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Melon Bun

Shitty Royal Guard Overbrand Guide That Nobody Asked

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Let me tell you the reason why you should pick Royal Guard.
I heard royal guard can't do DPS. And there are even other classes that do better at tanking. Right now they're just HP Battery. isn't that mean RG is useless class?





Okay that's enough introduction, let's get into it.
sweats nervously.

Oh also, I never really consider myself to be a good build maker, this is my first time making a guide for a build, so if there's something you want to add or there's mistake I did, please tell me!


Different Kinds of Builds for RG.

Before I begin, I wanna say that i will never cover any support build, meaning i won't cover something like devo or tank builds.  (cause they sucks)

The builds I will cover in here is 2317.png Overbrand. You know, that skill that has wonky AoE that will often miss? Also weirdly has Hard Animation even though it doesn't ignore flee or def? Yes that's the one.

Oh and the other build that I might cover later is Cannon Spear and Banishing Point.

Let's Begin!!


Sorry before that, let's talk a bit about 2317.png Overbrand

OB has 0.5s VCT, so unless you're allergy to cast bar, don't worry about cast time, you will lose it with enough DEX and INT (pst it's easy to instacast with stats)

OB has 0 cooldown but 2 seconds of Global Delay. Ideally, you want 93% or more ACD to spam it. BUUUUTTT kRO being KRO, decided to give it Hard Animation like Genetic's 2477.png Cart Cannon or Rune Knight's 2008.png Dragon's Breath even though OB doesn't ignore Flee or DEF like those skills. so you're stuck with 0.25s of Hard Animation. (That Hard Animation still need some testing to know the exact number)

"B-but you can cancel its animation with 249.png Auto Guard!!!!" Yes yes I know, but my ping is shit, so I can't do it. besides, right now OB still knockback mobs (excepts bosses), so spamming it is not really reliable imo.  IT IS SPAMMABLE NOW AND IT'S AWESOME!!! Definitely do it.

Old Overband:


New Overbrand:


That's the best I could do to "flow" it right. I managed to do faster, but I trip a lot, cause you know, my ping is kinda high, normal for SEA players like me, but it's still quite high. If you have better ping than me, and want to do more damage, do it! But if you want to take it slow (like me, me lazy) just cast it normally.

Then is it worth it? Absolutely. It is faster, meaning you can dish more damage. But RIGHT NOW, it is not worth it. WHY? like I said, it still knockback the mobs, what are you gonna hit if they're far away? BUT, and this is a big BUT, the knockback will be removed, and there will be huge damage buffs. (Yay, fucking finally)




Let's start it with stats.

STR: 120+                     - This is ATK. You need at least this much because one of the gear. (STR is also affecting OB's Base Damage)
AGI: 60-100                   - Get this enough to have high ASPD. 193 is always recommended to spam (especially animation canceling)
VIT: 90+                       - Get enough HP for yourself!! Can't do DPS when you're dead right?
INT: 60-90                     - Get more INT to help with cast time is nice. Besides, Prestige skill (magic evasion) also depends on this stat.
DEX: 120+                     - Get enough for HIT and help reduce cast time. Also the base damage for Overband is affected by DEX.
LUK: 1-60+                    - You can get this for that minor ATK bonus or for Prestige (magic evasion). It's your preference!





Headgear (Top):



19972.png Old Guardian Crown [1] : the only HG that directly boost Overbrand (in kRO at least). Get STR/DEX + Unyielding Enchant. (You can pick your Last Enchant, so try to roll for a combination of STR and DEX, mine is only 7)
you can craft this at Nightmare Bio Lab. this is the link

400021.png Red Clark Casquette [1] : The only alternative I could find to be good. the ATK bonus and melee% damage is really good.
you can buy this from instance coin shop for 1000 coins. it's quite hard to get 1000 coins. Why I have this you ask? I have all 1000 coins hat for no reason.

For cards, there are few choices. Furious Hero, Purple Ferus, King Dramoh+Deep Sea King Dramoh, etc. For General use, I just use Purple Ferus.


Headgear (Middle):



18813.png New Wave Sunglasses : Cheap middle Headgear for that nice 10% ACD.
you can get this from cash shop or make them through combination scroll. (Needs 5 Loki's Whisper + 30 Zelunium)

400002.png Victorious Wing Ears [1] : Better Version but also more expensive. It has base 4% ACD and you need 3% + 3% ACD on its enchant to get 10% ACD plus a slot.
you can get this from Fortessa Pit and it needs to be enchanted.

