long if you die, this skill will still on CD. Take it low LV only. You will have 100% uptime, unless you die.
    • radius.png.3acefc842faf25982813e77957f32212.png Radius: Passive. Increase your casting range and give you 20% reduce fixed casting time. The fct reduce is useless if you have AB's Sacrament. %FCT will apply only the highest, while flat FCT stackable. MAX LV 3.
    • 5f886e0e83e8b_whiteimprison.png.2313b91678f88e5dcbad586c574ddace.png White Imprison: TARGETED. (use 'shift' to cast on yourself). Makes you/enemies become a ghost element. Affected target cant do shit but dont take any shit, except from ghost element dmg. LV 1~5 depend on your need.
    • 5f886e1a6bf8a_marshofabyss.png.642bc5a6032c1497b3ea034e9ff73781.png Marsh of Abyss: Debuff your target. reduce AGI, DEX, Move SPD. like what Quagmire do. SKIP this shit
    • stasis.png.10b7555d4b7bbfb3383f04022c5101f3.png Stasis: Debuff. screen AoE. makes all that infected cant cast shit. You cant cast shit either. PvP use. Useless. LV 1 for Recognize Spell requirement.
    • 5f886e3653c09_fullthrottle.png.52a4ffe556359421bc9ef88867f8028c.png Full Throttle: go full retard take this.






TBH you can use any gear/equipment that you desire (as long as Mage can wear it lol), there's no good or bad. it's your own playstyle after all. But please use a lil of your brain, use some reasonable equipment. So you can fully use your Warlock properly not poorly. Here some gear that "interesting to use" as Warlock. I assume that you can get at least +12 refine on equipment, cmon thats not hard on this server. ALL EQUIPMENT ON THE LIST HAVIN THE EFFECT OF +12 REFINEMENT. PLEASE GET YOURS TO +12 FOR BENEFICIAL EFFECT.





