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[Niflheim] Genesis Ray Royal Guard

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The path of the Genesis Ray Royal Guard build for solo/party content, so you can farm your stuffs and still be a good choice for party farming in Fortessa Pit, Bio5 or any instance since you can deal a little amount of damage while tanking more than any other hybrid build.

Since the build became neutral locked while in inspiration, I made some changes in the card sector. I suggested cards for both situations, with inspiration and without, this way you can choose to focus on maximum damage output with neutral element cards or focus in an average damage for both types along with holy element cards. Just choose your type of play and have fun.

So first of all, let’s talk about the most important items and skills for this build, since it uses the name of the skill on the build name.

And they are:

Divine Guard[1]-(Headgear),  you can get it on the main office for 1k instance points or on cash shop for 5000cash points and I’ll be more precise about it later on the gear session.

Genesis Ray-(RG Skill) needs to be maximized since its 99% of your damage output.

Now that we already told you what you need to know to deal 50k DPS, let’s talk about the gears to maximize it and reach about 2m~3m DPS on dummy without element advantages:



Headgear Upper:

Divine Guard [unique option]: This headgear makes the build viable, since that you need to spam Holy Cross, each cast will auto cast Genesis Ray and Tuna Belly, which will cause some damage and heal you a lot.

Headgear Middle:


Kardui’s Ears [best option]: Since you get 184 MATK on a unique item it’s a good choice to aim, and DEX points are never a bad investment since you use Holy Cross to auto cast and it can miss.

Gambler’s Seal [good option]: It’s a good option if you already have it because it’s more expensive than Kardui’s and since RG’s don’t have much flat MATK the critical damage bonuses don’t affect it so well.

Imperial Feather [early-game]: Since that in the early game you don’t have much Zeny to waste in expensive gears, Imperial Feather is a good choice because it will help you with the ASPD and it’s very cheap since it’s a drop from Fortessa Dungeon.

Headgear Lower:


Tree Sprout [best option]: Combo with Kardui’s which will give you +60 MATK for free, so don’t need to state the obvious about this choice.

Heart Card in Mouth [good option]: If you already have Gambler’s Seal it’s not a bad choice to look for the combo piece, which is cheaper than Gambler’s and makes the middle headgear better than it already is.

Royal Guard Necklace [early-game]: Combos with Imperial Feather, it will give you some ASPD and remove some after attack delay but you can just ignore the ATK bonuses since Genesis only uses MATK on it’s formula.




INT Soutane with INT Blessing [best option]: At +12 refine it gives 18% MATK, +20 INT and +10% MATK and +10 INT from theINT Blessing. INT Blessing when enchanted on INT Soutane, reduces variable casting time by 10%, increases all property magical damage by 12%. So that makes 28% MATK + 30 INT + 12% all property magical damage.

Automatic Armor B-Type [good option]: At +12 refine it gives 185 MATK, enhanted with 2x Genesis Modules which gives +50% Genesis Ray damage and 1x Magic Power Module giving +10% Matk and 75 flat MATK.

Illusion Armor B-Type [good option]: At +12 refine it gives 160 MATK and it can be enchanted with 2 magic modules which will give +10% MATK and +100 MATK, it’s a good option since it gives a good amount of flat MATK and % and it’s cheaper than INT Soutane.

Grace Genesis Armor [early-game]: The easiest set to get and refined to +9 you can use it while farming the rest of gears. At +9 refine you will get +100 MATK, +20% Holy property damage and if equipped with the rest of the set you will receive bonuses of +25 MATK, -10 After Skill Delay and +15% Genesis Ray damage which can be doubled if the Manteau and the Boots are at +9 too.




Patent Light Blade [Best Option]: At +12 it gives 285 Matk + 35% Genesis Ray Damage, 15% Holy Property Damage and 15% All Property Magical Damage against all sizes, and can be enchanted with +12% holy property magic damage and +25% Magical damage against boss type (preferable enchant).

Farthezan [Good Option]: At +12 it gives just 180 MATK but gives +50% Genesis Ray damage and enchanted with Randel's Memory will give + 20% Genesis Ray damage, and +5% for each 3 refines after that

Gluttony Stick [Budget Option(2)]: At +12 it gives 248 MATK + 35% Genesis Ray damage and it's a spear, you can use Spear Quicken if you fell it's necessary to get 193 ASPD, and can be enchanted like any Sin Weapon.

Light Blade [Budget Option (1)]: At +12 it gives 230 MATK +20% Genesis Ray damage and +15% Holy Damage. It can also be enchanted with +20% Magical Damage on Boss monsters.




Excelion Shield [best option]: Med-High Def(95), some Mdef(5), Max HP/SP +10% and + 30 ATK/MATK per 3 upgrade levels, so you get 120 ATK/MATK at +12 refine, this shield will give you everything you need to tank and to cause lot of damage.