410016.png Battle Processor [1] : Another Alternatives for Middle HG. But what you want from this is the whooping 10% Melee Damage. (unless you have another way, you might lack ACD if you use this)
you can get this from Last Room Instance, but it is not-slotted, you need to slot it first then enchant it.


To get the needed ACD to spam OB, you kinda need New Wave/VWE.

And the most ACD I can get trying to keep Battle Processor is only 90%. (lots of sacrifice here and there, not worth it)


Headgear (Lower):



JK, i don't really have any recommendation for this, you can use whatever you want, Happy Balloon for that EXP and Drop%, Delicious Lollipop, whatever. Just use any. 




15376.png Illusion Armor A-Type [1] : Get "Power Power ACD" Enchant. "Good" starting armor, BUT will take time to get the right Enchant. (blame RNG)
you can craft this and its enchant at @go 46.

15397.png STR Soutane [1] : Damage wise, it's better than Illusion Armor but lacks ACD. Get at least STR Blessing for its enchants.
you can get this armor from Boxes dropped at Odin Past, and Enchant it at @go 46. (careful the NPC has bad reputation)

450127.png Automatic Armor A-Type [1] : Better Version of Illusion Armor A-Type. I made one, and I can confirm It's better than STR Soutane. (Also has ACD!)
you can get this armor at @go 46 using varmeal ticket and a +9 Illusion Armor A-Type (USE YOUR CLEAN +9! Don't Waste a Fully Enchanted one)

For cards, there are various choices depends on your situation. Hardworking Pitman if you need more Atk%, Angelring/Ghostring/etc for armor element (and also if you want to have a set with Chaotic Ghosting). 





32013.png Metal Stick [3] : Yes you didn't see it wrong, it's a level 4 weapon with 3 slots. even though it can't be enchanted, the extra slot is enough to make up for it. also the ACD is really nice.
you can get this from Mechaspider/Spider Chariot (MVP). If you don't have any luck from hunting that, just buy it from others.

32025.png Fortridge/Fortrage [2] : at +12 it has 3% less ACD than Metal Stick, but if it's fully enchanted (meaning having Randel's Memory) it will be better than Metal Stick.
You can get this from boxes dropped at EDDA Biolab.

630006.png Illusion Brionac [2] : one of the many proof kRO hates RG, this Illusion gear variant is 2 handed. Yes, a weapon, SPECIFICALLY for ROYAL GUARD, is 2 handed. and yeah the damage is worse that the other 2.
you can craft this at office 2nd floor. (please don't craft it like i did, lol. I did it so you guys don't have to.)

which one to use then? if your Fortridge is fully enchanted, then definitely use that. if not, use Metal Stick, it has 15% ACD and has 3 slots.

But one note, if you want to use Fortridge, you might lack the required ACD by losing that 3% (Unless your Fortridge is +15, then ignore this note) I personally use Metal Stick more because that 3% ACD difference (and 3 slots) at +12 is kinda too good to left out (and getting memory is expensive, sorry), except of course if you +15 your Fortridge.

For Cards, mostly just use White Knight and Contaminated Wanderer (or 2 Contaminated Wanderer + WK for Metal Stick). just remember those cards are for medium and large size, if it's small, use another card!!





28946.png Purified Knight's Shield [1] : You need this for its ACD or Ignore DEF enchants. whichever you choose, is fine.
you can get this from enchanting a 28942.png Cursed Knight's Shield [1] but it has a higher chance to turn into 28945.png Bloody Knight's Shield [1]. and this is quite expensive.

28922.png Illusion Sacred Mission [1] : Good shield, High DEF, indestructible. Also enchant-able. If you want, get the 4996.png Rune of Strength enchant.
you can get this from Awaken Ktullanux, craft it at main office 2nd floor, or buy it at @go market.

Those 2 might be quite expensive, for starters you can just use 2168.png Immune Shield [1], 2115.png Valkyrja's Shield [1], or any shield that has slot. I personally recommend PKS for its ACD at +12 and a potential 5% more ACD from enchant.

For Cards, just use Khalitzburg Knight for most part, or Alice if it's something like Bio 5, Fortessa Dungeon, Fortessa Pit, Fortessa Ruins, etc. 




