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PvP Event - Warring Triad

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Hello everyone!

Tomorrow at 12:00 (Servertime) we'll have a PvP event! It will be a test event so issues and bug may happen :)

The event will have a few rules to make it more reasonable:

-Parties Must be made of 3 classes, 1 Magic, 1 Ranged and 1 Melee. The party must have a name.
-You can use skills from different branches with no problem, such as cross ripper slasher on a guillotine cross or genesis ray on a royal guard, even if its a different skill from the original group.

Magic Jobs:
Warlock, Sorcerer, Doram, Soul Reaper, Wanderer, Arch Bishop, Oboro

Ranged Jobs:
Ranger, Maestro, Shadow Chaser, Rebellion, Kagerou, Genetic

Melee Jobs:
Rune Knight, Royal Guard, Star Emperor, Guillotine Cross, Mechanic, Sura

Free Job - can fill any slot
Super Novice


-Parties with less players or missing a player can participate no problem. every party must be present at event start time. regardless of match time. maximum tolerance: 3 minutes.
-The matches will be a Best of 3. Win 2 to pass to the next stage. Leaving the arena or map at any time automatically counts the player as dead. There will be a countdown before the fight.
-No item consumption is allowed inside the arena, if you wish to buff yourself with food and others, do so outside.
-Damage will be halved compared to other situations.
-battle system will follow battlegrounds ruleset regarding movement skills, knockbacks and such.
-You can resurrect fallen team members.
-You can apply any negative status effect, use any equipment, cards or autocast effects. shields such as safety wall and pneuma are allowed. Every skill is allowed.

Any attempt to abuse bugs, tricks or trashtalking/rage on other players  will instantly cause a mute of 30min~6H on the offending player. This applies for both participants or people watching. Friendly banter is allowed (and encouraged xD).


Party Registration:

Must be sent to me on discord. ExSoldierAkechi#4620 - Or as GM Leonidas on the server's discord. It must countain:



Rewards and Prizes:


Any participant party will receive 15 moonlight coins for each member. regardless of winning any matches. The party leader will receive 45 moonlight coins and must share it with party members.

3rd Place:
20 Moonlight Coins, 6 blacksmith blessings, 2000 War Badges for each member.
2nd Place:
30 Moonlight Coins, 9 blacksmith blessings, 3000 War Badges for each member.
1st Place
50 Moonlight Coins, 12 blacksmith blessing, 5000 War Badges , 3000 Valor Badges,  1 Upper, Lower or Middle Headgear Costume of choice for each member.


Keep in mind this is a test event, so issues may, and probably will happen.

Good luck everyone!

OBS: This event will run only on Helheim due  to custom costumes causing some unexpected bugs. Niflheim will have a PvM event instead.

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