  • 5f96d4273d185_celinesribbon.png.04a66637358b72915df81fe79363553a.png Celline's Ribbon [1]:
    • Best flat MATK hg for now. You get flat +40 MATK, +3 DEX and +7 MATK per refine rate. so get this as high as possible if you use it.
    • Also havin set effect with Celine's Brooch 5f96d5aa9bba3_celinesbrooch.png.e667123bec631af44da0f8761585d176.png. this is the best set HG ACC combo for magic class.
    • Hey you can enchant it, preferable: 5f96d754d99b1_spellenchant.png.4b2cf90488c0e8845c6ced53c2e1d23a.png Spell 6 or 5f96d77c018b2_MATKenchant.png.214ddcfe11da55b0d0eb8ebf5609e5b4.png MATK 2% and 5f96d78f1b087_statenchant.png.151779424b8e208da5a799704f009e9d.png DEX/INT +3.
    • What you need? Spell or MATK%? Spell enchant give you another flat MATK and also variable cast, while MATK% give you boost matk stats. So for me, I choose Spell and also INT stats.
  • 5f96d61915859_oldmagicstonehat.png.901b8067f4fdb0512727f5e7300ac5a0.png Old Magic Stone Hat [1]:
    • Good hat, especially for Soul Expansion build.
    • Allstat +1, SP recov 20%, MATK 12%, MaxHP MaxSP 6%, Soul Expansiong dmg 90%, Crimson Rock CD -2.2sec.
    • The good things to use this as your daily headgear is you can enchant it with 5f96d9d161597_MagicEssence.png.cd6da4e1e6f3c9bf3d8f07054a6789db.png Magic Essence that gives you MATK% and flat reduce FCT according to lv enchantment, also moar bonus stat for INT/DEX max 5 for 2 slot so if you lucky you get 10 INT or 10 DEX. THAT'S HUGE.
  • 5f96dada97d4f_Jadecrownhgedda.png.1533c043043d2012da58f808b1a6e943.png Jade Crown [1]:
    • Interesting choice of hg.
    • MATK 6%, Allstats +3, Neutral, Fire, and Ghost magic +20%, with additional set effect depending on Edda weapon you use.
      • crimson rose stick edda.png Crimson Rose Stick set: Crimson Rock CD -1sec. Crimson Rock dmg +3% per refine rate of weapon
      • 5f96dfaabc300_staffofmiracleedda.png.422f005b24a6e7e955922e964e1eb8b7.png Staff of Miracle set: Ghost magic dmg +3%, Soul Expansion dmg +3% per refine rate of weapon
      • 5f96dff078cd5_gravitationstaffedda.png.198e0c4717e5a65f9b37288f341bc59c.png Gravitation Staff set: Neutral magic dmg +3%, Gravitational Field and Comet dmg +3% per refine rate of weapon
  • 5f96e07941e76_racingcapwarlock.png.0a8b4b19c8927ebb3a67e4ce1f5c6c1e.png Racing Cap (Warlock) [1]:
    • Considered as "meme" HG, but I think its a good choice if you wanna play Jack Frost or overall water skills. Also Tetra Vortex lol.
    • MATK +60, ASPD +8%, Reduce Tetra Vortex CD 0.5 per Meteor Storm and Lord of Vermillion Level Skill (total 10sec), Reduce Mystical Amplification Cast 50%.
    • Have nice enchant +stats ofc random, and special enchant 5fa1090f5f652_racingcapWLenchant.png.86a09ee5819d2736eceb49b42bdab625.png Racing (Warlock) at LV3 you get moar effect such as Jack Frost amp 60% and CD reduces of Frost Misty by 5sec (thats a huge ass bonus for Warlock's water spells).
  • 60223b38dd37f_droopingdolor.png.79f59aad4aaa4d2d2a676a3bb27c22dc.png Drooping Thanatos's Dolor [1]:
    • Dont sleep on this HG.
    • If you lookin for massive ACD boost on your headgear this is the one you should use.
    • ATK & MATK +5%, 15% ACD, 10% VCT, Bonus dmg against holy & shadow property and Angel and Demon type mobs 10% (+1% per 2 refine).
    • relatively easy to get. Exchange your instance coin.
  • 5fa10a57abafc_greatmagiciansceremonialcrown.png.11f81f5918e78bfb467dd1450aed2f11.png Great Magician's Ceremonial Crown [1]:
    • You really wanna use this shitfuck? okay.
    • MATK +120, Reduces VCT 15%, All ele magic +15%, Magical dmg to small and medium size +15%, Reduce FCT by 0.2sec.
    • Nothing special, but its good(?) nope. Set effect with Rutilus Stick-OS that boost Comet dmg by 5% per 2 refine weapon. yeah not good enough for me.
  • 5fa10bca8dd77_smokietransformationleaf.png.38f2d8dd96c1990c12d83230ec689ea7.png Smokie Transformation Leaf [1]:
    • + fun play
    • - will give you brain dmg
  • 5fa10ca0dae55_temporalcircletwarlock.png.c3e002f0bcfaf4ebc78fb38f4b31617a.png Temporal Circlet (Warlock) [1]:
    • Not available for now, but this is one of the best HG (soon) for Warlock.
    • You can enchant this goodshit like Old Headgear, and havin better enchant for real yow.


  • 5fa10ded0def9_battleprocessor.png.7947849fbe09f81ab4d0e8e9adc43c63.png Battle Processor [1]
    • SLOTTED. ATK & MATK +10
    • Can be enchanted with Elemental dmg 7% (2 times) total 14% Elemental magic dmg. HUGE ASS BONUS. good shit.
    • for dmg purpose this is the best you can have.
  • 5fa10dfc23155_victoriouswingears.png.a5324fcc05453ba9dbf33711b220108a.png Victorious Wing Ear [1]:
    • SLOTTED. ATK & MATK +5, Reduce ACD 4%
    • Can be enchanted with moar ACD reduction or matk option. you can have total 10% ACD reduction on this hg if you get it.
    • for utility purpose (esp ACD) this is the best shit you can hav
  • 5fa10e023a9dc_poringsunglasses.png.f4d7f319c95df1dc8ee20a95633494ef.png Poring Sunglasses [1]:
    • SLOTTED. Increase EXP and DROP when killing mobs 4%.
    • yeah it has slot. thats it. cheap.


