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Arm Cannon Madochanicrit {nif edition, also in progress}

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This will pretty much be a copy-paste from the Helheim version but with few changes


The first thing i'd suggest to get for this build, is having the skill instacasted. For that, you require first to remove the Fixed Cast (0.1s), THEN you'll need to get rid of the variable cast. In Niflheim it's not that hard since you can use Soul Control to get a few stat points.


My suggestion of course is trying to get rid of the Variable Cast via stats since you dont really need spend that much points in other places.

Almighty shadow set can help you to achieve this,  Biscuit Bag foods and also +20 foods if you're rich or make your own foods. I personally have around 120 INT and 130 DEX to avoid using Almighty food since its stock ends really quick in my hands. There are few


After you get rid of the cast time, the next barrier is the After Cast Delay. In Niflheim, the delay is 0.5s (50% of the 1.0s from official), and the cooldown is 0.3s, so you'll need to reduce 40% to cover the 0.2s to spam the skill. Should be able to spam around 3-4 times per second with 188 ASPD max


In Niflheim, the skill can CRIT, so most of the skill damage can be boosted with Critical Damage and Critical Rate.

You can ignore some of the After Cast Delay reduction (since it's halved and there are more options to go for) equips and get Critical Damage/Rate instead (Middle Costume enchant for up to 30% crit dmg, Lower Costume enchant for up to 30 CRIT rate). Old Driver Band can also get enchanted with Expectation which will boost your crits A LOT.


This is a quick list of equipment that could help you reduce each of this problems:

For After-Cast Delay:


+11 Saw Axe (Weapon): 20% reduction

+11 Blasti-OS (Weapon): 10% reduction

Meteor Striker (Weapon): 5% reduction with MAGIC ENCHANT!!!

Any upgraded Pile Bunker (S/T/P) (Weapon): up to 5% reduction WITH ENCHANTS


+9 Illusion Armor A-Type (Armor): with Delay after skill module, 15% reduction

+9 or higher Vit Soutane with Vit enchant (Armor): 5% reduction (kind of extreme for a arm cannon build, maybe not bad for axe tornado)


+12 Purified Knight Shield (well Shield): from 5-10% reduction


Heart Wing Headband (Top Headgear): 3% reduction and 3% reduction each 3 refines (+15% reduction at +12)

+11 Drooping Thanatos's Dolor (Top Headgear): 15% reduction

New Wave Sunglasses (Mid Headgear): 10% reduction (5% if slotted)

Victorious Wing Ears (Mid Headgear): 8% reduction w/o slot, 10% if slotted with 6% acd enchant

Baron's Evil Eye (Mid Headgear) (ONLY NIFLHEIM): 5% reduction


Temporal STR/AGI/DEX/LUK/VIT Manteaus: +15% reduction via Enchant (not the Alternate version from Niflheim)

Reinforced Parts - Engine: +20% reduction


Dexterity Supplement Part (Accessory): 10% reduction

Powered Chip (Accessory) (ONLY NIFLHEIM): 30% reduction since you'll always have Arm Cannon lv3 at least

Blaze and White Magic Ring (Accessory) (ONLY NIFLHEIM): in the correct slot (i wont say in the right slot because i dont remember): 15% reduction

Valkyrie Drop / Spirit King's Ring (Accessory) (ONLY NIFLHEIM): 5% reduction


Tornado Shadow Set (Shadow Shield + Shoes + Armor): Half of total refine of the set% reduction (up to 15% if all parts +10) 

Reload Shadow Set (Shadow Shield + Shoes + Armor): If all parts +9, 15% reduction


Reload Costume Stones: 5% if using lower + middle + upper stones

Guillotine Cross stone garment II + Assassin Cross Stone Lower II: (5% reduction)


Lower Costume with Enchant (ONLY NIFLHEIM): up to 20% reduction


Don't forget your White Lady pet for 3% ACD reduction!!!111

And for removing the Fixed Cast:



Intelligence Badge!!!!! (ONLY NIFLHEIM) removes 0.3s fixed cast time, enough to instacast without worrying about gear (needs to be recharged though). Allows you to wear TEMP LUK BOOTS for more  damage, and be able to use items like Glastheim Observer/Happy Balloon in lower

Foxtail (Headgear): removes 0.1s FCT, BEST IN SLOT FOR SPAM IF YOU DONT WANT TO RECHARGE THE INT BADGE- Allows you to wear TEMP LUK BOOTS for more  damage

Temporal Boots of Dexterity: One of the best choices, 0.5s Fixed Cast Time removal, and gives +3 dex per 3 refines which helps a lot with removing variable cast too. Also gives ranged damage.