20963.png Temporal STR Manteau [1] : The only good choice even if it's not-enchanted. For its enchant, aim for the -15% ACD. Pair it with 22006.png Temporal Boots of Strength and get more ATK.
you can get this and its enchant item from instance coin shop for 150 coins and 5 coins.

For Cards, use something like Brown Rat.




22006.png Temporal Boots of Strength [1] : No explanation is needed. Get Fighting Spirit and Bear's Power/Bear's Might enchant.
you can craft and enchant this at @go 46. The material needed are from Old Glast Heim and Old Glast Heim (Hard).

For Cards, highly recommended to use Ominous Freezer.


Accessory R:



32207.png Illusion Booster R [1] : For its enchants, you can get anything you want. (totally up to your imagination, which is good, which is bad, time to learn more things yourself!)
you can craft this and its enchant at @go 46.

490024.png Automatic Booster R [1] : Better Version of illusion booster, and way better enchant too! For now all I can suggest is get the All Force enchant, the rest? Try to figure it out.
you can craft this at @go 46.

For Cards, I still use Chaotic Acolyte Card + Dark Faceworm Card to reach 92-97% ACD.

But you can use Buffalo set or Buffalo + Gigantes if you already have enough ACD. Whichever is better depends on your test and the rest of your gears also the mob you're hunting. For example, if the mob is neutral, then Playing Pere obviously better.


Accessory L:



32208.png Illusion Booster L [1] : For its enchants, you can get anything you want. (totally up to your imagination, which is good, which is bad, time to learn more things yourself!)
you can craft this and its enchant at @go 46.

32228.png King Schmidt's Strong Insignia [1] : For its enchants, the only thing I will tell you to get is 29588.png Strong enchant. the rest? I leave those up to you!
you can get this from boxes drop in EDDA Glast Heim 
or craft and enchant them at @go 46.


Costume Stones:


Reload Stone (Upper)
Reload Stone (Middle)
Lord Knight Stone (Lower)
Rune Knight Stone (Garment)
In total those gives me 7% ACD and 5% Attack Speed

Why those? tbh I don't what else since RG stone doesn't improve OB and i just thought they gives good ACD.
Oh another input from Cheesekun (thank you)
Assassin Cross Stone II (Upper)
Reload Stone (Middle)
Assassin Cross Stone II (Lower)
Guillotine Cross Stone II (Garment)
That set gives me 6% ACD and 5% ATK.
Shadow Gear:


Brand Shadow Armor
Brand Shadow Shield
Brand Shadow Shoes
Royal Guard Shadow Weapon
Almighty Shadow Earring
Almighty Shadow Pendant

The Brand Shadow set gives great amount of ACD while also boost OB. The Royal Guard Shadow Weapon is used to get Ignore DEF set with Brand Shadow Shield.
For the enchants, obviously get ATK% as much as you can!




I guess that's all???

Damage Test.



Oh right the damage. well OB damage is weird because it is divided by 3 different damages, but I will just count the first 2 since the 3rd is only there if the mob hit a wall.
With a mix of gears above (I leave it to your imagination cause I don't want any of you to think the gear I'm using is best or anything) I managed to do around 850k+640k up to 1100k+830k (with Inspiration... CAREFUL, you WILL die. Blame kRO). Almost forget, that's WITHOUT Magnum Break Buff.

Alright, this might be the "key" to what inspire you to play Overbrand RG. Now that the patch is up, we will do more consistent (no more missing because of weird AoE) and spam more (no more knockback), let's get into it. With a mix of gears above and reaching 92% ACD I managed to do around 1355k per OB with DPS around 2700k up to 1500k per OB with DPS around 3000k. (WILL UPDATE AFTER I GET MORE ACD :C)

Can the damage be even higher? YES absolutely, I only use normal cards AND to makes my build worse, I don't even have good enchant on almost every gear.

And if you want to know, here's most of the enchant for gear I equip for the damage test up there.













See there? almost everything is not enchanted perfectly. So you should really expect a big damage improvement if you manage to get it. Remember, I might made the guide, but for now, I don't have all the best possible gear and enchants to show the "maximum" damage, you CAN and WILL do better than me.

oh for the record, that damage test on eggs (Large), without specific cards like playing pere, magnum break or anything like that. And IMO, it's really, really good.

Thank you so much if you're still reading until this point. Any mistake I did, or things you want to add, is highly appreciated.

Edited by Melon Bun
Bits of addition, update my damage, and some notes. Also edited for new Patch
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