  • 5fa1238d4dd06_cdinmouth.png.97bb073237e819481455434f732b2fb4.png CD in Mouth
    • Nice 5% moar Elemental dmg. Auto casting lv 10 Soul Stike when dealing normal melee physical dmg (ignore this shit)
    • overall best lower hg for real
  • 5fa123998d4fc_foxtaillowhg.png.697e94d11bdbacffee3ec236d0d8413f.png Foxtail:
    • Solid choice. MATK +10 and flat Reduce FCT by 0.1
    • Having annoyed by cast time? use this shit.
  • 5fa123a26d25e_deliciouslollipoplowhg.png.846b52c212f0e7d4b2e7f1f7c2ce2186.png Delicious Lollipop:
    • Another good shit. ATK & MATK +5, ASPD +1, FCT -20%, and Increase Recovery skills 5%
    • the only good shit to use this is only for ASPD. oh yea a lil bit MATK.
  • 5fa126107a12d_viciousmindaura.png.c7c09f15661cb85130cf682adbf63b12.png Vicious Mind Aura: havin effect when used with 5fa142257027b_fallenwarriormanteau.png.3c1bb4081e6c6a3793aff31641ab1a35.png Fallen Warrior Manteau [1]
    • ATK +5 per 30 STR
    • 3% ASPD per 30 AGI
    • 4% ACD per 30 VIT (max 16% ACD)
    • MATK +5 & -8% VCT per 30 INT (max 32% VCT)
    • Long range dmg 1% per 30 DEX
    • Crit dmg +3% per 30 LUK
    • This shit only good when you willing to sacrifice some of your dmg to using the set garment. TBH this set is not that bad. You always have the advantage of 32% VCT with 16% ACD thats HUGE enough to cover your dmg loss. And yeah the garment is not that bad tho.
  • 5fa123ad29651_rainbowscarf.png.6a5eb7c29bc5044fc16adaf721b7fd52.png Rainbow Scarf
    • Well its cheap shit and gives you MATK +30. So... you know...


  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Elemental Magic Damage Cards: Upper / Mid
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Kathryne Keyron Card: Upper
    • MATK 2%
    • also VCT per upgrade level of your headgear. Nice choice for you that lookin for VCT gear reduction set.
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Weakened Fenrir Card: Mid
    • Solid +25 MATK nothing special
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Rata Card: Upper / Mid
    • Shitty MATK +10 and chance to buff you with -50% FCT.
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Uzhas Card: Upper
    • Magic damage to Demon Race +10%
    • +9 gear for additional 5% bonus damage to Demon Race. Good one for instance since there's a lot of demon.
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Fenrir Card MVP.png.ebda6cce34b2898c6f1336da8484a23d.png: Upper / Mid (if you are a fucking retard)
    • Best card for your headgear imo. Flat MATK +50 and another +5 per upgrade of your headgear. ITS LIKE HAVIN STAFF STICKIN ON YOUR FUCKING HEAD.
    • -70% FCT so you also cover your fixed casting problem.
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Mutant Coelacanth Card MVP.png.ebda6cce34b2898c6f1336da8484a23d.png: Upper
    • Another best card but I dont really recommend it. 
    • Base MATK +2% and bonus 1% per 2 refine rate
    • COSTING -1% MAX HP PER 2 REFINE RATE. THAT'S WHY I DONT REALLY LIKE THIS SHIT. and remember if you have a dogshit base MATK to begin with this card is not boosting your dmg significantly.
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Vesper Card MVP.png.ebda6cce34b2898c6f1336da8484a23d.png: Mid
    • DEX +2 and Ignore 30% boss MDEF
    • The best card for your mid headgear. not effective if you already have near ~100% ignore mdef. Allows you to use 2-hand Staff.


WEAPONS (and Shield)


Its actually your own choice. depend on your playstyle. You can choose to use 2hand staff for MASSIVE BIG SPECTACULAR damage, or use 1hand staff for not so bad dmg + moar utility stats + survival. Ppl actually said that 2hand staff sucks "coz you cant have that PKS with that, you'll have low mdef pierce". Well for me, IT'S PERFECTLY FUCKING FINE TO USE 2HAND STAFF YOU DICKHEAD. 

Here's some Staff or Knife you can use. Starting from the most worthy one. REMEMBER THAT WITH RENEWAL SYSTEM YOU GOT MOAR MATK PER UPGRADE SO YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO. I will only list the effect.

