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Patch 2019-10-09

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  • Halloween Event [ 2019-10-09  ~ 2019-11-05 ]
    • Information
      • Every 24 hours you can finish the Halloween Maze and earn coins by completing it in certain ways.

        You're turned into a Gunslinger and have to make your way through a Maze filled with Halloween Monsters...
        You only have a basic weapon and cannot equip anything inside this map nor change your class.
    • Rewards
      • Basic finishing without extra monsters kills = 1 Treasure Chest ( 10 Halloween Coins )
        Advanced finishing with half the monsters killed inside = 2 Treasure Chests ( 40 Halloween Coins total )
        Elite finishing with every monster killed inside = 3 Treasure Chests ( 90 Halloween Coins total )
      • Killing monsters inside the Halloween Maze grants Halloween Coins, the stronger the monster, the more coins.
    • Halloween Coin - Exclusive Costumes
      • Garments Costumes
        • image.png.d943210495aaac3b84319a9d29e5b167.pngimage.png.9377aa25705b5058ffd7c3ff427763d3.pngimage.png.3ec79766b35ce598cea52e6de0a47d85.png
          Halloween Poring Bagpack
          Loli Ruri Moon
          Broom of Niflheim
      • Headgear Costumes
        • image.png.11abc6f855b0ab81f5bdbfe3fc577816.pngimage.png.193405e02e1a348b914859f9fa3e3d0d.pngimage.png.ff2fcbe27bea557ce004f4cb4466cbff.pngimage.png.80fdd37601ba3533d4e6c3924893e4b5.pngimage.png.db8a7ef44f67f12ac29fd6472ece0b2d.pngimage.png.9c5de65cde474758ceb70c01c3adada5.pngimage.png.73a808c9a831ad080a3fa547565e1ceb.pngimage.png.4f3020b35ad9ea267c7c4f4270b41913.pngimage.png.1ba094f6b8a4465fa4067790a25a96a1.pngimage.png.476b015b0b91abf7083ff6df5be87bcc.png
          Costume Ancient Resonance
          Long Cat Hair ( Halloween )
          Short Cat Hair ( Halloween )
          Cat Witch Hat ( Halloween )
          Disguise Mantle
          Veil of Darkness
          Sealed Fortune Scarf
          Spiderweb Hat
          Gothic Bonnet
          Pumpkin Headband

      • Halloween Coins can also be obtained by defeating any monster.
  • EDDA: Fall of Glast Heim

    • Information
      • There are 2 difficulties.
        • Normal Mode: 24 hours cooldown
        • Hard Mode: 72 hours cooldown
          [ Officially when you have completed one of the 2, the other one is also not doable. This part was not implemented. ]
      • Can be accessed through the Instance UI and the Instance Manager
      • You only have 60 minutes to complete the entire instance on both Hard and Normal mode.
      • Wrote the instance to allow multiple enterings just like all our other instances.
    • New Items:
      • Equipment 
        • Location: @go exchanger
          NPC: OSC1052

          • King Schmidt's Thousand Bow Insignia [1]
            • Can be exchanged for:
              • 5x Curse-eroded Gemstone
              • 5x Contaminated Magic
          • King Schmidt's Flash Insignia [1]

            • Can be exchanged for:
              • 5x Curse-eroded Gemstone
              • 5x Contaminated Magic
          • King Schmidt's Rigid Insignia [1]
            • Can be exchanged for:
              • 5x Curse-eroded Gemstone
              • 5x Contaminated Magic
          • King Schmidt's Hundred Luck Insignia [1]
            • Can be exchanged for:
              • 5x Curse-eroded Gemstone
              • 5x Contaminated Magic
          • King Schmidt's Strong Insignia [1]
            • Can be exchanged for:
              • 5x Curse-eroded Gemstone
              • 5x Contaminated Magic
          • King Schmidt's Divine Power Insignia [1]
            • Can be exchanged for:
              • 5x Curse-eroded Gemstone
              • 5x Contaminated Magic
          • King Schmidt's Manteau [1]
            • Can be exchanged for:
              • 5x Curse-eroded Crystal
              • 10x Temporal Crystal
          • King Schmidt's Suit [1]
            • Can be exchanged for:
              • 10x Temporal Crystal
              • 5x Curse-eroded Crystal
      • Items
        • Curse-eroded Crystal
          • Reward for completing Fall of Glast Heim in Normal Mod
        • Curse-eroded Gemstone
          • Reward for completing Fall of Glast Heim in Hard Mode
    • Enchantment:
    • Dismantlement

