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Patch 2017-06-14

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- Updated Rebellion skills and description based on Rebellion Awakening patch,
- Updated Summoner skills to support more extended summoner skills,



- Fixed a bug that Oliver Balmer would follow you outside the instance,
- Fixed missing BMP files for homunculus evolve,
- Fixed missing BMP files for lasagna,
- Fixed another missing files in Dark Society,
- Fixed a crash caused by the Instance Manager,
- Fixed a client crash when opening dressroom,
- Fixed a missing collection picture of black cape,
- Fixed a bug in the class change system,
- Fixed a wrong description in Spiritual Energy,
- Fixed wrong RNG check in Spiritual Energy regarding Moonlight coins,
- Fixed a wrong monster check in the pouring hunting achievement,
- Fixed that the gift box from achievements was not openable,
- Fixed a bug that you would have extra skill points after rebirthing your baby,
- Increased the time of re-entering for Society Raid instance to 4 hours,
- Increased the time of the Society Raid instance to 4 hours,
- Reduced the monsters in Society Raid's first room to 20,
- Removed Weapon Rewarder NPC,
- Added basic weapons for 1-1, 2-1 and 2-2 to the jobchanger,
- Added basic 3rd class headgears to the jobchanger,
- Added Ammo&Ammo Boxes to the Special Tool Dealer,
- Added more warps to @go,
- Added Ayothaya dungeon lvl 2 to the warper,
- Changed drop system from renewal to pre-renewal,
- Changed position of 3rd class required items venders to prontera,

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