Immune Shield [budget option]: At +9 refine rate reduces neutral damage by 10% and (fire, water, wind and earth) by 5%.




Temporal INT Manteau [best option]: At +12 refine level it gives 60 MATK, 13% MATK,  9% increase all property magical damage and can be enchanted with +6% MATK.

Grace Magic Manteau [early-game]: At +9 it gives -5% After Skill Delay and +10% all property magical damage, required for grace set bonus.




Temporal LUK Boots with Spell5 and Runaway Magic enchants [best option]: With 120 LUK Stats you get 30% Critical Damage and 2% critical damage per 3 refine levels, so you can refine it to +9 or +12 which are the easiest refine levels breakpoint to reach, just to get a little upgrade on damage and some HP, 100 HP every 3 refine level.

Grace Magic Boots [early-game]: At +9 it gives +20 MATK and +10% all property magical damage, required for grace set bonus.




Magician’s Gloves [best option (1)]: Ignore the variable cast reduction and the magic property increase, use it just for “Bypass 50% of magic defense of All Races when performing a magical attack” part.

King Schmidt’s Divine Power Insignia [best option (2)]: +10% MATK and with Divine Power Enchant (when combined with Runaway Magic) gives +15% all property magical damage.

Illusion Battle Chip L [good option]: It gives +5% MATK and it can be enchanted with modules. The best modules would be Fatal for Critical Damage +10%, Spell for MATK +18 and Magic Soul if you lack SP sustain (gives you a 1% chance to recover 1600 SP over 10 seconds when dealing magical damage).

Grace Magic Ring [early-game]: It gives -7% After Attack Delay and +10% all property magical damage, required for grace set bonus.




Some cards will have the tag "MVP CARD" for cards dropped by the MVPs and "ECA CARD" or "MCA CARD" for cards that you will only get from exchange card album or mystical card album, by chance.



Fenrir card MVP CARD [best option]: +50 MATK and +5 MATK per refine, at +12 refine +110 MATK.

Palga card [neutral best option]: +10 MATK and at +9 refine +10% neutral property magical damage.

Greater Sanare Card [holy best option]: +10 MATK and at +9 refine +10% holy property magical damage.




Realized Amdarais/Amdarais card MVP CARD [best option]: +20% or +15% MATK respectively.

Nightmare Amon Ra card MVP CARD [best option]: Increase magic damage against Shadow and Undead monsters and against Demon and Undead race monsters by 50%.

Tao Gunka MVP CARD [Tank Option]: For Survival.

Angry Nine Tails card [budget option]: It helps with critical STATS and gives +10% critical damage.

Agav card [budget option]: +5% MATK.




Time Holder card MVP CARD [best option]: +20% MATK.

Magic-Poisoned Plaga card [Neutral best option]: Equipping it in a sword won’t give you the bonus damage of Staff but you will receive from the refines, which is + 20% neutral property damage at +14 refine level.

Holy Frus card [Holy best option]: Equipping it in a sword won’t give you the bonus damage of Staff but you will receive from the refines, which is + 20% holy property damage at +14 refine level.

Mutated White Knight Card MCA CARD [Good Option]: Nice option to combine with another offensive card so you don't sum too many of the same bonuses %, MATK+ 15 and 20% magical damage against medium and large monsters.

Immortal Wind Ghost card [budget option]: +10% MATK.




Bijou card MVP CARD [best option for Damage]: +10% magical damage and immunity to Frozen.

Golden-Thief-Bug card MVP CARD  [best option for Survival]: Immunity to magical damage and debuffs.

Alice card [budget option]: Receives 40% less damage from Boss type and 40% more from normal monsters.




Himmelmez’s Phantom card MVP CARD/ ECA CARD [best option]: Increases holy and neutral property magical damage by 100%.

Purple Pitaya card [neutral best option]: 
Increases neutral property magical damage by 3% per refine rate, at +20 gives 60%.

Yellow Pitaya card [holy best option]: Increases holy property magical damage by 3% per refine rate, at +20 gives 60%.

Marsh Arclouse card [budget option]: +3 MATK per 10 base Int and +40 MATK if Int is 120 or higher.

Raydric card [budget option]: Increase resistance to the neutral property by 20%.



Shining Teddy Bear card MVP CARD [Holy best option]: +3% holy property damage per refine level, +60% at +20 refine.

Fallen Bishop Hibram card MVP CARD [good option]: Matk + 10%, Max SP - 50% and Increases magical damage on Demi-Human, Human Player, and Angel race targets by 50%.

Nightmare Verit card [nice option]: Increase magical damage inflicted by 10% at +9 refine.

Licheniyes card [budget option]: +3% MATK and Increases magical Holy damage dealt by 5%.



Dwigh card [Neutral best option]:Increases Neutral property magical damage by 20%.