      • Though enchanted equipment can't be reset. Vending machine OSC1198 offers you to turn your unwanted enchanted equipment back into material again (will receive Curse-eroded Crystal and Curse-eroded Gemstone only).

      • Only equipment which is enchanted at least once can be disassembled. The amount of reclaimed material depends on amount of enchantment.

      • When disassembling unwanted equipment. There is a low chance to gain following costumes too.
  • kRO Patch implementations
    • kRO Patch 2019-09-04
      • Items
        • Added new Shadow Equipment Enchant Boxes to the Special Tool Dealer
          • Physical Skill Shadow Box
          • Magical Class Shadow Box
          • Physical Skill Shadow Box
          • Magical Class Shadow Box
        • Added new items to the Instance NPC exchanger
          • Elemental Boots
          • Ignis Cap ( kRO )
          • CD in Mouth ( kRO )
          • Drooping Thanatos's Dolor
          • Thanatos's Odium Mask
          • Thanatos's Despero Mask
          • Thanatos's Maeror Mask
      • Monsters

         # Einbeck Mine 3F
         → Poisonus: Rough Shadowdecon
         → Toxicity: Rough Shadowdecon
         → Abyssman: Rough Shadowdecon
         → Red Mineral: Rough Zelunium
         → Purple Mineral: Rough Zelunium
         → Green Mineral: Rough Zelunium
         → White Mineral: Rough Zelunium
         → Jewelry: Rough Shadowdecon
         → Jeweled Ungoliant: Shadowdecon, Zelunium
         # Temple of Odin in the past

         → Angelgolt: Rough Shadowdecon
         → Arch Plasma: Rough Shadowdecon
         → Spectral Plasma: Rough Shadowdecon
         → Holy Frus: Rough Zelunium
         → Reginlife: Shadowdecon, Zelunium
         → Ingrid: Shadowdecon, Zelunium
         # Abyss Lake B4
         → Purple Ferrus: Rough Shadowdecon
         → Black Acidus: Rough Shadowdecon
         → Bone Ferus: Rough Shadowdecon
         → Silver Acidus: Rough Zelunium
         → Treasure Mimic: Rough Zelunium
         → Bone Acidus: Rough Zelunium
         → Bone Detale: Shadowdecon, Zelunium