  • 5fe9d44c90098_detectingstaff.png.f1c972e892c883caa3e15565890c2d24.png Detecting Staff [2]:
    • One of the 2 Einbech Magical Rod Brother.
    • Best 2hand for now. Massive +390 MATK, +10% MATK, Fire ele dmg +15%, 10% VCT, 20% ACD, chance to buff you with 20% all size magic dmg. 
    • you can enchant this shit for moar great effect. see here. what you want should be MATK%, Magical dmg to specific element/VCT, Magic dmg to boss%.
    • Use this if you wanna do Crimson Rock build or just general Fire Skills (also fire Tetra Vortex), this is the best staff for it. ohh no... its 2hand'd staff, crybabies would never use this.
  • 5fe9d46fc553c_weldingwand.png.9ac795c33a6c2e39c31ad71fa63790a1.png Welding Wand [2]:
    • One of the 2 Einbech Magical Rod Brother.
    • Best 1hand for now. The flat MATK is already like 2hand lol. MATK +270, neutral wind fire dmg +15%, 10% VCT, 20% ACD, chance to buff you with 15% all size magic dmg.
    • same enchant with his bro up there.
    • overall great staff. Also you can use Shield for moar survivability. Use it for Tetra Vortex, Comet, or all-round build (but no, not Crimson Rock. you donkey)
  • 5fe9d4a560ab4_patentbluecrystalstaff.png.86850d1f97abf12544a76fba8c65ff12.png Patent Blue Crystal Staff [2]:
    • upgraded version of the shitty 5fe9eb36b8c30_bluecrystalstaff.png.184cdb9bfc20d2b345dc4a52a746ed4b.png Blue Crystal Staff
    • Very nice staff for water magic. MATK +235 (+15 per 2 refine), Jack Frost amp 12% per 3 refine + JF CD -1sec, wind water dmg +15%, magic dmg all size +15%, and 5% ACD. Chain Lightning amp 15% (ignore this)
    • A must have if you wanna play Jack Frost. and did you know that Jack Frost is the new Crimson Rock but with some ritual?
    • oh yea you can enchant this shit. see here.
    • shit... my bad, its 2hand staff again. I dont think lil babies would use this. sorry.
  • Edda's Magical Rod Brother: The staves is pretty decent imo. but not my style at all. still, some are good to use. Will have max potential IF YOU OVER REFINE IT AND GET THE MEMORY ENCHANT (Kathryne's Memory) ALSO USE THE EDDA HEADGEAR FOR MAX POTENTIAL.
    • crimson rose stick edda.png Crimson Rose Stick [2]:
      • MATK +180 (+4 per refine), Hell Inferno amp +30%, fire shadow magic dmg +5%, Crimson Rock CD -1sec.
      • with memory enchant. Hell Inferno amp 7% and Crimson Rock amp 5% per 3 refine.
      • Good option for Crimson Rock and Hell Inferno build. But can be quite expensive for you.
      • Technically good staff, but still MEH for me. I still prefer Detecting Staff over this. Still nice tho for Hell Inferno, 1shot that holy shit.
    • 5f96dfaabc300_staffofmiracleedda.png.422f005b24a6e7e955922e964e1eb8b7.png Staff of Miracle [2]:
      • MATK +270 (+4 per refine), Soul Expansion amp +30%, ghost magic dmg +5%.
      • with memory enchant. Soul Expansion amp 5% per 3 refine.
      • The go to Staff for Soul Expansion build. But again can be quite expensive for you.
      • Yeah its a 2handed staff. My apologies for you dickheads who wont use 2handed.
    • 5f96dff078cd5_gravitationstaffedda.png.198e0c4717e5a65f9b37288f341bc59c.png Gravitationg Staff [2]:
      • MATK +280 (+4 per refine), Gravitational Field and Soul Drain amp +30%, neutral magic dmg +5%, Gravitational Field CD -2sec.
      • with memory enchant. Gravitational Field amp 10% and Soul Drain amp 5% per 3 refine.
      • Good staff for Neutral magic overall. But if you wanna use Comet build Welding Wand is more reasonable than this.
      • Can be quite expensive for you.
  • 5fe9d579ee74d_illusionbazerald.png.3b8a8fca7b0455a1f3340daf3a0e8161.png Illusiong Bazerald [2]:
    • Substitute for Detecting Staff if you wanna go Crimson Rock build
    • INT +5, MATK +170, adds 1% MATK per 2 refine rate, fire magic dmg +10%, Crimson Rock amp +30%.
    • hey you can use shield with this, also you get moar ASPD than staff.
    • Still cant outperform Detecting Staff tho.
  • 5fe9d5e6c4582_patentaeonstaff.png.450b0fa00612fac7b955499d235c8bdd.png Patent Aeon Staff [2]:
    • no dont use it. unless you wanna do PVP/WOE. still shit... duh
  • 5fe9d615efebb_thanatos2hand.png.056665c79097f3805ef984bea49dc1c6.png5fe9d60f93d46_thanatosstaff.png.b0ddccbff5ec3c30588637a7b6b0274a.png Thanatos Staff Edition [1] 1hand & 2hand:
    • for leveling only. Useable at lv 120.
  • 5fe9d6cc56c30_crimsonstaff.png.c5faa45e5b589e04f8bdbca2b7fba4ac.png5fe9d6c5757f2_crimsonrod.png.252e34bfcf82576554a112f56b093378.png Shrimpson Staff Edition [2] 1hand & 2hand:
    • for leveling only. Useable at lv 70.

