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Budget Rebel for Farm



Message added by Dusk

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Rebel.jpg.4adfd1a0d2539b9f0eed8e22c8a99596.jpg Round Trip Rebellion

To start I would like to say that this is a very reliable and good budget build to farm with your Rebellion. All the items are relatively easy to drop or cheap to buy.


- Calf Diamondback[2] ID 28241 (drop from Elite Buffalo Bandit);
- Grace Trip Suit[1] ID 41108 (from NPC);
- Grace Attack Manteau[1] ID 41318 (from NPC);
- Grace Attack Shoes[1] ID 41220 (from NPC);
- Grace Attack Ring[1] ID 41419 (from NPC);
- Total Set Bonuses:
ATK +120;
ATK +15%;
Long Ranged Damage +35%;
Round Trip Damage +30%;
Physical Damage All Sizes +10%;
Critical Damage +10%;

5ea02f683f27e_GraceNPC.jpg.83391424dcb1a9382c58957dc26adfec.jpg @go 46 you can find Grace NPC (Also enchant and refine permits);

- Cor Cores ID 25723 and Unknown Parts ID 25669 are mob drops both from the same place;
- Imperial Feather ID 18823 + Royal Guard Necklace ID 19246 (mandatory 120 AGI Stats for Max Bonus of the Set) both drop from Fortessa Dungeon or Fortessa Box or can be bought from Players;
- Headgear you have some choices, I recommend the Leech one Rideword Hat[1] ID 5208 it's a quest found on the @go Office;

- Or Ignis Cap[1] ID 400022 (From Instance Points) For Damage;
- Or Ruff Officer[1] ID 19300 (From WB, WB Shop) For Damage;
- Blacksmith Gloves[1] ID 28531 for Extra 50% Def Ignore on all Monsters;
- As for Shadow Gears Gunslinger Shadow Weapon + Gunslinger Shadow Shield + Rebellion Shadow Shoes + Rebellion Shadow Armor (Refine all pieces to +7 if possible so you can enchant them with a mix of Atk+3% and Long Range Damage +5%);
- An upgrade for the Shadows would be Gunslinger Shadow Weapon +9 + Gunslinger Shadow Shield +9, Physical Shadow Armor and All Races Shoes both +9;
- Infinity Shadow Set for all sizes damage or any other Class Shadow Earring and Pendant such as Archer/Swordsman/Thief/Merchant for the Bonuses;
- As for Costumes:

- Upper Costume +4k+4k Flat HP (or whatever you have);
- Lower Costume I would say Flat Crit or anything;
- Middle Costume +5%+5% ATK or +15%+15% Critical Damage enchants;
- Garment Costume preferable with Holy or Ghost enchant;

- Enchant all costumes with the Rebellion Stone Garment + Gunslinger Upper, Lower and Middle stones;


- Purple Ferus for Headgear;
- Petal or Menblatt for Manteau;
- Greater Bellare Cards ID 27307 for Weapon;
- Combo Boiling Swordfish Card ID 48264 + Papila Card ID 48236 (Both 17.2 Cards);
- or Combo Shotgun Buffalo Bandit and Revolver Buffalo Bandit + Blut Hase card;

- Angry Nine Tales Card ID 27082 for Armor;

- Damage with no Enchants in all the gears (Yes you can do way more damage than that if you enchant your Grace set and Shadow Gears):
5ea037f680a0a_DamagewithnoEnchants.jpg.9f29b5a639b721c5fdc64f13f12fd610.jpg - Using +15 Foods, Almighty + Abrasive + Red Herb Activator + Platinum Alter;

- Full damage with all enchants at maximum:


- Damage with upgraded items on the budget build (with full enchants):

- Stats:

- Skills (Those are the necessary Skills for Round Trip to work, the rest are free for you to choose):

- Round Trip has 1.5 seconds Cooldown;
- You can use Elemental Bullets;
- Remember to use Rich's Coin, Increase Accuracy and Platinum Alter for more damage;

- Possible Enchants for Grace Set:


- In case you are wondering what are the Starter Gears, I would recommend the Noblesse Trip Suit[1] ID 41038
combined with Noblesse Attack Manteau[1] + Noblesse Attack Shoes[1] refined all to +9;


- And Any Gatling Gun until you can get to level 150 and use Grace + Calf Diamondback[2]; 
- Keep in mind this is a budget build and relatively cheap, since all items can be dropped and farmed and also do a lot of damage.

-The High-end gears and damage would be something like this:


New options for probable best in slot Weapon and Shadow set.


I hope you enjoy this powerful budget Round Trip Rebel build and leave a like and a comment if you need ;)




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Heya ^^

As answered in your other post, the boiling sword fish card can only be obtained from ECA (exchange card album) at the moment. Once the 17.2 update has been implemented on the server you'll be able to farm the card from the mob.

Hope this helps!

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On 20/07/2020 at 9:34 PM, levitan said:

Can you please share Equip enchants ? 

The enchants are according to your necessity, I've put Increase damage against Small in one Grace piece, Medium in two others and Large in the last piece.

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