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Winter Festival - Krampus

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Winter Festival - World Boss Krampus
Respawns every 8 hours and can be accessed through Saint Nicholaus in @go 0

Upon entering this World Boss you'll be turned into a Baby First Class with a 1 hour rental weapon and 1 attack skill.
Your SP will automatically be fully recovered every x seconds.
The map will clear every person AFK'ing for more than 3 minutes.

Defeat Krampus with everything you've got, Baby!
His HP are based on the amount of players attacking him.

Every 45 seconds Krampus will use a skill to teleport everyone to him.
At the same time Krampus will cast a skill to turn 1 out of every 3 players into his minion.

These Minions are mind controlled and will attack any nearby player. 
During this time the player has no control over his own character this includes the following

  •  Cannot logout
  •  Cannot move
  •  Cannot write
  •  Cannot cast a skill
  •  Cannot use any commands
  •  Cannot use any items

This state can only be cancelled when you've been "killed" by other players.

While there are minions alive, Krampus cannot be damaged. 
Only once all minions have been defeated he can be damaged again.

Should you force your client to disconnect via ALT+F4 or any unnormal way you'll be excluded from the reward list.

Note 2:
The following reasons make you not receive a reward.

  • Logging out while being a Minion
  • Being too far away from the World Boss
  • Being offline
  • Not being on the same map as the World Boss
  • Being idle for more than 120 seconds
  • Using several clients to fight the boss

Possible list of costumes from Krampus Red Stocking

christ_gear002.gif   christ_gear004.gif   christ_gear005.gif

christ_gear006.gif   christ_gear008.gif   christ_gear009.gif

christ_gear011.gif   christ_gear012.gif   christ_gear013.gif

christ_gear015.gif   christ_gear016.gif   christ_gear018.gif

christ_gear019.gif   christ_gear020.gif   christ_gear022.gif

christ_gear023.gif   christ_gear025.gif   christ_gear026.gif

christ_gear027.gif   christ_gear030.gif


Star Shaped Decoration Shop
( Obtainable by killing monsters -+ 30 of your own level )
[ Added conversion of Halloween Coins into Star Shaped Decoration at 1:1 ratio ]

christ_gear001.gif   christ_gear003.gif   christ_gear014.gif

christ_gear017.gif   christ_gear021.gif   christ_gear024.gif

christ_gear028.gif   christ_gear029.gif

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