    • kRO Patch 2019-09-11
      • Updated the effects of all Blessing enchants from Odin's Past
        • STR Blessing
          • When enchanted on Str Soutane, Atk + 5%, increases physical damage against all race monsters by 12%.
        • AGI Blessing
          • When enchanted on Agi Soutane, ASPD + 1, Perfect Hit + 5.
        • VIT Blessing
          • When enchanted on Vit Soutane, MaxHP + 5%, reduces delay after skill by 5%.
        • DEX Blessing
          • When enchanted on Dex Soutane, reduces fixed casting time by 0.3 seconds.
        • INT Blessing
          • When enchanted on Int Soutane, reduces variable casting time by 10%, increases all property magical damage by 12%.
        • LUK Blessing
          • When enchanted on Luk Soutane, Cri + 10, increases physical damage against all size enemies by 12%.
    • kRO Patch 2019-10-02
      • Added new item to the Instance NPC exchanger
        • Phantom Cap
  • Skill Changes/Fixes
    • Fixed Highness Heal and other heal calculations.
    • Fixed Intense Telekinesis boosting wrongly the modifier and allowing to bypass Holy resistances.
    • Fixed Reading Spellbook not recognizing variable cast time.
    • Fixed Cart Cannon pseudo element applying and boosting element damage twice.
    • Fixed Arms Cannon pseudo element applying and boosting element damage twice.
    • Fixed Gentle Touch Change not buffing Knuckle Arrow correctly
    • Fixed Gentle Touch Change not buffing the skills: Combo Finish, Tiger Fist, Chain Crush correctly
    • Fixed a bug that caused Severe Rainstorm to not work on Land Protector
    • Frost Misty
      • Fixed the cooldown time of Frost Misty to 8 seconds as per kRO changes
      • Fixed the AoE range to be correct also
    • Attacks influenced by Spell Fist may no longer be critical in Helheim
    • Fixed Crazy Uproar
      • Should no longer work past screen-wide
      • Should now properly give +30 WATK and +4 STR
    • Fixed Circle of Nature not working correctly
    • Fixed the CRIT bonus from Two Hand Quicken
    • Added exceptions for using a MADO with custom skills and skills such as Equipment Switch, Class Change.
  • NPC Changes
    • Uncarder / Uncarding Matrix
      • Fixed a bug that prevented the Uncard NPC / Matrix to decard some items
    • Warper
      • Added Verus Fields to the warp list
    • Updated @warp list
      • Added prt_prison, prt_q, verus03, verus02, verus01, ver_tunn, ver_eju
    • Instance Points
      • Added a unique instance check regarding Instance Points which will prevent any possible abuse of points earning / weekly quest boosting.
    • Fixed a bug that was added in the last patch after the change of maxrates and 1x chars, that some were not correctly recognized and had to be fixed by hand. That will no longer be needed as it will fix itself now.
    • Card Exchanger
      • Added support for all new maps and cards
      • Added the Challenge Mode cards into the new Card Exchanger Event
      • Added the 17.1 instance cards into the new Card Exchanger Event
      • Increased the cost from 5 to 10 per Exchanger Album
    • Instance Manager
      • Reworked the entire Instance Manager NPC
      • Made a copy of the Instance Manager UI and rewrote the NPC to forward the information through the UI but still work as an NPC
      • Removed useless menus
      • Improved the effectiveness of the Manager
    • Class Master Brutus
      • Changed the option from turning into Doram which is limited to dual classes only to allow mains also
    • Jobmaster
      • Fixed a bug with the multi class system enforcing the job of the other dual class instead of the one you want
    • Illusion OS:
      • Added Random Physical and Random Magical Enchants for 5 Cor Cores
    • Bluehead:
      • Fixed a bug regarding the amount of items you receive
    • Susan Grey:
      • Raised the chance to receive the special enchants by xx times
    • Elmen:
      • Fixed a bug in Elmen regarding the number of items you receive
    • Malangdo Enchants
      • Fixed a bug that caused Malangdo items to not be resetted
    • Guild Housing
      • Fixed a bug in the respawn function of the guild house which made it not work afterall
      • Fixed a bug in the respawn of dummies
      • Fixed a bug in the World Boss shops, it wasn't showing the 2 shops yet
      • Added a new Guild House: pay_arche
  • Item Changes/Fixes
    • Illusion Booster:
      • Adds Damage to all classes properly.
      • Enchants work correctly now.
    • Fixed Double Attack from Guillotine Cross Stone II (Garment).
    • Fixed Illusion Battle Chip enchants (stat ones).
    • Fixed Royal Guard Racing Cap enchant.