Headless Mule card [Holy best option]: Increases Holy property magical damage by 20%.




Upper Costume: Try to aim for FLAT HP as higher as you can, 4.5k-5k each enchants.

Middle Costume: Try to aim for max Critical Damage % as possible if you are using Kardui’s Ears combo, since you’ll have a good amount of flat MATK, Critical Damage will give better results and if you are using Gambler Seal combo or any other, might want to test which one is better, Critical Damage % or MATK %.

Lower Costume: With that build you can reach 105 CRIT Stats without any CRIT bonus on the Lower Costume, so aim for ASPD +10 since Holy Cross spam is based on ASPD.

Garment Costume: Since you have “Piety” skill you don’t need to aim for Holy enchant like other classes do. But it’s good if you don’t want to depend on a 1.5 minute skill duration. Another option is to get Shadow enchant element so you can vary between them.

Costume Stones:


Paladin Stone II (Upper): Reduces variable cast by 1% for each level of “Faith” learned and when combined with Royal Guard Stone II (Garment) reduces fixed cast time of skills by 0.1sec for each 2 levels of ”Guard” learned.

Paladin Stone II (middle): Increases your “Gloria Domini” damage by 20% and when combined with Royal Guard Stone II (Garment) increases holy property magical damage by 5%.

Paladin Stone II (Lower): Increases your holy property magical damage by 1% for each level of “Grand Cross” learned and when combined with Royal Guard Stone II (Garment) increases your “Genesis Ray” damage by 15%.

Royal Guard Stone II (Garment): Increases “Genesis Ray” damage by 15%.

Shadow Gears:


Genesis Set Variation [best option]:


Genesis Full Shadow Set (Genesis Shadow Weapon + Genesis Shadow Earring + Genesis Shadow Pendant, safely refine them as much as you can): When Genesis Shadow Weapon, Pendant and Earring are equipped together, increases Genesis Ray damage as percentage equal to the half of the sum of refine rate of set.

Very important detail: If you are using Magician Gloves, it ignores 50% of MDEF of all monsters. To get 100% MDEF ignore you need to keep in mind the combo Genesis Shadow Weapon with Royal Guard Shadow Shield (Ignores magical defense rate of all race monsters (except players) by 40%, additional magical defense rate ignoring equal to the sum of refine rate of Genesis Shadow Weapon and Royal Guard Shadow Shield, the sum of the refine of these two items needs to be 10 for 50% MDEF ignore).

Magical Shadow Armor: At +9 refine gives +20 MATK and +5% MATK.

Hasty Shadow Shoes II: At +9 refine it gives 5% of MATK.

Royal Guard Variation [early-game]:


6 pieces set: Royal Guard Shadow Weapon + Royal Guard Shadow Shield + Crusader Shadow Armor + Crusader Shadow Shoes + Swordsman Shadow Earring + Swordsman Shadow Pendant gives All Stat + 10, MaxHP + 5%, MaxSP + 5%. Ignores defense and magic defense of normal monsters by 50%.


Skill Tree




Required Skills: Needs 16 points, you can use the remaining 33 points the way you like.


Example Tree:




 Required Skills: Needs 51 points to get all the required skills, but you don’t need to get stuck with the 69 paladin’s points since the RG tree doesn’t use all points.


Example Build: with that sample you will waste 11 points of RG but it’s good to have Shield Chain just in case of Holy monsters in Hell Mode instances and Devotion for party instances and farming.


Royal Guard:


Required skills: You will need to put Genesis Ray and Inspiration at maximum level because it is the best buffs of your class.


Example Build: Get King’s Grace because you can get some time while regenerating your HP without taking hits and Prestige for the best defense buff of the class.





For ASPD: Berserk Potion and Guarana Candy, they can be bought at Special Tool Dealer.

For Critical: Abrasive, it can be dropped in Fortessa dungeon.

For Stats: Biscuit Bag and Almighty, they can be dropped in Fortessa dungeon too.

Hotbar Example:





Full DPS build (with consumables):



Tank version (with consumables):





My Build after update(17/09):







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Awesome guide, now I have a better end game "notion", buuuut, it will be so good when they buff Inspiration to change the element of Genesis Ray to neutral, and the class will not be holy locked any more.


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10 hours ago, Kai Morpheus said:

Awesome guide, now I have a better end game "notion", buuuut, it will be so good when they buff Inspiration to change the element of Genesis Ray to neutral, and the class will not be holy locked any more.


Waiting for that buff as well, after it i'll update the guide again with some other variables xD

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Question, it doesn't say anywhere in the wiki or in @whodrops in game where to get the Genesis shadow gear?

Could you please advise where they come from?

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On 25/04/2021 at 6:22 AM, Zianor said:

Question, it doesn't say anywhere in the wiki or in @whodrops in game where to get the Genesis shadow gear?

Could you please advise where they come from?

it comes from world boss boxes

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