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After few days of thinking, I have made the decision to offer my help/services to you guys.

My Service Offerings Include:

-Leveling Service (100x Chars): I create a new account filled with 170+ Genetics (You can choose the second class or use it as purely a farming account).

-Quest Service: I will do the prerequisites you need to farm Room of Consciousness + the quests daily on all 15 characters.
So basically you pay me to do the awkward stuff for you and after few days (3 till max 7 days depending on the motivation and RL time I got) you can fully farm your robes or enchants on your chars daily. Or just do other instances 15x per day :).


1. I only sell my time and effort I used to make those accounts (15 chars, all quests etc.)
2. Payment is ONLY in game currency (MC, Zeny, or something else we can discuss in PM about that)
3. Don't order something when you don't want to buy it seriously. (25% of the Purchase Price will be done before starting (Still negotiable).)
4. You MUST change the account password and email after the deal is completed!
5. Also, note that I'm just a human so if I get many orders I'll work on them one by one and it may take longer as 7 days but that shouldn't be the case (thanks to multiclient).
6. You get what you pay for and order!!


Package 1: 15 Genetics at Level 170+: Pure Leveling Service of 15 Genetics to Level 170+ (NO Pre-Quests Done in this Version!!)

Package 2: 15 Genetics at Level 170+ with Quests: A service where i level up a Account filled with 15 Genetics all to 170+ and do all the Quests you need to Daily farm RoC (Room of Consciousness  for Abusive Robe & Flattery Robe)

Package 1 = 500 Moon Coins 

Package 2 = 750 Moon Coins

Extra Options that could be added is crafting a Old Midas Whisper (It will be refined to +8!) , other requests can be done via PM ofcourse such Extra Options would Increase the Price by a bit ( depends on the effort).

P.S This Service is Legit and Not bannable as long as it stays at Ingame Currency! Approved by Lunar (I guess you can if you feel strange always ask if it is Okay)

Greetings Meiko

Edited by Meiko

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