+9 Illusion/Automatic Boots A/B-Type (OS): Not a bad decision but kind of meh. 0.7s with Fixed Cast enchant. Overwhelming option which is not even worth the cost.


+9 Dex Soutane with Dex Blessing (Armor): a meme choice, but removes also 0.3s FCT, also helps with VCT cast, maybe a better choice on Niflheim Awful, dont

+11 Red Dragon Plate (Armor) (or the Silver version for nif too): removes 0.2s FCT, same as if you don't want to spam and wanna go to lv4-5



Ignis Cap (Headgear): removes 0.2s FCT and comboes with Blasti-OS for pseudo-tankiness

Fancy Feather Hat / Ruff Officer (Headgear): remove 0.1s FCT per refine above +11

Magic Essence enchant in Old Driver Band (headgear): Kind of unnecesary but it works. No need for more than lv5 DONT




As for equipment, here's my thoughts on most of them:




- {Mace} (NIFLHEIM ONLY): Valkyrie Hammer: Even though it has 4 slots and its a level 4 weapon, the lack of base ATK makes it quite useless, but still better than a pile bunker.

- {Mace} Pile Bunker S/T: Kind of a mess to craft, and not that worth (besides the 450 attack) for this build since it falls really behind on damage.

- {Mace} Meteor Striker: Not a bad choice, since it lets you wear Purified Knight Shield while not losing the 2 card slots, but falls big against the other two weapons

- {Mace} Patent Meteor Striker: One of the 2 best choices for damage in weapon. Only falls flat against Engine Pilebunker because of its combo with Bull Crown.

- {Mace} Engine Pilebunker: BEST IN SLOT since the combo with Bull Crown was added. Even with the bio 5 headgear buff, it still outdamages with the combo


- {2H Axe} Blasti-OS: Not the best option nowadays, but still a good leveling option.

- {2H Axe} Saw Axe: Kind of hard to get, but its a good weapon for mid-game. Covers ACD and lv4 2slot weapon

- {2H Axe} (ONLY NIFLHEIM) Mine Worker's Pickaxe (Alternate): 3 slots lv4 weapon. Makes you tankier since it gives free VIT per refine and some ATK. Nice combo with the Frontier Boots for 50% boss resist.



- Lockstep: You'll want this almost always. Also good if you have Kickstep combo, for not consuming Magic Fuel (not necessary if you have the supplemental chip)

- Contaminated Wanderer: Good option to replace 1 lockstep. Must be replaced with White Knight if you're wearing the combo with KK card.

- White Knight: Same as Conta Wanderer, but better if you can wear Khalitzburg Knight card in the shield. Its best to wear 1x Lockstep and 1x Size card usually.

- Chaotic Ghostring: Same as above, and better in combo with Ghostring card in case you dont have Kickstep in armor or stuff.

Shields: (in case you're going for one)


Bloody Knight Shield: Cheap version of PKS

Purified Knight Shield: Can be enchanted with 5% after cast delay reduction which is the only enchant you would want. (Nullify? got weapon perfection. Def pen? you dont need that unless you're using Knuckle Boost or Balkan Cancer)

Excellion Shield (only Niflheim): A really solid choice which gives a lot of ATK per 3 refines. YOU'LL NEED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feather Shield (only Niflheim): A quite recent addition which gives up to -12% ACD and some ATK, quite decent, and really cheap





Old Driver Band (Yellow): Kind of obvious. The 5% per refine isnt that noticeable to make it good, but the Ambition enchant is where it's at. Also if you're lucky you get double DEX enchant before the 3rd. Now the hat has a 15% Arm Cannon boost per 2 refine, which makes it a way better option than it was before, but it's still outdamaged by Bull Crown combo. Get if possible Arch Line since it boosts overall ranged dmg instead of bow damage only now, or Expectation since it's been buffed with almost double the crit damage. Ambition is still not a bad option now that its been buffed.

Bull Crown: Ok this hat is stupid and gives a really gigantic boost to Arm Cannon, if you can get your hands into a Engine Pilebunker with high refines. It outdamages the Old Hat by A LOT and im serious when i mean A LOT.

Heart Wing Headband: 15% after cast delay reduction at +12.

Drooping Thanatos Dolor: 15% after cast delay reduction at +11, and some good damage, also might get a good headgear combo in a future update, might need to make some maths

Ignis Cap: Combo with Blasti-OS, for some reduction, also has 0.2s FCT reduction at +11, i didnt test this option yet though either.