Shiet, I mean Shield

  • PKS.png.c32dc66d6fc71bf22cb9ad489845020b.png Purified Knight Shield [1]:
    • If you use shield. Use this good shit.
    • ATK MATK 5%, ATK MATK +20, Reduce all property dmg 10%, ASPD 10% & ASPD +2, 5% ACD\
    • can be enchanted. aim for the 3rd enchant with Bosses MDEF pierce (60% max) or ACD (5% max)
  • BKS.png.a6ee0c326b49ecde951b35426f4fa641.png Bloody Knight Shield [1]:
    • Inferior version of Purified Knight Shield
    • Good for tanky enchant stat. e.g: Reduce dmg from specific race.
    • easier enchant lol
  • 5fe9d6a21da86_ValkrjasShield.png.63314c886391d332db143ae8df0c482f.png Valkrja's Shield [1]:
    • good defensive shield tbh
    • Reduce dmg from water fire shadow and undead by 20%
    • Easy to get and cheap.


  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Elemental Magic Boost
    • Will give you Elemental magic dmg by 10% when compounded on staff or 2hand staff, another 10% if refine rate +10, and another 10% if refine rate +14.
    • Give you total +30% elemental magic dmg. But your weapon must be staves and +14 refine. This is why magic classes are a lil bit expensive.
    • Red Pitaya for Fire
    • Blue Pitaya for Water
    • Arch Plasma for Wind
    • Magic-Poisoned Plaga for Neutral
    • Spectrum Plasma for Ghost
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Mutated White Knight Card
    • Best Card for your weapon.
    • MATK +15, Magical dmg against Medium and Large +20%
    • Reduce dmg taken from medium and large 5% when set with Mutated Khalitzburg Card
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png True Kathryne Keyron Card
    • Best card for Crimson Rock build.
    • Gives you total 60% amp on Crimson Rock.


  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Mutated Khalitzburg Card
    • Best card on Shield.
    • Mdef +10, Reduce dmg taken from medium and large 25%.
    • when set with Mutated White Knight Card gives you 5% more increase magic dmg to medium and large.
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Alice Card
    • You know Reduce boss dmg by 40% but takes more 40% dmg from normal mobs.
    • Good for defensive when boss hunt, but still MEH for me.
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Penomena Card
    • Reduce 30% dmg taken from formless
    • for Fortessa Pit. nothin special.
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Bijou Card MVP.png.ebda6cce34b2898c6f1336da8484a23d.png
    • Nice cards. Anti freeze
    • ATK MATK +10%
    • did you know when you set this card with Realized Amdarais Card (armor) you will get 100% resistance against Shadow and Undead Property? dunno if its true or nah tho.
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Ancient Wootan Defender Card MVP.png.ebda6cce34b2898c6f1336da8484a23d.png
    • Best defensive card against bosses
    • Reduce boss dmg by total 50% WOW
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Grand Papilia Card MVP.png.ebda6cce34b2898c6f1336da8484a23d.png
    • Kinda nice
    • Reduce boss dmg by 25% and increase incoming healing by 30%



There is "not so many" choice for armor when you play Warlock. When I say that ppl must be disagree with it. its okay you can use Cotton Shirt tbh if you want. REMEMBER I WILL ONLY LIST THE SOMEWHAT PRACTICAL TO USE. oh yea... dont forget always refine your gear to +12 to get its effective benefit.

