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Content Creation Event (Lifetime)

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Stream, upload your videos, make guides and win REWARDS !

This event  does not have a deadline, it will be ongoing forever !


  • Stream on one of the streaming platforms eg. Twitch, Facebook  etc.
  • Upload your videos on one of the media platforms eg. YouTube, Dailymotion, VK etc.
  • Write a guide and post it on the forum guide sections.
  • All of these can be posted on Shining Moon Discord under the Content Category, each has its own sub-categories to share it with the rest of the community.
  • Before receiving any of the rewards the guide will need to be approved/checked by an Administrator.


  • Must include the server name
  • Video contents should include the server link in the description
  • Your content should have some sort of a title
  • If you are not fluent in English and depending on the player base of the server, you are allowed to use other language for streams/videos, though the preferred language of usage is English for universal purpose
  • Approval of the content is to be checked by an Administrator (Direct Message Lunar or Dusk on Discord), the criteria is really use common sense, don't make a video of sitting in town for 30 minutes or 1 minute  video of just flashy things in the screen
  • Be as much as informative and constructive as possible for approval
  • The content can be gameplay, guide, features etc.
  • Any banner, logo, picture that is related to server can be used


  • CUSTOM TITLE: Get one of the custom titles depending on what kind of content you are doing (PER PERSON)
    • Streamer  - If you are streaming
    • Content Maker - If you are making informative and exclusive video guides
    • Video Editor - If you are posting streaming videos, gameplay videos, short videos
    • Guide Master - If you are making text guides
  • COSTUME: Your choice of ONE costume that is in the database (PER PERSON)
    • Costume you want CAN'T be a costume garment
    • Should be available within your realm
  • CASH POINT: Subjected to different amount depending on the content.
    • Streaming:
      • Stream on streaming platforms and make sure you contact us for the reward
      • Make sure your setting is set to auto record past broadcast for revising
      • Should contact for your reward within 14 days of streaming, since after 14 days past broadcasts gets automatically deleted
      • 1 week of stream will be from Sunday to Sunday basis, highly recommend to claim your rewards weekly !
        • 1K Cash Points PER HOUR if the stream is less than 3 HOURS PER STREAM DAY
        • 5K Cash Points if the stream is MORE THAN 3 HOURS PER STREAM DAY
    • Video Guides: 10K - 20K Cash Points PER VIDEO // Should not be short video (less than 2minute) and/or have repeated information
    • Other Videos: 5K - 10K Cash Points PER VIDEO // Streaming uploads, Gameplay uploads etc.
    • Text Guides: 1K - 10K Cash Points PER GUIDE // Should be informative and constructive and suitable to content of server/realm

How To:

  • All Content Creation Reward Requests are going to be through the Ticket System now. https://www.shining-moon.com/ticket/home
    There is a new category to pick while making the ticket called "Content Reward"
  • All the Content Creation should be posted under Discord's Content Category to their respective section.
  • Please note that you will also be assigned Streamer Role on Discord if your content is streaming.
  • Steps on How to get Your Discord ID:
    1. In the bottom left corner of discord you should see with #xxxx underneath it.
    2. Click on your name and a bubble should come up that says "copied"
    3. Paste your Discord ID it should look like <name>#xxxx please don't just put JohnSmith as your discord name
  • Please use the Ticket System to request your reward. The format for this should be as follows:
    • Server:
    • IGN:
    • Discord ID:
    • Content Link:
    • Choice of Costume (if it's your first time as the reward is only for one time)
    • Title (will be assigned to the IGN you post along with the ticket)
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