Victorious Wing Ears: ACD and slot, if you want to take the effort of slotting with the 7500 cash spiritual auger.

Battle Processor: If you're rich and have kiel and stuff you can go for this option instead to get more damage than VWE

New Wave Sunglasses: ACD, not bad

Robo Eye: Not a bad choice to start, but doesnt have slot. Gives DEX for instacast yay.


Baron's Evil Eye (ONLY NIFLHEIM): Decent 5% acd

Seraphim's Coronet (ONLY NIFLHEIM): Best in slot for the mid. Gives an insane flat ATK boost since you'll have 120 INT either way to instacast.

Gambler's Seal (ONLY NIFLHEIM): You want this with the combo of course because you're thirsty for DEX and Gambler by itself wont be useful

Crow's Tengu Mask (ONLY NIFLHEIM): Comboes with Tengu Scroll, and its a good choice but outdpsed by the other 2

Robo Eye: Not a bad choice to start, but doesnt have slot. Gives DEX for instacast yay.



Spiked Scarf: DAMAGE


Delicious Lollipop: ASPD, totally useless but still an option


GLASTHEIM OBSERVER: Good for damage if you're using Seraphim, to cover the lower slot if not using foxtail/happy balloon.

Tengu Scroll (ONLY NIFLHEIM): GOOD IN COMBO with Crow Tengu, also increases survival rate

Heart Card in Mouth (ONLY NIFLHEIM): Combo with gambler

Jinn Marin Balloon: INT/DEX +1, not bad but meh




Purple Ferus: Furious Hero in steroids, get this one. ATK +3% (-5% MHP/MSP) and ATK +1% per 4 refine

Furious Hero: 2% ATK in hat, not a bad option

Duneyrr / Dark Pinguicula (ew): 10 ATK both, though DP gives poison herbs which is annoying.

Darklord Essence DEX 3 (or Essence of Evil): Good for achieving instacast (sorry Cheese)

Angra Mantis (for Niflheim only): More crits, and maybe better in combo with Chaotic Killer Mantis card in accessory

Engkanto: Mostly to burst Poison-type monsters (Bio 5 thieves, or GX in Fortessa Dungeon 2, or Faceworms), or to go and try ranking Poison Queen against all those rangers and Soul Destroyer GXs good luck)



STR Soutane: Best in slot and better when you have a lot of ACD reduction stacked already.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Automatic Armor A-Type: 16% ACD reduction with delay after skill module, Range Force is a really good option to cover the other 2 slots, maybe Boost cannon modules. Falls a lil behind Soutane at really high refines


Illusion Armor A-Type: 15% ACD reduction with delay after skill module, Power module also gives good damage, and Shooter is a good option too.

Dragon Plates: You might want to choose Red in Helheim, but in Niflheim you can opt too for the Silver version.

DEX Soutane: MEME choice


STR Supplement Part: Cheap choice, only 4m in NPC and not bad. Doesnt have slot sadly unless you spend the 300 parts which is too expensive for a not-really-worthy armor

Abusive Robe: mostly better with DEX enchants, but too much work to get a perfect one while any other choice is already better nowadays.

Hero Trade Mail: Kind of really cheap to get, and also helps a bit with instacasting, but loses a lot of damage against the rest of the armors in Hel. Now, in Niflheim it can combo with Brooch of Hero which will boost this armors stat increase by a ton.



Kickstep: Your bread and butter for almost anything. 8% Max HP and 30% received long ranged damage reduction if you're Mechanic which of course you're.

Hardworking Pitman: 5% phys damage on All enemies and some HIT



Temporal STR/DEX Manteau: Overall damage, and comboes with STR/DEX boots if you go for. I particularily use STR mant + DEX boots. In Niflheim you can instead opt for AGI or DEX manteau (probably DEX so you can combo with the boots), since you'll aim for a CRIT build probably. Can be enchanted with +15% ACD reduction or 10% long ranged damage, or 6% ATK too. CRIT Damage enchant for Niflheim too.

Reinforced Parts - Engine: +20% ACD reduction, obtainable in 1 1/2 Charleston runs, and really decent. Can be enchanted with Expert Archer3 3, until you get a Temporal STR Manteau

Wakwak Manteau (ONLY NIFLHEIM): Starter option, not a bad one. Requires +7 for best output.



Petal: Solid card choice for Niflheim, 24% crit damage (only if you have enough crit damage already stacked)

Brown Rat: 70 ATK if 120 STR, never wrong

Menblatt: 12% ranged damage if 120 DEX with you'll have for sure.