  • 5ff70b61454a7_automaticarmorb-type.png.a6f8044847d7cc1627bd0258250edc06.png Automatic Armor B-Type [1]:
    • Best Armor to use right now. You can set it with another robotic piece gear (Manteau and Boots) but its really your choice. Will be explained later.
    • Gives you shit tons of MATK, VCT -15%
    • The best things about this lil shit is the enchant (max 3). see here
    • Enchant you should use:
    • So what you need for the enchant? the common use for moar dmg is Magical Force x1 and Shadow Spell x2 or ACD x1 and Shadow Spell x2
    • If you already have ~250% Elemental dmg and your MATK% is dogshit then Magic Power x2 can be better to use 
    • Skill Amp is also good but you will got limitation on skill use, thats why its lil bit tricky to use...
  • 5ff70b6c1df4f_intsoutan.png.4978d411b21aac6ac8480c367ff386b0.png INT Soutane [1]:
    • "Another" Best armor to use right now. but quite pricy. must be refined as high as you can.
    • Gives you A LOT OF INT (yea its really huge) & MATK%, VCT -10%, Magical dmg to Demon and angel per 4 refine.
    • Even moar better when you got the right enchant. Can be enchanted with 1 Stats Blessing and 2 other dogshit (Stat enchant would be better)
    • Enchant: 
      • 5ff71b57d547c_intblessing.png.af2b11cda71937f724f2200ab4c59595.png INT Blessing: this is why you use INT Soutane. The blessing gives you moar INT, MATK%, also moar VCT, and yea elemntal dmg +12%
      • Other enchant, just aim for INT/DEX stats. well if you lucky. Enchanting this armor may give you pain, brain damage, stress, and lil stroke.
  • 5ff70b752a454_bluedragonplate.png.5808c5f1012996fae635ac87ea583475.png Blue Dragon Plate [1]:
    • Technically a good armor. but I dont really use it
    • Gives you INT +12, MATK% per refine, magical dmg to dragon race. Also -0.2 VCT yes, this is the only armor worthy of givin VCT
    • you can enchant it ofc. see here. but yeah its kinda defensive stats... so you know.
  • 5ff70b88bb968_Robustmagicalarmor.png.7ac09a2097bbaf9ce825d6ae027bb159.png Robust Magical Armor [1]:
    • Nice armor for starting your journey of magic lol.
    • Gives you lil bit MATK, MATK % also this shit is the set of Temporal Gear.
  • 5ff70ba9b4471_gracecrimsonrobe.png.282d25a726d6a1732e7aaf3759ab638a.png Grace Crimson Robe [1]:
    • Low budget Set for Crimson Rok. nothing much
    • must be used with Grace Set.
  • 5ff70bb11c74c_gracefrostrobe.png.a5103978a311055ecdb488aac2b8652b.png Grace Frost Robe [1]:
    • Low budget Set for Jack Frost. nothing much rly
    • must be used with Grace Set.
  • 5ff70bbd4265f_kafrauniform.png.f28bce9ee2c9998711e0d33a34753863.png Kafra Uniform [1]:
    • Defensive armor. Gives you shit tons of HP and SP.
    • hey! You also got bonus drop rate from this shit.
  • 5ff70bc42dc15_kingschmidtsuit.png.0af74ea97340f3e5e4ae47d6c679eda0.png King Schmidt's Suit [1]:
    • Defensive armor. Very nice for Fortessa Pit.
    • Gives you Formless dmg reduce.
    • Can be Enchanted with Elemental Property. (Holy would be great)


  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Agav Card
    • Just 5% MATK nothing special
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Sweet Nightmare Card
    • Nice card for start up
    • Flat MATK and makes your casting cant be interrupted.
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Resentful Sohee Card
    • Nice Flat MATK
    • also gives you more 2% MATK when refined +10
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Elemental Property Card
    • For defensive purpose. Holy / Shadow is the best. Also Water lol.
    • Well its good really. im tellin ya...
    • Why you should use this if you dont have MVP cards? well because this card can makes you immune to specific elemental dmg. So you'll have moar survivability point. REMEMBER THAT DEAD PEOPLE DEALS NO DAMAGE.
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Realized Amdarais Card MVP.png.ebda6cce34b2898c6f1336da8484a23d.png
    • This is good. Gives you 20% MATK
    • This is bad. Eating your HP every 6sec. But its aint gonna bother you.
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Amdarais Card MVP.png.ebda6cce34b2898c6f1336da8484a23d.png
    • Lower version of Realized Amdarais card.
    • Thats it.
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Professor Card MVP.png.ebda6cce34b2898c6f1336da8484a23d.png
    • Nice Card but MEH for me.
    • 7% MATK and bonus another 7% if you have 110 DEX
    • Also auto cast Land Protector. Kinda nice somehow. Esp if you use single target spell.
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Entweihen Crothen Card MVP.png.ebda6cce34b2898c6f1336da8484a23d.png
    • Very nice card. And im not joking.
    • MATK +100. its like havin staff on your armor. err not really tho...
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Nightmare Amon Ra Card MVP.png.ebda6cce34b2898c6f1336da8484a23d.png
    • One of the BEST card for Magic Caster.
    • Works somehow like Gloom Under Night but for magic.
    • Moar dmg to Shadow & Undead Element mobs, Demon & Undead Race by 50%
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Awakened Ktullanux Card MVP.png.ebda6cce34b2898c6f1336da8484a23d.png
    • Another Best Card.
    • Amp your Water Magic dmg by huge amount of shit.
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Naght Sieger Card MVP.png.ebda6cce34b2898c6f1336da8484a23d.png
    • Amp your ghost elemental magic.
    • Thats it. Nothing special




