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Rune Knight Wind Cutter Build

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RuneKnight.png.3c85ae8b447cde8eebf2df303d277db7.png Wind Cutter
Rune Knight

To start I would like to say that there's two variations of this build, with Spear one and with Two-Handed Sword one, each one with downsides and advantages. So Let's get to it.

Spear Variation (Ranged 1 Hit)



This variation consist on using Peuz's Set (budget) build, along with Gelerdria spear + Storm Stone:
5e6bbe05e80cf_PeuzsPlate.jpg.b6d04a0a45d06534254b19dd1fff2973.jpg It gives a lot of bonuses to Wind Cutter Damage and it's easier to obtain

Peuz's Plate[0] +9 (Drop, can be enchanted in Mora);
Peuz's Seal[1] +9 (Drop, can be enchanted in Mora);
Peuz's Manteau[0] +9 (Obtainable from Mora coins, can be enchanted in Mora);
Peuz's Greaves[1] +9 (Obtainable from Mora coins, can be enchanted in Mora);
Mora Coins can be bought at [email protected] Market Leria NPC, 1m each coin.

- Storm Stone [1] ID 28506
Gelerdria [3] ID 1449 (From High Weapon Box etc)
This combo gives a lot of damage to Wind Cutter and Boss monsters.

- Black Ribbon [1] +9 (Mandatory) ID 5899
Gives damage to Wind Cutter and also removes it's CD.

- Storm Stone [1] ID 28506
Peuz's Set gives a huge variety of bonuses + reduces After Cast Delay by 70% for 10 seconds when using Aura Blade: 


WCDamage.png.8dbb68dfd26d07426e19ccb93f77c0f6.png Damage variate from 1.4m to 1.6m;

A nice combo to use on Spear Variation: 

Sword Variation (Physical 2 Hits - Ignore Defense)


WCDamageSet2.png.c89d461d1f05b0092775d46a349ab0ed.png As you can see, this variation gives way more damage however we'll discuss it below.

- Temporal LUK Boots with Bear Power and FS was used on the test;
- Lindy Hop with FS+FS was used on the test;
- Temporal STR Manteau (-15% After Cast Delay enchant);
- STR Soutane + STR Blessing was used on the test (I tested AGI+AGI Soutane and it was worst);
- Immortal Dog Tag;
- KSS Insignia with Strong enchant was used on that test;
- You can use Blaze and White Magic Ring ID 28552 (JRO Only, for more ACD Reduction);
- You can also use Illusion A Armor with Power Power and ACD modules;


Shadow Gears:

- Ignition Shadow Weapon +7 ID 24443 
Rune Knight Shadow Shield +3 ID 24301
(For 50% Def Ignore, enchant both with Atk+3%);
For Spear variation ^ since Sword variation already ignores Defenses;

- Physical Shadow Armor +9 ID 24395
All Races Shadow Shoes +9 ID 24341
(Enchant both with Atk+3%);

- Infinity Shadow Earring +8 ID 24150 + Pendant +7 ID 24151
(Recommend both +9 for a little more damage and nullify weapon size).

- You can use FULL Reload Shadow Set +9 for more ACD Reduction (on Sword variation);


- Upper Costume +4k+4k Flat HP (or whatever you have);
- Lower Costume -15~20% ACD reduction enchants;
- Middle Costume +5%+5% ATK or +15%+15% Critical Damage enchants;
- Garment Costume preferable with Holy or Ghost enchant;

GX Garment II Stone + Assassin Upper II Stones combo.


- Revolver Buffalo bandit + Gigantes Card;
- Blut Hase Card;
- Purple Ferus Card;
- 3x Contaminated Wanderer Cards or 3x White Knight Cards or any of the two + Abysmal Knight Card;
- Brown Rat Card;
- Angry Nine Tail Card;

Stats and Skills:



Important Notes:

- Yes you can use Full Reload Shadow Set for -15% ACD + Blaze and White Magic Ring for another 15% ACD reduction, however you will lose a lot of damage but will gain more spam, to what point is it useful for you?!;
- You can use Necklace of Knight's Protection + Imperial Feather combo with 120 AGI in case you don't have Gambler combo;

- Both builds have similar DPS in the end (with those Sets used), the Sword Variation gives more DPS, at the cost of WAY higher investment, then, it's up to you;
- It was hard to manage the damage loss to gain ACD reduction with Sword Variation (unless you have a Kiel card);
- Cost x Benefit the Spear Variation Wins, with more investment and effort Sword Wins by far;
- In my tests I used these Runes + Potion + Standard +15 Foods + Magnum Break Skill:



I hope I helped you with at least insights about this build, leave a like and a comment if you need ;)




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On 5/2/2022 at 10:51 AM, Robercletzon said:

i got the peuz set. How i get black ribbon? can you sell me one?

Instance coin shop. Niflheim only btw.

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