Wakwak: Brown rat for the poor. NEVER combo with Wakwak Manteau in Niflheim ofc


Any defensive card for defensive purposes ofc: Deviling/Raydric/Noxious(comboes good with kickstep ranged reduct, though NEUTRAL BARRIER)



- Temporal Boots :

       -  Strength: If you don't opt for Instacast, or gonna use other alternatives (soutane, dragon plate, foxtail, int badge), this one can boost your damage a bit. Bear Power or Hawkeye enchant depending on what you like, and what insignia enchant you get (if you're going for it)

       -  Dexterity: Overall good. Gives everything you need for the build, ranged damage, boots enchants, slot, DEX per refine (for instacast), and FIXED CAST TIME REDUCTION!!!. Bear Power or Hawkeye enchant depending on what you like, and what insignia enchant you get (if you're going for it)

       -  Luck: If you can cover the Fixed Cast Time and DEX elsewhere, this will be the hugest boost you can get for the skill. Bear Power or Hawkeye enchant depending on what you like, and what insignia enchant you get (if you're going for it)


- Illusion Boots A/B-Type: I think they kind of fall short in damage against temporal boots, and compared to Temp DEX boots, it lacks the DEX, and the legendary enchants don't proc that much. Still a solid choice.



Blut Hase: 5% ranged 3% ATK, never bad

Ifodes: 3% ATK 5% ASPD

Enraged Cookie: 1% ATK and 1% per 2 refines (+7/ at +12) at the cost of HP

Odoric: 5% ranged, 3% aspd




DEX Supplement Parts: Kind of the basic accesory you'll always go-to. Gives 10% ACD reduction, and some % Variable Cast reduction which kind of helps. Can also be enchanted.

King Schmidt's Strong/Thousand Bow Insignia: 10% ATK, relatively easy (but annoying) to farm, and annoying/expensive to get a good enchant, but tt boosts the damage A LOT. You'll want Strong/Thousand Bow enchants depending on your boots enchant. You can also get DEX enchants and Expert Archer in this accessory.

Illusion Boosters: 5% ATK, and can be enchanted with Expert Archer, stats (DEX for Illu Booster L), and Fatal (for Niflheim build)

Automatic Boosters: 10% ATK, and can be enchanted with All force + Expert archer + STR? dont know


Powered Chip (ONLY NIFLHEIM): This thing is a beast, and if you play in Niflheim you MUST get it. Gives 30% ACD reduction, and a lot more of Stats if you have Pile Bunker lv3, and  a kickstep combo effect if you have Fire-Earth Research at lv5. Go for it.

Blaze and White Magic Ring (ONLY NIFLHEIM): in the correct slot (i wont say in the right slot because i dont remember): 15% After Cast Delay reduction and some HP. Not bad and kind of hard to get/buy it.


Valkyrie Drop / Spirit King's Ring (ONLY NIFLHEIM): 5% reduction, kind of basic and maybe easier to buy in Niflheim.

Brooch of Hero (ONLY NIFLHEIM): This thing, in combo with the Hero Trade Mail will boost your stats insanely depending on your armor's refine. It's a quite good choice, but dense to farm it



Revolver Buffalo Bandit + Shotgun Buffalo Bandit (or just Revolver): 7% ATK 7 STR 7 AGI 7 HIT (or just 4% ATK and 4 STR if going for revolver only)

Gigantes Card: 40 ATK in left accessory only

Gold Scaraba Card: 20 ATK

Dark Faceworm + Faceworm (or just Dark Faceworm): 6% after cast delay reduction

Chaotic Acolyte: 4% ACD reduction



Shadow Gears:


Some general ideas of shadow sets you'll want to look:


Arm Shadow Set + Tornado Shadow Set (Overall Damage)

Arm Shadow Set + Tornado Shadow Shield/Vulcan Shadow Shield + Kingbird Shadow Armor (more helpful in NIFLHEIM since you won't need the ACD from tornado/reload)

Arm Shadow Weapon + Tornado Shadow Set + Almighty Set (for helping with stat Instacast):



You'll want ATK+3% enchants or 5% Long ranged (depending on what you're boosting more). Crit Damage +5% in nif is also a good idea

Costume Stones:


Mechanic Stone II (Garment): Arm Cannon damage yay



Whitesmith/Mastersmith Stone II (Upper): for the 10% long ranged combo with Garment

or Reload Stone Upper (you'll want the 3 stones if you're going for delay).


Whitesmith Stone II (Lower): It makes combo with garment for KB damage, but you'll want the long ranged from the stone alone. You can also go for DEX convert stone (Lower) which gives you 3 DEX



Whitesmith Stone II Middle is kind of a waste of slot since it gives Cart Termination damage and Balkan Cancer damage which is not that useful, and the other version isnt that good either (just HIT, which you won't need).

