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Full Suport Tanky Archbishop


Reward delivered Feb. 15, 2021.

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Tanky Full Support Arch bishop


A few Arch bishops asked me about full support build so i decided to make this guide to help others that may have doubts about building. And before starting i would like to thank Dany for accepting to act as guinea pig for my healing tests <3.

Remember, you're not a real tank, you just don't die easily.

Under Construction


1. Introduction to the build

2. Equipment

3. Shadow Gear

4. Costume Enchant

5. Stats

6. Skills


8. Consumables



1. Introduction to the build

This build was developed for Fortessa Pit, Fortessa Ruins runs and for teleporting and using convenio to make the performance better having the resistance and recovery issues in mind. But remember, being tanky doesn't mean that you can replace tanks such as Royal Guards and Suras. This build has the resistance to tank a few strong monsters per time.


2. Equipment


This is my current Equipment and I also switch between Hero cape and Exc wings and take off Holy Costume when I need ghost propriety.





18972.png.4d2553a3d2c7a6a0512f73b0f46d6aa3.png +12 Old Mitra [1] (Nightmare Biolab Headgear)

     This is the BEST option for this build since you can enchant with eitheraffection.png.e1da950e48fe1b46da0e7853180f947c.png orimage.png.2b68342c0c16c947b63176c612334734.png. There's no need to lvl 10 the enchants or refine it highier than +12 since the zenny spent is not worth the outcome.


18580.png.254bb61cdcb93040330bc8b9be146a86.png +9 Yggdrasil Crown [1] (World Boss Headgear)

     It's a good Headgear to wear until you can make your Old Mitra.


     Upper Cards:

     Healing Effectiveness:

     Parus Card: Healing+ 3% and +1% every 2 refines

     White Lady Card[MVP]: Healing +30% and increase sp cost +15%

     SP sustain:

     Pharaoh Card[MVP]: Reduces SP Cost by 30%


     Permeter Card: 15% of resistance against Shadow and Undead (Good for pit and easy to farm)


Mid and Lower:

400002.png.76f5398c0c0f4875c07c3a4cd7951e2d.png+19244.png.b734bdd298a533d7177063e9a8bd1cfb.png Victorious Wing Ears[1] and Rosary Necklace

     It's my favorite since 400002.png.76f5398c0c0f4875c07c3a4cd7951e2d.png  can be slotted with Spiritual Auger and19244.png.b734bdd298a533d7177063e9a8bd1cfb.png nulifies Light of Recovery increase of SP cost per refine.

sera.png.bd60751520c3cbeb51c7e0c43c3fffe5.png+19327.png.3e83236a59de213e79da30268f48c2f9.png Seraphim Set:

     Really good set but i dont recommend to use it with Light of Recovery. 

19024.png.0bad235258772635faaa3f58b556d9a4.png+31625.png.4daa69ab3e2c4b4b4e9e637071095621.png Protection Set:

     If you're aiming for more tanky gear than healing power it's the best option but also i dont recommend to use with Light of Recovery

      Mid Cards:

     Blue Acidus Card: MaxSP+ 40 and if the headgear upgrade is between +0 and +4 MaxSP+ 40 SP Recovery +5%

     White Lady Card[MVP]: You can use 1 here and a Parus on upper or 2 if you are insane like me(or rich which i'm not lol)




15205.png.37848dba620470693974bb12be37f9c0.png +9 Medical Scrub[1] (Really cheap and can be obtained via Fortessa Pit Monsters)

     Best option in my opinion, when +9 gives def+ 300 which is really good and Mdef+ 10.

15384.png.9c2ef5aa43613a28791abab2bc1e00a4.png +9 Rite Robe[1] (Same thing from Medical Scrub cheap and from Pit)

     Good option when you dont need to tank so much since the healing increase from this armor is higher than 15205.png.37848dba620470693974bb12be37f9c0.png.

15395.png.16a37c183904800b1faa620b5dae29f0.png +11 Blue Dragon Plate[1]

     It's good for when you're not needing to tank, gives a nice increase of healing.

15029.png.2931fe95ea68603c062e8658eb00eb89.pngRobe Of Affection[0]

     It's a good Starter Set and easy to get. Can be obtained by mob drop or Mora coins.


     Angelring or Ghostring card are good depending on what element is your costume garment enchanted with. Its good to have both Holy and Ghost propriety but dont forget the garmentcostume overwrites the armor propriety.

     Tao gunka Card isnt needed but if you want to show that you're rich by showing it no one will stop you.