There's not much good garment you can use tbh. (read: use mainstream garment on meta today and you good to go)

  • 60223cb38afdd_temporalintmanteau.png.0d387c26755b0f815c322b2c646f7d1e.png Temporal INT Manteau [1]:
    • One of the best garment to use.
    • +60 MATK, +13% MATK, Increase all property magic by 9%, also bonus ignore mdef brute and demon type mob (ignore this)
    • hey you can enchant this with fuckin good option. Use 6022435d1a683_temporalsealkey.png.8ac4713e64f926abad9806cb3926ec6a.png Unsealed Time Key (buy at shop). Here the option list. aim for 15% ACD or 6% MATK
    • Also gives you +50 MATK moar if you use Temporal INT Boots which is you absolutely gonna use.
    • Exchange your Instance coin to get this. ez
    • Dedicated for you who searchin boost dmg output to the max.
  • 60223cbad6990_fallenwarriormanteau.png.27f5da70d2968748d37ce2478dc0e791.png Fallen Warrior Manteau [1]:
    • Also one of the best shit out there. ppl thinkin this shit is just shit, but i say this garment is pretty good.
    • You must set it with 5fa126107a12d_viciousmindaura.png.c7c09f15661cb85130cf682adbf63b12.png Vicious Mind Aura (mid headgear) for max potential usage.
    • HP & SP +1% per 2 refine (6% when +12)
    • Base INT 90 = MATK +56
    • Base VIT 90 = Neutral Resist 10%
    • Base AGI 90 = 9% aspd and +1 aspd
    • well ofc your must have atleast 120 on VIT and INT stats for the bonus set with mid HG. bonus -16% ACD and MATK +20 also 32% VCT
    • if you need some utility stats and just a lil bit decrease of dmg use this shit. Trust me this shit is good.
  • 60223cc7d297c_automaticenginewingb-type.png.19e5f9c84dbe63102b80c2403cea894d.png Automatic Engine wing B-type [1]:
    • Kinda good. but you must use the Automatic Set gear to havin its max potential.
    • Give you shit tons of HP, 7% VCT, and 15% all property magic dmg when equipped with Automatic Leg B-type.
    • Yea like the armor, enchant this shit
  • 60223d059207c_kingschmidtmanteau.png.6983e60296ace32d46fe3c138b8c986b.png King Schmidt's Manteau [1]:
    • Dunno why I include this shit here..
    • Give you magic dmg boost to formless, dragon, shadow, fire mobs thats it.
  • 60223d176abab_dragonscalehood.png.ca1eb5112f272b837d8b1dc60c285951.png Dragon Scale Hood [1]:
    • This manteau is kinda a "tank" manteau. Use 6022527a932ad_burningdragonpowerdragonmanteuenchant.png.9bc2394fecf3aa4c92e78a74265bf958.png Burning Dragon's Power to enchant
    • Use it for Pit dungeon.
    • Enchanted with formless reduction. Check here for enchant list
  • 60223cda5a1cb_gracemagicmanteau.png.357985d80102a71d3fb78923db5b5b7e.png Grace Magic Manteau [1]:
    • for leveling.
    • All property magic +10%, VCT 10%, ACD 5%.


  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Elemental Property Magic boost:
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Elemental Property Magic boost but MVP.png.ebda6cce34b2898c6f1336da8484a23d.png:
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Deviling Card
    • Reduce Neutral dmg 50%
    • Take more from other element dmg 50%
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Raydric Card
    • Old school Neutral reduce card (-20% neutral dmg)
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Noxius Card
    • Reduce Long-range dmg 10% and Neutral dmg 10%
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.pngScrap Robots Card
    • Reduce dmg from Fromless type 15%
    • great for Fortessa Pit
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Kades Card MVP.png.ebda6cce34b2898c6f1336da8484a23d.png
    • Reduce dmg taken from Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Shadow, and Undead element by 50%
    • Take moar dmg from Holy and Ghost element by 100%. get fucked son




Here's some boots you can consider to use. Pretty straightforward, just needed to be refined +12 like the other gear.

