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Happy Halloween ~

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Halloween Event(
The Halloween Event will be split into 3 different stages.)

Stage 1
   Servers rates are changed, starting 2017-10-18 until 2017-11-04.
   A new NPC including a Halloween World Boss and it's features as well as drops have been added.

World Boss
   This world boss will respawn every 12 hour after it has been defeated. Every player that have dealt damage to it will get a reward.
   The fight is not a simple damaging like the normal world bosses.
Halloween Box 1 - Fahrros's Goodies
( Contains randomly one of the items below )
- 1x Limited HD Carnium            - 1x Limited HD Bradium         - 1x Limited Enriched Oridecon      - 1x Limited Enriched Elunium
- 3x HD Bradium                    - 3x HD Carnium                 - 5x Bloody Branch                  - 5x HD Elunium
- 5x HD Oridecon                   - 1x HE Bubble Gum              - 2x Battle Manual 3x               - 1x Fortessa Box
- 1x Costume Treasure              - 1x Zombie Hands               - 1x Witch's Broom                  - 1x White Spirit of Jack
- 1x Purple Spirit of Jack         - 1x Green Spirit of Jack       - 1x Lantern Witch's Hat            - 1x Spectre Cloak
- 1x Green Feathered Top Hat       - 1x Blue Feathered Top Hat     - 1x Black Feathered Top Hat        - 1x Chibi Bats
- 1x Little Demon Wings            - 1x Bone Wings                 - 1x Flying Reaper                  - 1x Pumpkin Cookie
- 25x Moonlight Coins              - 3x Moon Coins                 - 1x Special Lucky 3                - 5x Lucky 3
- 1x Jewelry Box                   - 3x High Weapon Box

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