Go for anything else. Reload Stone Middle, ATK Stone, Crit Stone Mid, Range Stone anything else. My personal favorite is DEX convert stone (Mid) which gives you 3 DEX





Costume Enchants (Niflheim):


Top: Max HP Enchants for sure, cant go wrong with them



Middle: You'll want to aim for ATK+5% ATK +5%, or Crit damage +15% Crit damage +15% (mostly CRIT probably)



Lower: Depends on what you're lacking.

CRIT rate enchant is good since the ACD is not forced anymore into Lower.

10% ACD + 15 CRIT, or 30 CRIT rate, or 20% ACD. You can also try experimenting with 30% Variable Cast Time Reduction if you're going for that direction, but since getting stat instacast isnt that hard at all, it might be a waste of slot.


Now, for playstyle:

I'd recommend having one low level of Arm Cannon (lv2 or 3) to spam it on a target that stands still (aggroed by tank or w/ever), and lv5 if you'll be constantly moving, or don't have enough ACD reduction. Brainlessly spam lv5 arm cannon without doubt to anything that moves. While soloing, you'll mostly hit AC & run (in hard dungeons/instances/cases), control your movement with Back Slide/Front Slide (and /bingbing /bangbang) if you have enough after cast delay, spam repair to fully heal yourself. (spam time) Here's a solo playthrough on Fortessa Dungeon 3 for example, kind of rushed

In parties you'll want to buff everyone with the Whitesmith skills (which you can use with Madogear), repair armors/weapons with Repair Weapon, and mostly protect with Neutral Barrier if in case of danger (earthquakes, rangers, thistles, max pains, spiral pierces etc) though careful of not ruining your ranged dps (since any ranged skill which doesnt ignore FLEE from inside the barrier will miss, and ANY ranged damage to targets inside the barrier will miss too). You can also use repair on your tank which is probably a mechanic.


The last build I've been using is the next:




+14 Bull Crown (Purple Ferus)

Seraphim's coronet


+19 STR Soutane with blessing (Angry Nine Tails)

+20 Engine Pilebunker with Expert Archer 3, Howard's Memory (White Knight, Lockstep)

+15 Excelion Shield/Feather Shield (Khalitzburg Knight)

+12 Temporal AGI Manteau with 10% long ranged damage (petal card)

+12 temporal luk boots with EA bear's power (blut hase)

Supplement Parts - Chip (Revolver Buffalo Bandit)

King Schmidt's Insignia Strong, with Strong, EA4, DEX+4 (Shotgun Buffalo Bandit)


Mechanic stone garment ii + whitesmith II bot and top, DEX convert middle stone

Middle costume enchant with 30% crit dmg

lower costume with 30 CRIT


+9 liberation shadow shoes (5% long range)

+9 kingbird shadow armor (5% long range)

+9 Vulcan Shadow Shield (5% long range)

+10 arm shadow weapon, earring, pendant (5% long range)






Anyway, if you're interested in playing Madochanic Arm Cannon build, welcome to the


Any question or suggestion about the guide feel free to ask me in discord bauti777#6387 or just ask people inside SM Discord. I'm usually open to testing new stuffs for the class even though my budget never allows.


Edited by Juanba
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On 25/1/2020 at 8:26 AM, Juanba said:

Powered Chip (ONLY NIFLHEIM): This thing is a beast, and if you play in Niflheim you MUST get it. Gives 30% ACD reduction, and a lot more of Stats if you have Pile Bunker lv3, and  a kickstep combo effect if you have Fire-Earth Research at lv5. Go for it.

where or how to get this item ? 

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4 hours ago, Lost_Man said:

where or how to get this item ? 

@go exchanger > Otherworldly Prisoner NPC > Last Room > Supplement Parts - Chip Matrix

Use the matrix to craft the powered chip.

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, meistergreen said:

Hi Juanba! I just want to ask fi this guide is updated? Thank you!

Most of the build should be up to date, and not sure if any new items would change the overall build at all. But the item suggestions still apply


EDDA combo is way too strong, and 4th classes weapons dont really improve against it

Powered Chip is broken too

Armor can either still use Soutane or Auto Armor with ranged dmg

Boots are still Temp STR or LUK, and combo with either Temp AGI manteau or STR manteau

Int Badge, Glastheim observer etc etc


Build should overall "spam" around 4-5m on dummies and probably more in other stuff with respective cards


Edited by Juanba
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