1659.png.1bdd994a6da5c62ebf87cd9a39cade54.png Light of Recovery[1] (Bio 3 monster drop)

     Its combo with Rosary necklace is really good for the ones that are aiming for +6% healing power per refine and also for 3% ADC reduction every 2 refine of the staff

1658.png.0f1c22fa7016f4a65a273f6f349a5ff7.png Eden Group Staff III[0] with Archbishop lvl1 (can be obtained doing 90-99 or 100+ instructor Ur quest)

     If you have a boring high heal cast and you cant get rid of it even with consumables or if you dont have another choice it's not a bad staff at all. It's good if you're not using rosary necklace.

1635.png.ad68688a7ae7062b91a91fd9c70de761.png Strong Recovery Wand[0]

     You can get one at @go battleground for 100 valor badges. no slot but i's indestructible and gives healing power+ 14% and 5 sp every 10 seconds. There are really better options but if you cant get any of those it's a good temporary replacement. It's good if you're not using rosary necklace.

1657.png.8236cd948fa3bb7f43f3d4b3fbc686dd.png Wand Of Affection[2] or Protection Staff II[1]

     It's a good Starter Set and easy to get. Can be obtained by mob drop or Mora coins. But in the case of Protection Staff II it's an upgrade of Wand of Affection that can be made at Mora.


     Sanare Card: healing power +10% if the staff is +11




28943.png.12298951d9559aa380366a446689d568.png +9 Tabooed Book of Magic[1] (Socerer Celia drop)

     My favorite shield since it gives Def+ 300 and Mdef+ 20. It's not expensive, really good for tanking.

28946.png.a3f61b6852dafd90b1be457ec6473534.pngBloody/Cursed/Purified Knight shield[1]

     All of them are good since you can get 2 increase healing enchants max to 20% and also it gives you 10% all races resistance 7% or 10% if you're using PKS and a buff that when you're being attacked there's a 5% chance of restoring 25 sp per second for 5 seconds which isnt bad at all when you're tanking but it's better if you cast a safety wall so you wont be damaged.


     Alice Card: 40% less boss damage and receive 40% more damage from normal monsters. You dont face so many normal monsters so it's a really good card since bio5, pit, ruins and fort dungeon are boss type.

     Khalitzburg Knight Card: Def+ 20 and receive 25% less damage from medium and large size monsters. It's not so bad but if you dont have Alice Card it's a good temporary replacement.

     GTB card: dont you ever dare to use it! You wont be able to heal youself and also you dont need to mind about dispell since you'll be a buffing machine.




20783.png.e1927e69d5a7ba133639112b2e40873c.png+10 Hero Cape[1] (Fortessa dungeon 1 drop)

     Best option for tanking cause of the neutral resist.

20773.png.be3082f05e4d3280f2630c3e99fa2724.png+7 Excelion Wing[0] with Restoration Reactor 202 3x(can be crafted at verus with charleston drops)

     You must have one of these at your inventory for when you're running out of SP. It recovers REALLY fast. It's not your main garment but it's a good switch for some scenarios.

20946.png.2cb8b23f5dabbd2928f98513558edc12.png+11 Dragon Scale Hood[1]

     Dragon set Garment. It's a good set for when you dont need to tank.

2569.png.1a10b8a81077475f3092d31f275bd57e.pngShawl Of Affection[0]

     It's a good Starter Set and easy to get. Can be obtained by mob drop or Mora coins.


     Khalitzburg Card: resistance against neutral damage +20%

     Deviling Card: resistance against neutral damage +50%  resistance against non-neutral elements -50%. Not so bad but elemental damage hurt and may kill you if you use this.





22189.png.1f5536183ecc3de237a21e2dfcf0a136.png+7 Pilgrim's shoes[0] (Bio5 MVP drop)

     It's the best shoe for this build since it increase healing, gives ACD reduction, ASPD and Def.

22208.png.a890472666f815047fb44bc29b1fcc57.png+11 Dragon Scale Boots[1]

     It's really good with its set, gives a nice healing boost.

2471.png.ba2ccdd452c082c48828d3b5c9bac00b.pngShoes of Affection[0]

     It's a good Starter Set and easy to get. Can be obtained by mob drop or Mora coins.


     Holy Skogul Card: 10% healing power if the shoe is +9 or higher.




28430.png.440829d2e76290df34520619a5d8bc6c.pngArch Bishop Ring[1]

     It's a must have accessory for this build, it combo with a all supportive Mora enchants such as Cure and Archbishop and gives healing power.

2864.png.27f32ff7ebe18a819401ddc37fd24ca3.pngLight of Cure[0] With Cure Lvl1

     It's another must have accessory since it makes you able to spam high heal which will be your main source of healing.