  • 60225ad88879f_temporalintboots.png.46a5ce36b297430d74b18412edf059f4.png Temporal INT Boots [1]:
    • Well this boots basically is your go to boots.
    • Gives you a lot of MATK (+100). not to mention havin 2 enchant option.
    • For enchant aim for 60226f97a0f45_tempobootsenchant.png.602cd4c2da8d47ecaa1c15dc561446d1.png Runaway Magic and Spell/ASPD (depend on your need). REMEMBER that Runaway Magic proc can make your SP dissapear. esp if you use your skill rapidly.
    • Spell enchant give you a lil bit more matk and 10% VCT, while ASPD enchant can also be the other option if you dont need VCT%
  • 60225ae1e4517_automaticlegb-type.png.2ebe4e681423a0bd1c4b5036926d9743.png Automatic Leg B-type [1]:
    • Another good boots to use.
    • Can be enchanted 3x and tbh the effect is good enough
      • Modul Fixed Cast: -0.8 FCT. good shit (max 1)
      • Modul Spell Buster: (proc) INT +50, MATK +25%. Substitute of Runaway Magic but have less effect without negative side effect (max 1)
      • Modul Vital: 10% HP and 1500 HP choose 1 between Vital or Mental
      • Modul Mental: 10% SP and 300 SP
      • Modul Robust: gives HP and SP but MEH. aint gonna choose this shit over fixed cast.
  • 60225aed03cfa_dragonscaleboots.png.33373d5f10ce9bd416a5639d8a1ee78e.png Dragon Scale Boots [1]:
    • like the garment, its kinda "tank" boots
    • Enchant with formless reduction. check here
    • good for Fortessa Pit.
  • 60225af69e8c2_gracemagicboots.png.4df9cbd54ce5df479405d8ff5404ff5e.png Grace Magic Boots [1]:
    • for leveling.
    • +20 MATK, -0.5 FCT, 10% all property magic dmg.


  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Nightmare Verit Card
    • Universal card for magic user
    • MATK +10%
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Research Assistant Bot Card
    • The base effect is lame but, the true power lies within the set effect card.
    • INT +2, HP & SP +10%, Fire Ball dmg +25%
    • IF YOU USE IT WITH: Roaming Spellbook Card and Red Pitaya Card will boost your Crimson Rock and Comet dmg.
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Geffen Tournament Cards for Boots
    • This card edition gives you +3% MATK and 5% specific elemental magic dmg
    • Geffen Thief for Fire and Holy
    • Dio Anemos for Earth and Neutral
    • Ordre for Water and Wind
    • Is these shit good? Well, you can use it but I prefer usin Nightmare Verit over these.
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Firelock Soldier Card
    • Nice 10% HP & SP
    • never gonna go wrong
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Fallen Bishop Card MVP.png.ebda6cce34b2898c6f1336da8484a23d.png
    • Fancy MATK card. Best for special condition fighting.
    • MATK +10%, moar magic dmg to demi-human and angel type mobs by 50%
    • cut your max SP by 50% tho. doesnt matter at all.
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Amdarais's Phantom Card MVP.png.ebda6cce34b2898c6f1336da8484a23d.png
    • Another fancy MATK card but more fancy. Too fancy that its not neccesary.
    • 10% HP & 5% SP
    • when your armor equipped with Realized Amdarais will gives you 10% MATK. 
  • 5fa144b9eae28_cardimg.png.d99fdff99d705e22b3f35f6332ab69f9.png Boss Ygnizem Card MVP.png.ebda6cce34b2898c6f1336da8484a23d.png
    • Fancy way to raise your survivability lol
    • +10% max HP & SP, recover your vitality per 10sec



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On 1/31/2021 at 4:18 AM, ForeverLestat said:

Hm.... what's your dps with whatever skill(s) you're focusing on?

i've tried every single dps build, so here's the conclusion:

EZ and cheapest: Crimson Rock, Comet (1shot comet or support comet)

Cheap but a lil bit difficult: Jack Frost

EZ but expensive: Chain Lightning, Soul Expansion, Frost Misty spam

Difficult and (maybe for some ppl) expensive: Tetra

Stupid build but fun to try: Auto Attack Auto Cast WL

The most worth rewarding build: Crimson Rock, Jack Frost, Chain Lightning, Comet

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5 hours ago, ForeverLestat said:

I see. So what what was your dps? Like... what numbers did you reach?

dps is vary, the highest number i see from my WL is just 8m CR with a lot of buff (before Mystic amp patch) after patch i just see max 6~7m. on 1 single cast

11m~13m dps with CL (without gioia) depend on how laggin im and how fast i spam the CL.

so is it possible to play WL without mvp card and pretty much low investment, i would say hell yeah. its also fun

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