      • It boosts Shield Press after casting Earth Drive now, instead of Earth Drive.
    • Fixed Magician Shadow Pendant  and Earring Combo bonus at +10 total refinement.
    • Fixed Magic Exorcist Shadow Weapon where it didn't give 5% + 1% per 2 refines.
    • Fixed Chain Shadow Earring to reduce SP consumption of Chain Lightning.
    • Changed Record Fragment from being an ETC. item to be a Consumable item.
    • Illusion Leg Enchant:
      • Leg A enchanted with Fatal Flash modification increases AGI instead of STR now.
    • Thorn Staff of Darkness [1] can be equipped by its respective classes (High Priest, Champion, High Wizard, Professor).
    • Fixed Excellion Suit's Level 130 bonus.
    • Fixed Katar Shadow Weapon to apply the correct amount at +7 refinement.
    • Boosted the droprate of all materials for Dynite ores by 1.5x
    • Fixed the description of Noblesse and Imperial Rings regarding their level requirement
    • Removed the Note part on Darklord Essence descriptions, as it was giving out wrong information.
    • Changed how Einbech Weapons work at +9 regarding the autobonus granted. Changed from Short Weapon Damage type to All Weapon Types.
    • Fixed Rune Knight Stone ( Garment ) combo regarding the SP consumption
    • Fixed all Crimson Weapons not gaining any element upon identifying
    • Fixed the Luk Soutane not giving correct Critical chance per 2 refinement bonus
    • Reverted a fix on Platinum Buillon price
    • Added missing Purified Knight's Shield enchant "Ignore MDEF/DEF of NORMAL monsters"
    • Fixed the proc chance of EL A17T Card
  • Other Changes/Fixes
    • Fixed Jewel Ungoliant missing MvP statements
    • Enabled all forms of autocasts on the World Boss map again.
    • Ticket System
      • Adjusted the ticket system to require account creation
      • Added Google Captcha when sending a ticket
      • Deleted all tickets older than September
      • Added mp4 / rrf file support for tickets. Max Upload Limit is 4 MB.
      • Fixed the automatic responses.
    • Raised the HP of all dummies to 1,999,999,999 HP
    • Added branch blocks to the new maps
    • Fixed a bug on Shadow Chaser regarding class change and their skill level.
    • Repositioned and adjusted the calculation of droprates based on whether or not someone is using other items to boost the droprate which would nullify in some cases the 1x drop bonus when no bubble gum was used, this will no longer be the case
    • Added @dpets which prevents the server to send any information of any pets to your client. ( hides every pet from your screen )
    • Removed reflect from the monsters in Einbroch 3
    • Fixed @al to work with autoloot not autolootid
    • Added a force to remove pet accessories upon evolution.
    • Battlestats command has been improved.
      • Added brackets and specifications:
        • @battlestats phy, @battlestats mag, @battlestats def
          Otherwise it will use the default version which displays everything.
          • For Elemental Damage Increase it will display 3 parts now:
            • Magical Element Damage increased by % (all + element automatically calculated together)
            • Magical Damage increased on element by % (all + element automatically calculated together)
            • Physical Damage increased on element by % (all + element automatically calculated together)
          • Same case applies for all race damage bonuses for magical and physical (all + element automatically calculated together)
          • Fixed a bug where previously it only showed one race regardless whether the source was magical or physical.
  • Niflheim Only
    • Fixed Nature Dress's magic damage portion.
    • Added Spirit King's Crown to World Boss Shop.
    • Provoke should give the correct effect again
    • Removed any FCT Lord of Vermillion has in Niflheim
    • Fixed the droprate of +9 Shadow Hammer in Lucky 3
    • Fixed Otherworld Enigmatic Fragments to now drop at every completed wave in the MvP Ladder at 3% chance
    • Added new jRO items
      • The Matrix can be purchased at @go exchanger
        • Hippie Guitar (Alternate) #1948
        • Huuma Shuriken of Dancing Petals (Alternate) #13340
        • Vigilante Bow (Alternate) #18163
        • Frontier Boots #22234
        • Hippie Rope (Alternate) #26204
        • Mine Worker's Pickaxe (Alternate) #28127
        • Elemental Origin (Alternate) #28615
        • Monokage (Alternate) #28738
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Fixed all garment costumes not showing
Fixed Blessing enchant descriptions
Fixed wrong payon arche map
Fixed Blessing combos
Fixed Payon Arche not working when purchasing the guild house

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