28564.png.b02c8c4c30beaf5d53def1127b776957.pngValkyrie Drop[1]

     Good for a swich when you need to buff someone with Odin's Power. You can also have a Bible of Promisse lv1 or 2 for that.

     Cards: (oppened for suggestions)


3. Shadow Gear



All of them enchanted with Healing Skills 4-5%


4. Costume Enchant

Top: Max HP+ 8000 or MDEF +20 with High Priest Top Stone I

Mid: Matk 10% with Variable Cast Stone Middle

Low: Healing skills +30% with High Priest lower Stone I

Garment: Ghost or Holy with Arch bishop Garment Stone I


5. Stats

image.png.24d6a8ed51803cafbbdfbe86f7b9ea14.png This is an example, you can use the remaining status points the way you need.

Str 60 for more weight limit.

Agi 60 for bleeding and sleep resistance.

Vit 120 for Def, MDEF, max HP and stun resistance.

Int 120 for MDEF, max sp, sp recovery, matk, resistance to blind, silence and chaos.

Dex 120 for cast time.

Luk 60 for resistance to blind, curse, frozen, silence, sleep, stone curse and stun.


6. Skills





The good thing about this build is that you don’t need Golden Thiefbug Card. The high def and mdef makes defense scroll be dispensable in fortessa pit but some skills such as Bio5 Kathryne Keyron and Eremes Guile’s Soul Destroyer, Flamel's Acid Bomb are deadly.
The SP cost reduction from Pharaoh Card together with Magnificat buff will make your ab less dependent to recovery potions but it’s important to have some with you for an emergency case.
Having a Ghost costume garment  + Holy armor, the garment propriety is going to overwrite the armor so if you need to tank holy monsters, take the garment off so you’re going to take less holy damage.



Buffing, High Heal and Heal:

Spammable High Healing helps you recover your party members HP faster. Most of them you’ll only need 1 skill to make him/her full  HP. Also, helps you tank!2020-03-26-18-45-38_Trim.gif.bea4c0774bd2341dbeea619289a92841.gif


8. Consumables

image.png.1fe58d26d1bd3ec10d0f390ad90c9ca2.png Because of the all stats +10, Biscuit bag can replace it or you can use both.

image.png.1503dca561ef5127bb4e87bb8e0dc109.pngFor places without dispell it will help you tanking.

Also, don't forget to have Holy Water and Blue Gemstone always with you in a considerable amount.

Thanks for reading.

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Can the image of the skills not be open to fix? I was interested, this is helping me a lot this build.


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On 23/11/2020 at 2:05 AM, Dante Draemor said:

Since ACD is reduced by 100%, wouldn't be smart to invest on gears to get 193 aspd?

you dont need 193 aspd for this build since your main role is as support, the tanky part of it is juts for some ocasional mobs spawning near you and also for some skills like SS from pit mob hit you you wont just die. If you're interested on a healing build i'm preparing a guide for that.

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15 hours ago, Dante Draemor said:

If you are not going for 7 actions/s, then it's pointless to get 100% ACD reduction.


The thing with the build is, you're not building for the 100% ACD, it just comes naturally from most of the gears (even if you remove the armor, its still 90% on 2-3 gears). It's also a good option to remove all the ACD from skills with a gigantic painful ACD like Lex Aeterna or Redemptio where even 80-90% still struggles a lot.

You can also gain the ASPD somewhere else with consumables and costumes. Celermine, ASPD potion, +15 or +20 foods, ASPD +10 costume, aspd enchants in shadow gears. Stuff can be done around the build, you can just tweak it accordingly what you need.

You're not going to braindeadlessly spam Lex Aeterna on mobs either way, and there's a single skill that benefits from spamming since most have cooldown or a long ass animation. But its still not bad to have

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14 hours ago, Dante Draemor said:

If you are not going for 7 actions/s, then it's pointless to get 100% ACD reduction.


let's think about a scenario, u duoing pit with someone or in a party and there are 2 mobs hitting u. Let's say u dont use rosary necklace so u'll have 74%acd if u have the other gear i recommended. U used lex at the same time u got a SS from the mob. If you lost your def scroll to dispell you'll provably be around 30% hp. If you get another SS before the acd is over you die, if you take dmg from EQ u die and if you die, your party can die and if everyone died cause of your death, everyone will have to reset and go back again. In a nutshell 100% acd reduction can save your life.
oh btw if you dont know u can cancel High heal animation by walking. :) 

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I think the best budget cards for the Accessory are the ones added on the Sage's Legacy (Boiling, Magic-Poisoned, etc.). You may not get any comboes but they give 10% HP flat. Either that or Aligator, but Ali is pretty bad.


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