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Arrow Storm Build for Beginners

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Hey guys, hope I can help with this fun and easy way to level Archer/Ranger.

Create your archer class, and use the Rudra Rental Bow you receive from Starting a new character (Gonna be your best friend until you get a better bow);
Archer's are simple, you just need Dex and Agi to start leveling, I use 5 points in Dex for 1 Point in Agi.

Obs: I recommend using @autoloot 100 during the whole farming process, this way you can farm Zeny while farming level.

Start leveling at @warp pay_dun00, killing Skeletons and Zombies, until you can kill Poporings (Use Silver or Holy Arrows);
After you hit level 35-40 of your Job, you start leveling at pay_dun01, killing Soldier Skeleton and Archer Skeleton (chance of getting an Apple of Archer headgear from it).

Regarding skills of Archer, I leave Arrow Shower for last, which gonna beat Level 9 when you hit job 50. 

When you hit Job Level 50, you change your class to Hunter at Office, @go Office and Talk to Job Changer Elaine.


Now you can the skill Arrow Shower and Mob Orcs with it for leveling, at @warp orcsdun01 map.


You can level at Orcsdun01 until you reach Level Base 70.
There's two options now:
A) You can start leveling at Eden, doing Gramps or Bounty Board missions;


B) Get the Mid_Camp quest, by going to the City Splendide (@go splendide), and taking the Right Portal (This quest won't give you Job experience);

- You can position yourself on top of the hill to be safe, and then talk to the Small Fairy to get the quest;

When she's done talking you can check if your quest is there, at Alt + U;
Now, teleport to @go mid_camp and go to your right and talk to the Camp Guard Capt and receive a lot of exp for it;
-Tip: Remember, using Thick Battle Manual for EXP will make your life a lot easier, every time you create a new char on the same Account, you get a new Battle Manual.

Regarding the skills of Hunter, you can level using Double Strafe and Arrow Shower for mobbing, we won't need to worry about the Hunter Skills because you'll reborn soon.

If after the Mid_camp quest you don't hit level 99 and Job 50, you can level your remaining levels at Bounty Board at @go Eden, or Gramps quests 100 and 200 or killing Anubis at @warp in_shinx4 map.

Before you reborn, you can choose to get the second part of the Mid_camp Quest (Will give you a good start when you reborn);
This time, warp to @warp man_fild03 and head to the Bottom Right of the map (Be careful there, monster can Hit Kill you) find and talk to the Tree Giant to start the Quest:


Just talk to it to get the quest, but don't deliver.

Now that you reached level 99/50 \o/ make sure you have all your skill points distributed and with no Falcon equipped, @go Office and talk to Job Changer Elaine to reborn into High Novice.

Distribute your points and level your job to level 10 so you can become a High-Archer.

Here comes the second part of Mid_camp Quest, after you become a High-Archer you go to @go Mid_camp again and talk to the same Guard again, it should give you a lot of Base Levels to Start.

Level your Job Levels to 50, using the same method mentioned above or using lower Levels of Bounty Board quests at Eden.

Once you hit Job 50 at High Archer, turn into a Sniper Class, which where is important for a Ranger because of the Buffs and Traps Sniper gives.
To hit Job Level 70 fast with Sniper, I recommend doing Bounty Board Missions or 100/200's Quests from Gramps.

Regarding Sniper Skills, I recommend leveling: Wind Walk, True Sight and Traps in case you need, the rest of the skills is up to you.


I don't worry about gears at this point of the game yet, you only need your Rudra Bow for now.

When you hit Level 99/70 with your Sniper, you are finally able to Turn into a Ranger class by talking to Job Changer again.

Automatically after turning 3rd class, you get base level 100.

Leveling your Ranger:

- I recommend you level your Job Level to 7-8, so this way, you can have Skill Level 1 or 2 of Arrow Storm, by Leveling Aimed Bolt to level 5;

- Arrow Storm Ranger's basically needs the famous White Wing Set to give more Damage on Arrow Storm Skill, but how to get the White Wing Set?
Two pieces of the set is drop-able by monsters: White Wing Brooch from Acidus at @warp Abyss_02 and the White Wing Suits from Anubis at @warp In_sphinx4;

- Which leaves the remaining two pieces White Wing Manteau and White Wing Boots, those two are only available in Mora City, buying with Mora Coins.
You can obtain Mora Coins in three ways: Farming Mora coins through Mora quests, buying it on @go Market NPC (at 1m each coin, go left and take the stairs, Leria NPC) or buying from other players.


List of ways to obtain Mora Coins from Mora Quests:

Knight's of the Neighborhood
Find the Research Tools
Helping Lope and Eruidi

After you get the 4 pieces of the White Wing Set we can finally start leveling at easy.

Here's my recommendation of Places to level your Ranger:

- Infinity Space Instance, killing all the mobs until you reach the first boss at Floor 10;

- Doing Gramps 100/200's quests or 400's when you reach Skill Level 10 on your Arrow Storm;

- Bounty Missions at Eden;

- After you reach Base Level 130, you are able to make Charleston Crisis Instance (I don't recommend killing the Final Boss at the end for now);
You can farm in Charleston Instance until Base Level 145-150 or even more if you want.

- Leveling with MVP's or Bloody Branches until level 175.


Optimized Stats for the Arrow Storm build would be, DEX 130, AGI 120, INT 50, VIT 45, rest in LUK;
Focus on getting this Skills for Ranger: Wug Mastery, Wug Rider, Fear Breeze and Unlimit (Ultimate Ranger Skill for Damage +250% Ranged Physical Damage);


Recommended Gears for Ranger:
- Big Crossbow (Safely Refine it to as much as you can):

- You can use two Archer Skeleton Cards to Start Farming or Two Abysmal Knight Cards for MVP.

- Autumn Headband for Helmet

Combo Necklace of Knight's Protection and Imperial Feather

Spell Flow Shadow Set to reduce Arrow Storm SP Cost

Atk Mid Costume

Youtube link to check the Damage:





Edited by DanyKhaleesi
Update on the new Autumn Headband

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Oh I can thanks! Any other tips to maximize the damage? I am doing 60k damage and I am using big crossbow and white wing set. I also have one archer skeleton card in place but need to farm another. Aside from the headband I'm stuck as I see other people doing 200-300k (I even saw someone online doing 999k damage crazy). I posted in general questions sorry not spamming just can't delete it for some reason... thanks!

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To maximize your AS as you see in videos, use the gears posted in Dany's guide. You can hit 200k with her gear setup but first, you need too refine your bxb to at least over +10 and have the right card setup. The 999k is most likely with the Unlimit skill buff which boost your damage drastically.


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+10? Im worried about breaking it if I force level it, but maybe I can find some enriched el or or to make it a sure or at least make sure it doesnt break. Thanks for the tip!

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