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Covid Mask Design

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Covid Mask Design

Creative, hand-made, fun, easy


Why hello there! Now that covid is… gone..? Wait.. it’s not? Well… OH WELL.

But wait, that would mean, you still got your masks around and using them right? 

Or maybe you got some spare time and need something to do.

How about you try to create some nifty Covid Mask Designs or maybe a hand-made one? It has to be related to SMRO/RO.

It’s not important to show yourself (unless you want to), just how the designed mask looks like.

It can just be an illustration of a mask design.

You can submit your mask designs until OCTOBER 12, 2020 Extended to November 30, 2020


State your In Game Name, Realm and Title of your submission. (Follow the below example)

You can only submit one entry, you can change it until the deadline and edit the screenshot you have already posted.

Be unique and have your own idea, don't copy and re-edit after seeing other posts here. You will be disqualified.

It has to be related to RO in some kind of way.

You do not need to show how it was made or a guide, but it is appreciated if you share it!

If it is only digitally drawn/designed, you will only get the lowest participant reward. (see below)

Again, it’s not important to show yourself, but the mask itself.

Just a “Flu Mask” or “Gangster Mask” does not count.

         Example of submitting:

        In Game Name: Elek

        Realm: Helheim

        Title: I survived 2020


And here a picture of the mask would be, if I uploaded one.



Custom Title : I Survived 2020 - Tested Negative - I’m A Survivor - I Like Masks - I Think I’m Safe (one of these Titles)

Winner will receive 200x Event Coins

One of the five costumes:

Costume Oxygen Mask (31712)

Costume Assassin Mask (19553)

Costume Lude Mask (19918) 

Costume: Doctor Cap (31113)


Participants (Crafted/drawn on a real life mask):

Each participant will receive Costume Flu Mask (19634)

Each participant will receive 100x Event Coins


Participants (Only digital drawn/designed):

Each participant will receive 50x Event Coins


Note: Feel free to react to the mask you like the most.

The Staff members are not allowed to be winner of the event. They are however allowed to submit their Design for the event, and are eligible for the participation reward only.

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In Game Name: StarAnise

Realm: Nifelheim

Title: Come, I don't Bite 😈


Edited by omohito
Change of title

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  In Game Name: Kirei

        Realm: Helheim

        Title:  Do u have some Moss bro? "insert some funny spore sound"


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The contest is now closed and the winner will be announced at a later date and rewards will be sent out later too.

I want to thank you three for uploading your designed covid mask! Thank you!

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Hello everyone!

We, the GM Team, have finally decided (and I decided to finally write this)... To give all 3 participants the winner rewards! And... as a bonus... 50 Moon Coins!

Thank you three for uploading your designed covid mask! Much appreciated!
Please contact GM Dusk via Discord. Let her know which costume and title you pick from the list above. Kyu ✿#0699

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@omohito and @musheecapi still waiting for you two to message me on discord for your  choice of the custom title and the costume to send out your rewards. 

Please contact me on Discord Kyu ✿#0699 or Private me message me  on the forum with your choice of custome title and costume. 

Thank you.

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